Snow in the forecast — and on city commission agenda

With a dusting of April snow expected today, the white stuff also will be a topic of conversation at Thursday’s Hays City Commission work session, scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

According to the work session agenda, commissioners had requested rules regarding snow removal from sidewalks be placed on a future agenda.

city snow sidewalk

According to City Manager Toby Dougherty, the city of Hays had an ordinance requiring removal of snow from sidewalks until 2005 that was rarely, if ever enforced.

After a significant snow and ice storm in 2005, however, members of the city commission instructed staff to begin enforcing the requirement. Shortly after, however, the ordinance was repealed.

Dougherty said he reached out to other Kansas cities to see which had ordinances and which enforced those rules. Of the 16 communities who had an ordinance, only one — Bonner Springs — reported the rule was actively enforced. Most others responded the rule was either not enforced, rarely enforced or enforced on a complaint basis only.

“City staff would not recommend adopting an ordinance requiring snow removal from sidewalks,” Dougherty wrote in his memo to commissioners.

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  • Snow time

    I feel if you have an ordinance or law, enforce it. If you don’t enforce it, then remove the law or ordinance. As for requiring snow and ice be removed from your sidewalk, I personally feel it should not be required. I do remove snow and ice at my house and am capable of doing it myself. I just feel for the elderly, people out of town, people that are working, etc that it could be difficult for them to do or cost them money to hire it done. Plus they would receive a violation. Less government is sometimes best government.

  • Rusty

    I fell like people should clean there sidewalks. I do mine but when you live on a snow route it doesn’t work they come by all day and all night and it looks like you did nothing. But I do the best that I can. They need to take the sidewalks off the ordinance.