Facing $1.3M shortfall, USD 489 working on bridging the gap

Hays Post

Superintendent Dean Katt told Hays USD 489 board members at Monday’s work session the district is looking at a possible $1.3 million shortfall for 2014-15 school year.

Katt said staff is “looking at everything” they can to close the gap, including transportation costs.

He said the district could possibly charge fees for busing kids to and from school or decrease the number of bus routes.

According to Katt, the district is also following auditor recommendations and looking at activity funds.

At a January meeting, Ken Beran of auditor Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball pointed out many schools in Hays were not using all the funds allocated for school activities.

Katt said staff is thinking about “limiting” the amount schools are given for activities or if the funds are not used by the end of the school year, the funds would be moved to the district’s general fund.

Katt said staff will have a better idea of “where we are with the big picture of the budget” at the board’s next work session meeting.

Some of the issues helping create the district’s budget problems include a decline in enrollment, failing to budget for the cost of seventh-grade sports and the fact the district budgeted a 1 percent raise for employees instead of the actual 1.85 percent that was given.





  • jasmine

    one of the problems is decline in enrollment. in other words closing Kennedy school and believing there is no way a Catholic middle school would be created and take at least 90 of those kids out of the public school system. that’s a ton of money lost, isn’t it greg? our school system is falling apart, isn’t it greg?

    • Uncle Thomas

      Excuse me moron…the decline in enrollment is referring to the numbers projected for this current school year. It is lack of budget forecasting by the last deputy superintendent.
      The Kennedy issue is past. The BOE president is attempting to remedy the situation by asking the tough questions and supporting the tough decisions. How can you blame one person?

      • support education

        i can see by your attempt at personal name calling you show your true talent at debate. The Kennedy issue is not past. By closing this school you take a chunk of change from the cash drawer. and you say how can you blame one person? well that’s what greg has been doing for a long time. blaming fred for all the problems. you can’t blame it all on one person uncle?

        • Uncle Thomas

          you still don’t understand a fiscal budget

        • Uncle Thomas

          “you can’t blame it all on one person uncle?” I am not you moron…one past superintendent and one BOE member is being named. I stated how can you blame it on the BOE president?

  • other shoe

    Surprises left by the old regime continue to deepen the money pit.

    • rodger

      how many times are you going to beat that old regime excuse. how long has fred been gone and its still his fault.

      • other shoe

        not long enough to get the $500k under budgeted can kicked far enough down the road to not be his problem. If Obama can blame everything on Bush, we can blame this on Fred.

        • Chief59



      • Uncle Thomas

        Did anyone name a name? What about the last administration?

    • Liberal!

      Ya! It is all Bush’s fault!!!!!

  • tax payer

    The past regime was old and tired and conducted business in the same manner. They threw a few bones here and there to keep everyone happy and content. Now we have to pay for these so called “bones”.

  • Fed up

    The whole problem is the lavish benefits and pensions we pay school employees. Every State, not just Kansas, is in debt because of the cost of this greed. Using our kids as pawns in their negotiations! Charter schools is the only way to beat this…not paying for lawsuits against ourselves!

    • jackson

      agreed! play hard ball this year with the unions. what are they gonna do? strike? they can’t. everybody takes a pay cut from top on down. and if you don’t like it–there’s the door.

    • flabbergasted

      You are not serious? Our teachers are tremendously underpaid with the exception of head football coaches. What kind of a salary do you have in mind. Minimum wage?

      • mars

        its important we pay a high salary to the head football coach. only way we can try to obtain that ultimate prize–the state title! you know. bragging rights.

      • Fed up

        Forgive me, they have it tough! I hope they can afford to go somewhere during Spring Break..at least we’ll pay them for the whole week.

      • Uncle Thomas

        “underpaid”…please explain!

      • Parent

        Looking at this site, I would hardly say the teachers in USD 489 are underpaid -http://www.kansasopengov.org/SchoolDistricts/PayrollListing/HaysPayroll/tabid/2122/Default.aspx

        • Uncle Thomas

          The site merely states a salary. I am asking how many contract hours per year are teachers required to work for USD 489? Then we can determine if they are over or under…then we may opine.

