Huelskamp Campaign Absolved

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 6.07.41 AMFowler, Kan. – The reelection campaign of Congressman Tim Huelskamp responded Thursday to Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson’s decision to abandon his investigation and allegations against the campaign.

“I am glad that our campaign has been absolved of these charges,” said Huelskamp. “With this acknowledgement by the District Attorney that the campaign’s well-intentioned efforts were of no criminal concern, and that any questions about our drawing were addressed before Mr. Branson’s press release, we are both happy to close this entire matter. I also hope we can agree that after the multiple disappointments in St. Louis last weekend, we are both only too happy to move beyond this NCAA basketball season.”

The Huelskamp campaign revised plans for raffling off tickets to men’s college basketball games for small campaign contributions because of legal questions.  Huelskamp announced he was not requiring a donation of at least $10 for a chance to win four tickets to NCAA men’s tournament games in St. Louis.

Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson told Huelskamp’s re-election campaign that the contest was illegal. The Kansas Constitution bans even charity raffles as private lotteries.

Huelskamp is seeking a third term in the U.S. House from the 1st Congressional District.

  • Kent Roth

    Douglas County Attorney may decide to exercise his discretion and not
    prosecute Congressman Tim Hueslkamp for conducing a Political
    Fundraising Raffle, but that does not make it legal. The State
    Legislature is considering making such fundraisers legal for charities,
    but political fundraising raffles would still be illegal in Kansas.
    There are 104 other Counties only the Douglas County Attorney has
    announced his intentions based on information provided by the campaign.
    I submit, Tim Hueslkamp knew or should have known the Kansas Gambling
    prohibition as Huelskamp served 13 years in the State Senate.

    • passin_threw

      So far I have yet to see you talk about what you have to offer. All your talking points are what Tim does wrong in your opinion. What will you have to offer if elected?