Law enforcement leaders remind Kansans marijuana still illegal

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 TOPEKA – (March 4, 2014) – Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt and the leaders of Kansas law enforcement organizations today reminded Kansans that marijuana possession remains illegal in the State of Kansas. Schmidt was joined in the statement by Kansas Highway Patrol Superintendant Col. Ernest Garcia; Kansas Sheriffs Association President, Gray County Sheriff Jim Kramer; and Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police President, Wamego Police Chief Mike Baker. The group issued the following statement:


“With the recent coverage of ‘marijuana tourism’ since our neighbors in Colorado legalized marijuana under their state law, we wish to remind Kansans that the possession, sale or use of marijuana is still a crime in Kansas. Kansas law enforcement has seen and seized marijuana acquired in Colorado and brought illegally to Kansas. We remind Kansans never to bring marijuana into Kansas from Colorado. Doing so is a crime, and Kansas still enforces its law.”

  • Fund the schools

    Kansas is missing out on that sweet, sweet tax money.

    • Legalize it

      Tax revenues are much higher than original projections.

  • Stick Man

    Kansas, do you know why your economy is on the tank and people are moving away from your state? Read the above statement. Quit terrorizing your citizens for a harmless plant! I used to drive through your state and spend a fair amount of money. Knowing that I would now be targeted because of my Colorado license plate, I now choose to fly over and wave rather than spend my money in a state with such out of date cannabis laws..

  • Uncle Thomas

    How much did this public service announcement cost the tax payers? Was a special study conducted? Ridiculous waste of time unless of course one is running for public office.

    • LadyJane

      Blah blah blah my money blah blah I hate life waah.

  • Dave

    I would agree with all the other comments. The state would benefit from the legalization of this harmless plant more than anyone can imagine. Read about USD 489 needing 1.3M where else to take that money than from the tax of this plant. There are thousands upon thousands of people right here in our own state who would be more than willing to pay extra tax.

    • guest

      You’re a very intelligent man Dave..its sad that a state with so many revenue problems focuses on gun ownership to the point of obsession but will refuse to even entertain the idea of legalization for consenting adults.

  • thats right

    Its to bad how hard working Americans have to worry about prison, probation, and corrections for a plant. Leading to employers not hiring “criminals”, jailing them so they can’t find work, and worst of all taking the little money made by them. Marijuana deserves rights! Get with the movement Kansas.

  • woody

    Dang guys, the border isn’t to far away & there is no gate. Please pack up & go, Colorado will welcome a few more idiots & we won’t miss you.