      • Uncle Thomas

        This statement is ridiculous! How many hours are teachers required to work.
        As for the football coach or any other coach they are required to teach and then a stipend for additional time. Look at the districts policy on how this is calculated. It is a joke! The football coach or track coach for example accumulate many hours…probably exceeding 2080. They have mornings, evenings, summer, weekends…they may be the only ones earning their keep.

        • How’s that again?

          “.On one post you wrote that you work from 6:30 in the morning to about 6:30 at night. If that is the case, I applaud your dedication and wish you well with the six figure income–but then how do you know what time teachers arrive and what time they leave the building if you are hard at work in your office?”

          Maybe he works high up in the NSA?

          • HHS student

            lol! Some people, in trying to prove the kind of person they ‘think’ they are, go so far with the truth that it just isn’t believable anymore. I had to laugh too when I saw him post that he makes $100,000 plus a year.

          • PoorKids

            Get a job.

          • realitybruh

            Same trash as being paid through government theft as a teacher

        • Guest

          Try again, Uncle Thomas. Most coaches are not full-time teachers. They may teach a class or two, or a subject, but that’s it. Coaching is their primary duty.


        hahaha under paid… wow another government employee who thinks it is under paid and that others should give more of their money to pay them. Sorry, but you should actually earn your money on the free market instead of through government theft. Then you could go to your boss and ask for a raise, if you deem yourself so deserving. Just because the gang that you have steal for you calls itself a “government” doesn’t make it any less of a theft operation.

        • Track runner

          They DO earn their money. These are respectable individuals with college degrees that work hard every day teaching our youth. Are you suggesting we hire people with no college degree? If so, then I feel sorry for our kids and their ability to learn. No one goes to college for 4 years to earn a degree and make $20,000 a year. You can find those jobs in the paper every day. You go to college so you can find a job that pays a decent salary with benefits.

          • REALITYhitsYOUhardBRUH

            lol yup I was in that degree “program” for a year. It was the most worthless program I have ever seen. Pay the money, jump through the 2 inch high hoops, get a degree. No intelligence needed. Your classes consist of how to do basic math and make paper cutouts of snowmen. Congratulations!

            Your generation already wrecked the change of people going to college and earning a decent wage. You go to college to excel in a field. College means nothing to success. Most college students wouldn’t have even graduated from such universities 50 years ago before the pay to play scheme.

            Your kids “ability to learn” was stunted on your generation being the most decrepit group of people the US has ever seen. All your generation has done is brag about your parents’ successes while spending your children and grandchildren’s future production. The “ME” generation.

            How does it feel to be the generation that ruined the US?

          • don’t use the word bruh

            Nailed it. I am part of this generation, barely made it through high school and have no college education. But I own my own company because I was and am willing to work harder and longer than my generation. I don’t expect hand outs, I expect to be pushed around and stepped on and I was in the beginning. When I was younger people would always say “look at all you have done at such a young age” and I would say “its my generation, they are lazy and want hand outs; so they make it look like I have done well” , “but put me in my fathers or grandfathers generation and I am below average” thank you “ME” generation.

    • Reality Check

      Lavish?? Kids are in school 900 to 1200 hours a year. Figuring ONLY those hours, nothing for prep or other things teacher do outside school hours, they get paid less than the average baby sitter. If you were to pay a teacher $2.25 an hour, per student in an average class of 30 kids, you’d be paying $60,750. Now, most babysitters will NEVER accept 30 kids to watch, nor would they accept responsibility for trying to teach the kids anything. Most school districts pay starting teachers between 30 and 39k, depending on education level. Most teachers spend anywhere between $100-500 per year on classroom supplies, and some even spend more. Plus, they are expected to wear business or business casual clothing and attend additional educational seminars(not during school hours, though). I don’t think lavish is the first word that should come to mind when describing the salaries of the teachers.

      • Uncle Thomas

        We are talking about USD 489. Now go through the math one more time for me please. Fulltime is 2080 hours. How many hours are teachers contracted for? If they choose to spend their own money that is their choice. Does it truly impact the quality of learning in their class or a poor choice of personal finances by someone complaining about salary?

