Great Lakes will discontinue service March 31

In a news release today, Hays city official reported they have been notified Great Lakes Airlines plans to discontinue passenger service at Hays Regional Airport beginning March 31.

hays regional airport sign

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently awarded the contract for passenger service at the Hays Regional Airport to Sky West Airlines. That service will begin later this summer. The current Great Lakes contract for service is through May 1. Great Lakes’ suspension of service means passengers who typically use Hays Regional Airport will have to seek other outlets until service is established with Sky West. Passengers with existing tickets will need to contact Great Lakes’ customer service at (800) 554-5111.

Sky West will be initiating service at the Hays Regional Airport later this summer, flying as United Express. While the specifics of the schedule and the start date are still being worked out, the plan is to provide two flights a day, on most days, to the Denver International Airport using 50 passenger regional jets. The specifics of the schedule and date of implementation will be made public in the near future.

“We are disappointed that Great Lakes chose to abandon the Hays market rather than fulfill their contract. However, we are looking forward to a bright future at the Hays Regional Airport,” said Hays City Manager Toby Dougherty. “We feel that Sky West’s superior equipment and reliable service will not only lure back those passengers we lost due to Great Lake’s recent operational issues, but will help us attract passengers that might not have considered using the Hays Regional Airport in the past.”

In preparation for the new service city staff will be working with Sky West officials to ensure a smooth implementation. Staff will also be moving forward with a planned remodel of the passenger terminal which will include updates to the passenger lobby and restrooms as well as an enlargement of the post TSA passenger seating area.

  • wingandprayer

    Perfectly typical way to end with GL…..having a reservation a week and 6 weeks after they run out of their obligation in contract.

  • thank goodness gl gone

    Spent Four hours on phone to reschedule flights….Great Lakes no help at all, and they had not notified other airlines. Typical Great Lakes.

  • NWK

    As someone states in another article about GLA and Hays, I think Hays did something to make them mad. They have never caused this much trouble in Dodge City or Liberal, and they actually honored their contract to the end in Garden City. The only reason Garden City dropped them is because no one was using their airport in favor of driving to Amarillo to fly to DFW. So they responded by dropping GLA’s measly one flight to Denver for a larger plain going to DWF and now they’re 3rd in the state (after Wichita and Manhattan) in passenger boardings.

  • cfar

    Great Lakes Just notifed me or flight for Monday was cancelled, and they were full. So moved things around again flying out of Dodge. Very unhappy with Great Lakes.

  • Fly Manhattan (MHK)`

    I plan to continue now to fly Manhattan or Garden City or Great Bend. I lost $800 on two flights that GLA cancelled and I had to reschedule. What a rip off. Great Lakes wouldn’t even help me to cancel flights.
    Thank God Great Lakes is gone! City of Hays should have held their feet to the fire of their federal contract, but the city cares about as much as GLA ever did. Something’s fishy in the whole deal. What is done in secret will be brought to the light in due time.

  • Roberta

    I have spent 3 /12 hours on the phone trying to reroute our flights. Great Lakes was no help and very rude.

    What a waste of money with Great Lakes. There was not compensation whatsoever and still had to pay a lot more money and drive 3 hours to fly out. Glad GL is gone!!!!