Sarah’s surprise engagement (VIDEO)

Ryon King and fiancee Sarah Schmidt

Ryon King and fiancee Sarah Schmidt, Hays

Hays Post

“My friends are telling me I’ve upped the bar for them,” says Hays resident Ryon King.

“They’re all trying to think of super-romantic ways to propose to their girlfriends when the the time comes,” he jokes.

Ryon couldn’t be happier with the result of his top-secret plan to propose to his girlfriend Sara Schmidt. Click on the video for the full story.

  • wat

    Why is this news?

    • hmmm

      Have you ever watched sports center, KSN news, Yahoo News or many other news station or sites. They have things like this all the time. News does not always have to be negative to make the headlines.

    • Local news reader

      I enjoyed reading about it. This site is like a newspaper, if you don’t like some things, then don’t read them. No one forcing you to. I’m glad they posted this and had the video. Congrats new couple!

    • hmmmm

      I hope you dont read Yahoo news either, becuase their is a proposal at a basketball game video on their. Remember you dont think this is news, so it should not be made public.

  • why is there no local news?

    because hays post has nothing better to do …… like actually covering the laziness and poor judgement of our elected officials for the last 60 years.

  • rzr 4

    look at who wrote the story. It was probably inaccurate and happened three weeks ago. Because a lot of stories aren’t very timely