Holy Family students Race for Education

Hays Post

Students at Holy Family Elementary School in Hays once again are taking part in the Race for Education fundraiser.

During the 10th annual event on April 25, students are asking friends and relatives to sponsor them based on the number of the laps they walk or jog in an hour around a 1/8-mile area.

At the end of February, Holy Family students were asked to come up with a list of the possible donors, and those people received a letter about possible sponsorship.

Marcia Dinkel, Race for Education co-chairwoman, said it is really up to the kids to do the work.

“They have to walk those laps. They have to get those names and addresses back into us,” she said. “Not a whole lot of work for Mom and Dad to have to do.”

According to Dinkel, all money raised goes directly to the school budget to help buy textbooks, school furniture and computers among other essentials.

This year’s goal is $48,000 dollars. Last year, they raised $45,000.

Dinkel said donations will be sought through the end of March. Anyone who has not been contacted but would like to donate can call Holy Family Elementary School at (785) 625-3131.