        • interested party

          Teaching is a salaried position, not an hourly. The contracted hours are negotiated for the time spent with students. If you read the negotiated contract and the board policy handbook, you would note all the duties and expectations made of teachers outside of the contract day. The average work week for a teacher is approximately 55 hours; take that by 36 weeks, and that is 1980 hours. If a person works 40 hours a week for 50 weeks (leaving out the two-week vacation), this person works 2000 hours. Teachers are not paid for holidays or breaks. Their pay is for the contracted days. Also the pay is broken into 12 monthly payments to help the state government and the local school districts. In this way, those entities may keep the money to accrue more interest or better budget their monthly bills. Teaching is a profession, not a job you walk in one day and then leave the next. If a teacher is at the entry level position and has a spouse and two children, that teacher is making $95 above the 2014 Kansas Guidelines for Poverty for a family of four. Take that same teacher down the road 11 years, with a Masters, having two more children, making it a family of six, then that teacher is only above the poverty line about $1500…and perhaps with student loans. Teachers are not greedy…if they were, they wouldn’t be teaching.

          • Uncle Thomas

            I understand it is a salaried position. 55 hours per week you say? Eleven hours per day? Park outside a school and watch how many rush out the door with the kids and walk in at the last minute. Like to see that study. Then they have planning time, lunch time, time for things like art, music, library, computer, PE, they are all not out at recess with their class, etc. Your contact time is grossly exaggerated. The pay is not always broken in to 12 monthly payments…many opt to have the summer pay at the beginning of the summer.
            As for one working with a spouse and kids. This is 2014, if both spouses are not working the other is plain lazy! As for the kids two now, four down the road. That is a choice why is it my responsibility as a tax payer. As for loans…tell the bums to work a full time job during school like the rest of us had to. You mean to tell me with one of the easiest degrees to obtain they need loans? Teachers are not greedy…once upon a time in a far far away land they weren’t. They took the pay and didn’t whine! Now they want the pay, the benefits, the sympathy, the empathy…

          • interested party

            When I said 55 hours per week, that doesn’t necessarily mean 11 hours per day. Most teachers create their plans, grade papers, prepare materials at home in the evenings and on the weekends. I have relatives who are teachers, and I see their diligent work ethic after hours. They want what is best for their students and they work hard to make it happen. Many times while at family dinners, they have to leave early to work on lessons or grade while the rest of us get to enjoy the family time. And getting an elementary ed degree is not a piece of cake. Just going to college takes a dedicated person. The last statistic I heard was that only 25% of an entering freshman class actually graduates. Also, the PRAXIS tests they must pass prevents many from getting that degree. I know a few people who could not pass the PRAXIS and had to switch their career path. Also when you discuss what you see happening in the schools…you miss out on what you don’t see. What you don’t see on the playground is their role in teaching character education…how not to bully, how to play in a cooperative manner, etc. You miss that 20 mintute lunch time where it only becomes 14 minutes because of having to take kids to the cafeteria and then picking them up again. Until you walk in the shoes of a teacher, you will never know the obstacles they face nor the joys they receive from teaching children. I feel sad for you to have so much hatred for teachers. While I know there are some “bad apples,” in the profession, one must remember that there are “bad apples” in every profession or work place. No one can truly know what another person goes through in his or her job unless he or she has done the job as well. And one question I have for you…On one post you wrote that you work from 6:30 in the morning to about 6:30 at night. If that is the case, I applaud your dedication and wish you well with the six figure income–but then how do you know what time teachers arrive and what time they leave the building if you are hard at work in your office?

          • loser

            Defend the crap job at inflated pay you do some more.

          • Grad student

            If you don’t like how things are run in Hays, you can move. Won’t miss you.

          • Guest

            Sorry, Uncle Thomas. You’re off your rocker with this one.

        • How’s that again?

          “.On one post you wrote that you work from 6:30 in the morning to about 6:30 at night. If that is the case, I applaud your dedication and wish you well with the six figure income–but then how do you know what time teachers arrive and what time they leave the building if you are hard at work in your office?”


          • adfsadf@sdfh.dhd

            aww a butthurt teacher crying about their 8 month a year job not paying enough smh “the entitlement crowd” never ceases to amaze me.

            It isn’t even like your teaching degree is difficult to get. I was in teaching for a year before I decided all the other students were tarded and changed degrees. You were one of the tards

          • Parent

            Given your derogatory comments, I won’t put much faith in anything you have to say and am glad you aren’t teaching kids anymore.

          • iHAVEit

            Hahaha, if only you knew. I love it when people talk like they know someone.

