Big First candidate Sherow campaigns in Hays (VIDEO)

Jim Sherow, Manhattan, Democratic candidate for Kansas 1st congressional district

Jim Sherow, Manhattan, Democratic candidate for Kansas 1st Congressional District

Hays Post

Former Manhattan mayor and Kansas State University Kansas history professor Jim Sherow is spending his spring break campaigning for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the U.S. House seat held by Republican incumbent Tim Huelskamp.

Sherow was in Hays on Thursday as a guest of the Hays Optimist Club.

He’s a fourth-generation Kansan, Hutchinson native, Air Force veteran and specialist in the water developments and conflicts between western Kansas and Colorado. He’s also authored five books about Kansas grasslands.

“K-State is the recipient of a lot of federal dollars for agricultural research, but it doesn’t help when the federal government is shut down, and your Congressman (Huelskamp) won’t work with his own party leadership and is removed from the house agriculture committee,”  Sherow said. “He certainly won’t cross party lines.”

SHEROW-FOR-CONGRESS_RRRSherow says he learned how to reach across the aisle and create a collaborative and inclusive commission while serving as a Manhattan city commissioner and mayor from 2007 to 2012.

“We need good relationships and to keep the doors open between Washington and the Big First District,” added Sherow. He plans to take that attitude to D.C. and join the growing group of Congressional “No Labels”:

schodorf and sherowSherow appeared at the Hays Optimist Club lunch with secretary of state Democratic candidate Jean Schodorf, a former state senator and Wichita school board member.