Brown: Hays firetrucks not rugged enough for rural fires (VIDEO)

Hays Fire departmentBy BECKY KISER
Hays Post

The Ellis volunteer fire department and the Trego County rural fire department have been responding to and assisting with the rash of 18 suspicious fires just outside of Hays the past two weeks.

The city of Hays fire department has not helped.

Fire Chief Gary Brown explains the “city is not equipped for firefighting in rugged country:”

Brown says there have not been any suspicious fires in Hays, noting all the fires occurred outside the city limits.

  • Getting the Story Straight

    The Ellis Volunteer Fire Department is made up of 20 members and of those 20 members 18 are members of the Ellis County Rural Fire Department company #6. On Saturday’s large grass fire North of Ellis the two members of the Ellis Department that are not on the County Department went out and helped to relieve some of the guys that had been out most of the day as well and the guys who are members of both departments that didn’t make the initial response. No trucks from the City of Ellis Volunteer department where at the large grass fire Saturday because the are not equipped for that type of wildland fire, only personal assisted. The City of Hays brought personal and a truck over to standby for the City Of Ellis incase of a incident within the City since all the Ellis fireman were out on the large grass fire which was greatly appreciated as well as everyone else that assisted!!!!!

  • herding_turtles

    I’m sure HaysPost is just sharing information (It’s not really a complete story and from the other comment is leaving out some additional facts) but I don’t like how this sounds. “The city of Hays fire department has not helped.” It comes across as tattle-tale and makes it sound negative. It doesn’t sound as though the trucks are functional to help at the location of the fires but from the other comment sounds like they are helping in ways they can. What was the point of posting this “story”? Make it complete. You can give credit where it is due while stating the fact that the city fire trucks have not been at the fires.

    • Tired of this crap

      That’s Kiser to a T. She (and apparently this site) thinks that this passes for news, when really it’s more like one of those sensational tabloids you see in the checkout at Dillons trying to stir interest up by making someone out to be the bad guy. I’m 100% grateful for ALL firefighters.

      • Guest

        Lowry, is that you? Lurking in the corners as always. LOL!

  • Rural Truck VS City Truck

    There is a fundamental difference between a “rural” fire truck and a “city” fire truck. Rural trucks usually have two motors, one that powers the truck and one that powers the water pump giving them the capability of being able to “pump and roll” in wildland(grass/stubble/pasture) fire situations. City fire trucks rely on power from the engine to run the pump, the City trucks can not drive and pump at the same time because of this but generally they are able to pump more gallons per minute which is needed for structure firefighting as opposed to wildland firefighting. It is really totally two different types of firefighting. Some of the rural companies in Ellis County have trucks set up to do both wildland firefighting and structure firefighting and they also have trucks set up solely for wildland firefighting.

  • jelly doughnut man

    yeah this story is incomplete. makes it sound like the city of hays doesn’t want to help our friends in the county. i don’t believe that is true since the rural dept helps the city when in need. although our trucks may not be used in a county field it would certainly be of help to send a truck to a rural firehouse to stand by if a rural house or farm caught on fire. lets polish this story up a little, ok hays post. and maybe chief brown can be more helpful in his comments as well. let’s not make this a “we don’t want to help our neighbors” thing.

  • alexander

    Hats off to all the brave firefighters in Ellis County, city and rural!

  • Firefighter

    The City of Hays, Ellis County Rural Fire, Victoria and Ellis all have mutual aid agreements with each other but its standard operating procedure for all departments that they only respond when ask by the department whose call it is.