      • Fed up

        People like you are the reason Kansas & other states are in the red! Your ridiculous nonsense figures amount to one word GREED! I feel sorry for our kids. I think this BOE realizes teachers are a abundant resource…I hope they start hiring from outside of Ellis county so their not trying to negotiate with neighbors!

        • Uncle Thomas

          those figures do not indicate GREED Fed up. It is lunacy…$2.25/hour per student…30 kids. A babysitter must pay for insurance, a physical location…the comparison is LUNACY!
          Then we have 30 kids per class, business clothing, planning outside of school….LUNACY! They need time management skills! WASTE, WASTE, WASTE,….!!!!!

          • wow

            Did you just try to complete a thought? You are getting as bad a Chief59

  • Fed up2

    Charge a busing fee? Why not just follow the 2.5 mile limit busing policy? Also eliminate some or all of the busing for sporting events? Just a small % of kids are actually in sports…and even a smaller % will ever become pros. Concentrate more on academics!

    • Guest

      Why have a 2.5 mile limit busing policy anyway? Hays is not that big. Designate several “bus stops” just like HRC has done for The Wave and let PARENTS BE RESPONSIBLE for getting their kids to those bus stops or to school. Or let them find another parent to carpool with. Oh, wait, responsible parents? Now there’s a concept! I was floored when I found out that parents who CHOOSE to live outside city limits GET PAID MILEAGE to bring their kids to the nearest bus stop. Are you kidding me? I was even more shocked to find out that a bus drives into my neighborhood (and I mean clear into the culdesac), which is less than 2 miles from the nearest school (and no, my kids don’t ride the bus). This same bus stops every couple of blocks on its way into my neighborhood, with its first stop being just over a mile from the nearest school. The kicker is that parents at the end of our block actually DRIVE THEIR KIDS TO THE END OF THE BLOCK to meet the bus and then turn around drive back home…a distance of four whole houses, with the bus following them the entire way in order to get out of the culdesac! PUT AN END TO THIS WASTEFUL SPENDING ALREADY!

  • tired taxpayer

    this is just the tip of the iceberg. as a matter of fact the board will use this as arm twisting on the taxpayers to approve their upcoming 100 million dollar bond issue. the titanic hit the iceberg folks. our school district is slowing sinking. hays aquatic park mess, streets needing repair, convention center, county wasting money on buildings they can’t afford, fast building project and the list goes on. the taxpayer is tired. high time we tell our elected officials to stop it. the water is coming in faster than we can bail it out.

    • tired of taxes

      Well, maybe just shovels full of dirt, not much water around here…

  • parrent

    Charging to ride the bus is mad. Think of the all the low-income family’s who can’t afford to pay any extra fee’s to the school, just another reason not to send their kids to school.

    To send my senior to school we had to pay almost 300 dollars. What happened free education?!? I am very low income because I dropped out I can’t find a good job so why put my son in this situation? This kind of stuff is exactly why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. I work 50+ hours a week and can’t afford to buy his school lunches. This is such a joke, what are you doing with the 1200 dollars that are taken for education in my property tax, clearly not making the education for our next-generation any better.

    • RealityHitsYouHardBruh

      Hum, so since you didn’t finish high school (your own decision), others should have to pay for you. Okay, explain how this is fair and not theft through government:

    • Get Real

      Paying for an education is one thing, spending district money on a luxury chauffeur service for kids who live in town is entirely different. If you don’t want to pay a fee then get your child to school. This only effects the in town kids. $300 for a year is not much to spend for a quality education. Maybe you need to re-prioritize your expenses…do you need cable, cell phones, etc…? I would pay for my child to be educated first!

      • Chief59

        Are you saying that it is not a right to have an iPhone and HDTV?!?!?! What kind of heartless conservative capitalist scumbag are you!?!?! I hope you burn, you capitalist pig!


  • Spend wisely

    Welcome to what small districts have faced for years, bout time ya start giving certain people more hats to wear. Sorry, I have worked in a small district and believe you me I not only had my job to do but many other duties and responsibilities. Why???? Because the district needed to cut wherever they could. I have seen districts operate with ONE principal going from school to school and guess what?,didn’t have an assistant for everything under the sun either. It’s time to look at the top and see what big salaries can go, you don’t need two certified teachers in one room with a group of 20 sum kids. Oh wait that is so one can teach one subject and the other can teach another. Sorry what a waste of money!!!! The board really needs to sit down and weed some positions out that are so unnecessary!!!

