Kansas House votes down school funding compromise, debate drags on

school-fundingTOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas House has voted down a school funding compromise that would’ve taken away tenure rights for public school teachers and lowered property taxes for parents who send their students to private schools.

The 67-55 vote against the measure early Sunday morning sent negotiators scrambling to come up with a new proposal aimed at satisfying a state Supreme Court order.

Senate and House negotiators reached the deal earlier in the day that would’ve increased spending by more than $129 million to meet the court order, but it was also included several policy changes

Questions about the constitutionality and cost of the school choice provision caused House members to balk at the overall plan.

Hundreds of teachers attending a state convention packed the Statehouse to watch the debate.

Negotiators met briefly early Sunday to revise the plan the House defeated. The new agreement retained a provision that would strip teachers of their tenure rights, but jettisoned creating tax breaks for parents who send their children to private schools. Senators will take first crack at the new plan, with debate expected around dawn.

Legislators are trying to find a solution to resolve equity issues identified by the Supreme Court that hurt poor school districts.


  • Kim Schneweis

    6 of our Hays teachers are part if this group at the Capitol.

    • Guest

      Thank you for your efforts. I’m sorry some people still just don’t get it.

  • Tired of feet dragging

    They need to FUND our schools and leave other items alone. Why do they think they need to take away tenure rights and mess with current taxation? You involve politicians and this is what you get. Teachers have paid a high enough price as it is. Take away tenure rights?????? Come on, pull your heads out and just fund education like you should have plain and simple.

  • Lefty54

    I don’t like to resort to name calling but the Kansas legislature is a bunch of idiots. There is no way to sugar coat it. Clueless idiots.

    • Chief59

      Yet, in the fall election Republicans will still have another clean sweep. People need to realize what will happen when you vote a certain way. Tax breaks for corporations, while stripping away teachers rights and defunding schools are the wrong direction for our state. Too bad nothing will change in the fall, as Kansans will still vote in droves for the person with an (R) next to their name.

      • passin_threw

        Chief we both know good and well that neither party has all the right answers. It just happens that the majority of us Kansans believe that the lesser of two evils has an R next to it most of the time. And we really do feel sorry for those of you that don’t.

        • Chief59

          Both parties are terrible. That I can agree with. I see the lesser of two evils as the opposite of you. I feel that taking care of the least of us (poor, veterans, elderly, children) is more important than having more guns and corporations being treated a people. That’s just me though. For as much as Republicans like to claim this nation was founded on Christian principles, they sure seem to vote the exact opposite. I guess if you feel sorry for “us”, it does show you have at least a modicome of compassion. I really didn’t think you did.

          • Yahooserious

            That’s the sad part, Chief. They’ll vote the same idiots right back in. This state is going backwards. Hospitals loosing out, schools loosing out, the destitute loosing out and don’t you worry farmers; your turn will come too. Meanwhile Koch Industries received 73.1 million in subsidies. Is there really a reason the largest/richest company in Kansas receives that much? That amount is over half of this school finance bill. Meanwhile Tim huelskamp’s family farms have taken in over 2.7 million in subsidies since 1995 to 2011. This ultra right idealism that corporations are the “job creators” has been proven phony over and over again. Ask any economist and they’ll tell you the middle class and their “purchasing power” are the job creators. Without demand there is no industry. Period.
            Republicans are not anti-government like they tout they are. At every turn possible they’ll expand and empower government to reach in every aspect of your life; even a woman’s womb.

          • Chief59

            Yep, the current Republican mantra is run on small government, then force it into everyone’s life.

          • passin_threw

            That’s right we are all idiots and yet you spelled it loosing 3 times in a row. Not trying to be the spelling police just pointing out the irony

          • alexander

            Care to fit Koch’s subsidies into your philosophy? Instead of ignoring the point?
            How do you not consider that to be ‘sucking the life out of the system’?
            How do you not consider that to be among the most egregious offenders of all that you claim is amoral?

          • passin_threw

            See bud that’s just it, I fully think we should support veterans and children. I believe we already do plenty for the elderly so never sure where your spin on that comes from. My fiscal issue is with the abundance of able bodied people who suck the life out of the system for every perk possible. At some point we have to stop enabling them. Perhaps if their teachers had done a better job with them they would have some morals.

          • Chief59

            So what percentage of “able bodied” people are sucking the life out of the system? 70+ percent of welfare benefits are either over the age of 70, or are veterans. This myth of the “welfare queen” is total bs. Quit trying to make a scapegoat out of people who have done their due time and need help. Again, bring me stats that show all of these able bodied people who are bleeding the system dry. I’ll wait patiently.

          • alexander

            Is it worse to have no morals, or to only have morals not worth having?

        • Guest

          Tell that to the teachers losing their jobs and the students who are going to fall between the cracks when class sizes are no longer manageable. Maybe it’s time to start voting on the issues themselves rather than the party lines. Now there’s a concept…one you Republicans can’t grasp because you’re too busy looking for that letter R.

          • passin_threw

            So let me get this straight……since we don’t agree with you’re position on everything that automatically means we aren’t voting on the issue? Absurd

          • Spelling police


          • alexander

            You are pretty consistent about projection assumptions and speculative nonsense at anyone who doesn’t agree with *YOUR* positions on everything.

            Odd that you would suddenly have a problem with such behavior.

        • alexander

          You vote for what you label ‘evil’ and claim to feel sorry for those who don’t.

          Swell morals there, bub.