Knoll: In your dreams

How many of our dreams embrace reality?  We all know the answer to that question.  Only in a liberal’s dreams can Obama’s agendas move America forward.

Les Knoll

Les Knoll

A couple of weeks ago I was published about the lack of reality in today’s liberal controlled government.  It is one of the reasons I left the leftist’s party years ago. There are dozens of examples to prove my point, but only space for a few more.

In my previous letter I mentioned Speaker of the House Pelosi saying Obamacare needs to be passed to find out what’s in it. Under Bill Clinton there was an agenda to give home mortgages to poor people who did not have the means to make their mortgage payments and unrealistically liberals have no problem adding to a $17 trillion gazillion national debt. Cooking employment and unemployed numbers don’t add up to the facts. Socialism never has worked in past history, but liberals continue down that road.

I also mentioned liberals’ obsession with the global warming myth. Liberals would have us believe CO2 is evil, but truth is we need it in order to live.  In the book “Climategate” (page 68) there’s an interesting illustration nixing the fantasy global warming mantra by laying out the atmosphere theoretically on a 100 yard football field.  The first 79 yards is nitrogen, the next 19 yards is water vapor, and CO2 is a mere miniscule 1.37th of an inch at the tail end. Liberals would have us believe science is settled on GW, but it is not!

And then there’s rocket scientist Al Gore in Kansas City claiming CO2 will bring back the Kansas Dust Bowl!  There is zero scientific evidence that carbon emissions would cause such a phenomenon.  No shock that the liberal Kansas City Star did not question his “off the wall” remarks. Record cold weather temps are still blamed on global warming. Please!

Blaming President Bush 5 years out for our depressed economy of today is hallucinating.  Liberal Democrats had control of Congress his last two years and then again during Obama’s first two years and control of the White House and Senate since then. Reality check!

Coddling Islamic terrorists (or Putin) by Obama, will not make America safer.  President Reagan brought down Gorbachev’s Russia with the threat of force, not meaningless Obama diplomacy that clearly shows our president is in denial. Downsizing our military at this time is ludicrous.

Obamacare is designed to have young healthy Americans pay for older unhealthy seniors when the young and healthy don’t even need healthcare, nor want it.  Many don’t even have jobs in this depressed job market. What makes liberals think businesses won’t lay off workers or make them part time if it saves a lot of money due to Obamacare mandates?

How is raising the minimum wage going to improve our economy or the job market when it is clear thousands of businesses operating on a small margin of profit will downsize?  Even the non partisan CBO claims it will cost half a million jobs.

The paper’s most vocal and most liberal local columnist responded to my reality letter by saying “reality, isn’t what it used to be.”  I could not agree more, as does my son Jeff, a poly science graduate from Arizona State.  Over coffee the other day Jeff said “irrationality is so very prevalent in today’s liberal politics that rationality has become irrelevant. It’s the norm these days to be irrational.”

Perhaps my next letter should be about “spin.” Many liberals, even local ones, have mastered disguising the truth and facts with spin.

Les Knoll, Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.

  • Provost

    Let’s go back to high school physics. Carbon dioxide traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists agree that’s the primary reason the Earth is warming.

    • Chris

      Don’t ya know? All scientists are just part of this big conspiracy. CO2 and methane don’t warm the earth, evolution is a lie, the earth was created 6000 years ago, dinosaurs and humans coexisted, and pharmaceutical companies hide cures for diseases!

      Don’t quite understand why these individuals continue to attack science. Must be an intelligence thing.

  • Chris

    Les talks about irrationality, and then says climate change is a fantasy….


    There is no debate on climate change. It is real. It is happening.

  • alexander

    “Under Bill Clinton there was an agenda to give home mortgages to poor
    people who did not have the means to make their mortgage payments”

    Ah, the “Philly Blacks caused ’08” myth.

    More Las Vegas Whites failed, and every single one was 10x as big a failure as any 3 Philly Blacks combined.

    Blaming Clinton for ’08, then absolving Bush of responsibility for anything during or since that time is preposterous B.S.

    I would love for Les to explain how taking half a trillion taxpayer dollars and redistributing it to failed bankers and businessmen ISN’T socialism.

    That was the right wing fix in ’08, and you can bet your hat it will be their fix next time, too.

    And there WILL be a next time. That is the indisputable nature of your not-so-Utopian capitalism.

  • alexander

    Stockton, Vegas, Riverside, Bakersfield, and Phoenix.

    That’s a lot of $300,000 loans for $120,000 homes!

    Les would have us believe that foreclosures on $50,000 loans in Philly, Cleveland, and Detroit caused the ’08 crisis.

    But then, the Las Vegas whites are VERY important to Les and his ilk. Who else will buy all their plastic crap? Buy their plastic food? The Las Vegas whites ARE this economy. Hands that feed are not meant to be bitten.

  • Lefty54

    I have to assume this article is a parody. Nobody is that delusional. But I did get a good laugh out of it.