    • Uncle Thomas

      Spend wisely wait a minute are you attempting to balance the budget? These wimps have been told yes for too long. A bunch of spoiled brats. They all need to come in first, they are all over worked and under paid. They all want, want, want,…more of the tax payers money. They wouldn’t survive in the private world…have you ever attended a meeting with them? How so many crybabies fit in one room is beyond me! Suck it up if you had to survive in an inner city or work for nothing like TMP teachers you would be in therapy!

      • Mom of 2

        If you know the answers to everything, then maybe you should get the voters to elect you to the school board. Oh wait…..cause only one vote won’t get you elected. Can’t say that I’ve ever read a comment you posted yet that I’ve agreed with.

        • Uncle Thomas

          And you probably will not read one “mommy of 2″.

      • Spend Wisely

        I Agree 100% with you! They don’t know what troubled times are,we have only been in this district a few years, but so many things blow my mind how they operate. I do know a little about budgeting, I was the clerk. PLAIN AND SIMPLE IRRESPONSIBILITY WITH TAX PAYERS $$$$$$$!!!!!

      • How’s that again?

        Have YOU ever attended a meeting with them? When and where? And no, overhearing conversations in a bar doesn’t count.

  • Whose been on Boe ?

    Haven’t a few Boe members been on the board long enough to point a finger at them and ask them how did all this $$ out the window happen the last 10 years or more? Everyone complains about the teacher pay well they earn their paycheck. Now a complete hiring freeze needs to be put in place for the next year at all levels so that’s a start. It’s like Obama has been the advisor for the last 20 years. Work it out now and not later.

    • Uncle Thomas

      “they earn their paycheck.” Hmmm…

      • Aunt Jane

        You must be a very unhappy person, Uncle T. I have never seen you post a single positive thing in the history of Hays Post. If you want to complain about everything that everyone is doing, by all means, run for city/county/boe office.
        I’m sure once you’re there, teachers and public employees will pay their employers for the privilege of working rather than earn a paycheck. Health insurance? The heck with that. Go to work and die on the job, it’s fine. Vacation? Heck no!. Work 7 days a week and like it!
        Also, I’m surprised there wasn’t more of an uproar when you decided to infer that all stay at home parents were just “lazy.” I think that might have been one of your “best” moments. I think people are seriously fed up with actually reading through your entire rants.

        • Hunter

          I agree with you. Uncle Thomas is one of those people who always complains. He could win a car in a contest and then complain endlessly that it wasn’t the right color. Not the kind of person I try to surround myself with.

        • REALITYhitsYOUhardBRUH

          Oh look, it is a butthurt liberal! How RARE!!!! smh

          Get a real job and stop having the government steal others money to pay for your failure of a service.

          • LadyJane

            I identify with neither liberal nor conservative. I identify with the working middle class. Not that it matters, but I do not work for an entity in which tax dollars directly pay my salary. I have a “real” job… two in fact, as does my spouse. These are the lengths we go to in order to put food on the table and clothes on the backs of our children, as we do not qualify for any type of government assistance – and we would not accept it if we did. I will not go into my opinion of that matter, as it would not be constructive and this is not the appropriate venue. I think if you were willing to talk to me person to person, we’d have several areas of common ground and you’d soon find I have no issues with my backside. I simply chose that opportunity to spotlight the fact that complaining on issue after issue is only an attempt to fuel a fire, and will not solve anything. Hays is our home. It’s where I have chosen to raise my family and tear me down if you must, but I love it. Does it have issues? Every town, in every state, is going to have hot ticket issues now and then. What needs to be figured out now is how to solve the budget deficit while maintaining the high standards that we have long come to expect from our local school district. I freely admit I don’t have the knowledge to comprehend a budget of that size, so we have to trust that the board that WE elected, and the officials that they hired, are able to come up with a solution. Do not foolishly expect that decision to make everyone happy. That’s just not how a budget cut works. Ever.
            Now… How about we discuss the appropriateness of your use of the word “bruh” in not only a written context but as a way to identify yourself? I would love to hear your justification on that one. Have a great day.

          • ladyjanejust cry

            When I qualified for government assistance, I didn’t take it. I took educated risks and came out on top. My house now would make you cry in jealous rage and just a few years ago I was slummin in a Hays trailer park.
            I guess some are created more equal than others. I think a lot of it is not being a scared crying bytch (hint hint). Just think, I did it all while high.

