Restuarant inspections, March 4

Restaurant inspection results for Ellis County establishments, according to the Kansas Department of Agriculture.


Complete results can be viewed here: Inspections030414

Feb. 17: Long John Silver’s, 3380 Vine — no violations.

Feb. 25: Golden Ox Conoco, 34310 Vine — no violations.

Feb. 25: Sake 2 Me Sushi Rolls, 700 Main — no violations.

Feb. 25: Soda Shoppe, 800 Main — no violations.

Feb. 25: Chartwells/Memorial Union, Fort Hays State University — six violations: hand-washing violation (education completed); meat slicer with residue (corrected); improper temperature of stored food (discarded); improper food temperature at salad bar (discarded); food held past disposal date (discarded); other storage and temperature-related notes.

Feb. 25: Carlos O’Kelly’s, 4107 Vine — three violations: food residue on cleaned metal containers (corrected); improper temperature of shredded lettuce/diced tomatoes, corrected; faulty thermometer (corrected); improper storage of utensils (corrected).

Feb. 26: Chinese Food Express, 1312 Main — six violations: improper cross-contamination procedures (corrected); microwave with food splatter (corrected); improperly marked cleaners or sanitizers (corrected); improper food storage (corrected); other residue (corrected).

Feb. 27: Gambino’s Pizza, Victoria — no violations.

Feb. 27: Horseshoe Bar and Grill, 1002 East Eighth — six violations: improper storage of ready-to-eat food (corrected); residue on can opener (corrected); food held past serve date (discarded); improper labeling of cleaner/santizer (corrected); household use pesticide on site (discarded); water leak in storage closet.

Feb. 27: Cancun Mexican Restaurant, 1011 Elm — seven violations: food residue in microwave (corrected); food held past serve date (discarded); improper labeling or storage of sanitizer/clear (corrected); personal items outside of personal effects area (corrected); no ambient air thermometer (corrected); improper food storage (corrected); improper utensil storage (corrected); grease condensation on fire suppression tank.

Feb. 27: Imperial Garden Express, 2918 Vine, Ste. 250 — no violations.

Feb. 28: Big John’s Saloon, 2111 Catharine Road — no violation.

Feb. 20: McDonald’s of Hays, 1201 Vine — no violations.