Hays should be growing, not dying

What is wrong with Hays that we are going to let another business get pushed out of town due to high rent for a building that is owned by someone that doesn’t even live here or care about Hays? Is there something we can do? There have been too many in the last couple months.

We are supposed to be growing, not dying. Let’s stop the greed!

Melissa Maier-Conley, via www.facebook.com/hayspost

  • chips

    Actually the building is locally owned, even more sad. Ownership is public information on the Ellis County Treasury site, do a property tax search on the address.

  • taxed out!

    People in Hays can’t even afford Mexican restaurants anymore, because of the way property/sales taxes keep going up…the cost of buying & renting a home is also outrageous. The city/county need to stop wasteful spending, like bike paths, CVB’s, million dollar gateways & restorations to a downtown that will never payback citizens the money they have invested for the past 13+years! Then add in our schools are falling apart, & our water supply is running out! Sure eat drink and be merry!