Ostmeyer addresses water use by irrigators (VIDEO)

ellis water towerBy BECKY KISER
Hays Post

Water resources are on the mind of Ellis city officials.

During a town hall meeting Saturday afternoon, 40th Dist. Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer, R-Grinnell, was asked by Ellis City Council member Jolene Niernberger why Kansas farmers can continuously irrigate their crops when a community is running out of water.

Ostmeyer, who farms in Sheridan County, responded with a caution.  “We have to be very careful:”

Outdoor watering is banned in Ellis.  The city is currently looking for a new water source, working with geologists and the Kansas Rural Water Association.

The city council will also hear from Hays City Manager Toby Dougherty during its meeting Monday, March 17, about Hays’ development of the R9 Ranch in Edwards County as a long-term water resource.

  • Lefty54

    That was a very, very, very weak answer. All of western Kansas will be a dry, barren ghost town in 50 years because of the reckless and wasteful crop irrigation. Profits now with no regard for future generations.

    In 50 years people will look at the dry aquifers and wonder how we could have been so stupid.

    • Runner

      But watering the private and public golf courses and the plants in the median going down Vine are justified before the farmers irrigating crops??? The city/county government of Hays/Ellis Co. are nothing but a joke..

      • Chief59

        I would probably complain about private swimming pools before watering plants in the medians. Have you ever flown in to Hays and seen the number of pools in backyards? I was surprised by the large amount the first time I flew in/out of Hays.

        • asdlfkh

          Stop eating

    • reality

      stop eating