  • alexander

    And boy, that Jeff sure sounds like an interesting chap.

    The sheer ironic hilarity of Les driving past thousands of empty cookie -cutter homes to get to one of the valley’s 40,000 strip malls so he and Jeff can order $12 drinks at Coffee plantation and discuss the irrelevancy of liberal economic policies will surely never cease to entertain me.

    Moar Jeff Stories, Les!

  • alexander

    It sure is hard to ever see ANY positive results from these tinkle-down economics, which is, I think, the underlying psychological reason for the bi-yearly White Conservative Valley-ite’s pilgrimage to McDonald’s to procure $4 worth of plastic food to give to one of the thousands of homeless disabled war vets who occupy every single on and off ramp in that uninhabitable wasteland.

    Ah, the healing grace of White Phoenix absolution!

  • stone_cold_steve_austin

    Speaker Pelosi did state that Obamacare needs to
    be passed so we can find out what is in it.

    Making home mortgages available to more families
    did in part happen under Bill Clinton but there is plenty of blame to go around
    for both sides of the aisle.

    $17 trillion in debt is owned by every American. It is how we live and we deserve every penny
    of it. Getting out of the debt will be a
    whole other issue.

    The global warming issue will never be agreed
    upon. My opinion, everything we do to
    pollute the air is not good for our earth.
    We should do everything possible to clean up the footprint that humans
    leave. However, I do believe there are
    other factors involved with causing our earth to warm. Man alone should not take credit or blame for
    all that goes on in our world.

    President Bush does get blamed for too many
    issues. He has been out of office for
    some time and really has no effect on today’s economy. What the left really wants is to do is blame
    the Republicans for everything bad. Of
    course the Repubs want to blame the left for everything bad as well. Again, plenty of blame to go around for all. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Nearly all (if not all) politicians suck.

    Obama doesn’t coddle terrorists or Putin. I personally do not agree with most of his
    foreign policy, but that hardly puts him into bed with terrorists. Get over it Les. He is our president so at least respect the

    The debate on Obamacare is worthless. Both sides are right. Both sides are wrong. It is great for the people that need it. It is horrible for the people that don’t. It has caused many problems and created many
    solutions. As long as we don’t end up
    with “nothing” or “a single pay” system, we will be okay. Help those that cannot help themselves. Prosecute those that unlawfully take
    advantage of the system.

    Raising the minimum wage is one of the funniest
    topics today. I would like to see a poll
    of what percent of the left really wants to raise the minimum wage to
    $15/hour. Does anyone realize how ridiculous
    that is? Raising it to $10 per hour over
    the next 5 years is reasonable. $15 per
    hour is a joke. What do you do with the
    people that make $15 an hour now? Raise
    them to $20 per hour. Then the people at
    $20 per hour to $25? As you can see the
    domino effect would be horrific. Please
    tell me that the lefty’s in Kansas don’t believe that $15 an hour would be a
    good thing??????

    • stone_cold_steve_austin

      And by the way, Les is a crack pot and not part of the Republican party that I belong.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      You made some good points.

    • Chief59

      Excellent comment stone cold. I agree with almost everything you said, other than I think we have a bit more to do with climate change.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        I agree that we are having a impact. I do question how much though.

      • stone_cold_steve_austin

        It is an argument that cannot be won. The only way to truly know our effect is to remove the variable called man. I’m not ready to go so we have to rely on science and data which is not an absolute. I do know that it would be a much cleaner earth without humans.
        My main issue with the “Global Warming” side of society is the solutions and the hypocritcal behavior. If you truly believe in “green”, then one should fully commit to that life style. I know that living in a cave won’t appeal to many of the “true believers”, but there are a few out there that walk the walk. I commend them for following through but it doesn’t seem like the lifestyle that most would want.
        I personally see the costs that “green” energy has created. In the end, we will all pay a great deal more than we are paying now. We all knew it wouldn’t be cheap, but I don’t think many realize the true costs that will evolve. But if the alternative is truly burning from the sun’s rays, then I guess I choose the cost.

        • Chief59

          I personally don’t adhere to a strict green lifestyle. It’s nearly impossible. However, recycling, carpooling, using bike lanes (gasp), and any number of other small things make a huge difference when everyone does it. I know too many people who throw away plastic bottles and paper, and they always have the same response, “one person doesn’t matter”. It does when so many people think that same way.

  • Achoo son of a Sneeze

    Les stated water vapor is 19 yards on a football field. I hate to break it to Les but water vapor IS a greenhouse gas and by far the most powerful one. Increase in temp=increase in water vapor=increase in temp=increase in water vapor. This increase in atmospheric water vapor is caused by increased evaporation, transpiration ect. It is a postive feedback loop. Adding massive amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere doesn’t help this loop. Les needs to open a biology or geology book not a book called Climategate if he actually cared how the world worked. All he cares about is partisan politics.