Historic hoops season available on DVD from Eagle Community TV

A historic run calls for some immortality.


Eagle Community Television is offering a DVD set featuring key moments in Hays High School’s record-setting, 23-win season — a year that ended with a fourth place finish in the state tournament.

Eagle has produced three DVD sets for Indian fans to remember the 2013-14 season. The first is a $80 three-disc set that includes 5A State Tournament games, and a second, a $150 six-disc set, includes the state tourney games and games from the Dodge City Tournament of Champions.

The third set chronicles the entire 2013-14 season, minus the state tournament games, for $500.

For more information or to order a copy, call Eagle Community Television at (785) 628-0467.

  • Taxpayer

    80 bucks for a couple of games from one camera? What do these ESPN wanna be’s think they’re doin?

  • ummm no

    Is eagle hurting for money that badly? Wow. I can buy similar dvds of the WSU shockers for a fraction of that price. What a joke

  • Seriously?

    Bahahaha! Wow!

  • Ray

    Rip off! The ectv production crew at it again

  • arnold

    Are you joking about these prices?? You guys are nuts!!

  • eagle needs money

    You’d think they could put more than one game on a disc… This whole thing is a joke!