  • Lefty54

    The problem isn’t how many hours the teachers are working. The problem isn’t the football coaches. The problem isn’t the previous Superintendent.

    The problem is Topeka. The problem is the Kansas House and Senate. The biggest problem of all is in the Governors mansion. They don’t like public schools and they don’t want to fund public schools.

    • DumbLib

      Oh yes! Spend more! We should just take all the businesses in town under eminent domain, sell them, and use that to fund all of our loony liberal ideas! Spend, spend, spend! And when spending fails, spend some more!!! Weeeeeee!!! money comes from magic and will always be there!!! YESSASSASASASAS

      • Yahooserious

        Okay so the alternative is giving big tax breaks to the “business’s” in out state while defunding public schools. Sounds to me like is rather have MY tax dollars go to public education rather than the Koch brothers and their billionaire loopholes. Call us libtards all u want. When your job cuts all your benefits and fires you because they automated your position with their big tax breaks I’m sure the tea party Kansas legislature will lend you their shoulder to cry on. Oh wait your a teab*gger… You don’t need anyone; your a tuff guy. Sorry I forgot.

        • derpalert

          Yes because there is a correlation between wasting less money on public “education” and giving big companies tax breaks (something the big homie oblunder loves). I can tell you are a Hays High “grad”

        • TheOneWhoDidIt

          Takes a “tuff guy” to be self sufficient? US really is in trouble lmao. I don’t sit around and let legislators decide my fate. I make my own. Don’t need no one to hold my hand, kid. I never stop making moves to get myself more. It has taken me to 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 offices, kitchen with the island, with no help. I guess some people just need to step their game up, kid.

          • yahooserious

            WOW you have a 4 bedroom house for yourself… sounds a little overkill to me but contradulations for touting your “acheivements”. Typical arrogant *ss’s tout their “acheivemennnts”. If your acheivement is a home well let me be the first to say; welcome to the United States where everyone buys homes. I really don’t feel the need to tout my own as I don’t see my personal property as acheivements, unless of course you are counting diplomas degrees and certification certificates, but to each his own. You sound like the Duechback in the governers office when you start touting how GREAT you are. I must say you are impressive.

          • poorYahooOnFoodStamps

            When your successes center around picking up a WIC payment on the 1st, I see why you wouldn’t want to talk about them.

          • poorYahooOnFoodStamps

            The people on welfare always see the things others can buy with work as “overkill.” Its called jealousy. You know, that bytch trait.

          • poorYahooOnFoodStamps

            did I forget to talk about the marble tile, 5 camera security system, sprinkler system, 2 car garage, and electric privacy fence?

            I guess some people are just created more equal than others. Some can come out of the ashes of poverty like the phoenix to claim their own (me), while others roll like pigs in their own filth claiming it is the working man’s fault.
            That’s the difference between me and the losers who post on here (you, chief, etc.). you are too busy worried about someone else’s successes to make any of your own

          • poorYahooOnFoodStamps

            my walk in closet is probably bigger than your bedroom. My master shower is bigger than your master bathroom. Keep looking for someone else to do it for you, loser.

          • ChiefAndYahooAreYahoos

            I have 5 sliding doors (2 double action) and a double width double front door. That’s like 4 of your front doors in one. All obtained from nothing on the scary free market. Let your jealousy soak in that for awhile, lib.

          • Chief59

            HAHAHAHAHA! You have finally lost what was left of your simple mind! Everyone look at Mr. Internet Tough Guy over here! FIVE, count them, FIVE sliding doors on his house! A walk-in closet! Oh, don’t forget about the sprinkler system! WOW! What about your twelve car garage to park your Ferrari’s and Porsche’s in? Or your Olympic swimming pool filled with super models sun bathing?

            Funny thing about the internet, everything you read on it must be true, right? If you are so successful, why are you soooooo concerned will all of us lowly peons out here in the regular world? I bet all of those teachers must pose a huge threat to you phenomenal way of life.

          • ChiefCryRealHard

            No car, work is a 10 min taxi ride. You do know what “work” means, right chief59? Jealous? You should see the hardwood floors in my living room tho….

          • ChiefCryRealHard

            You forgot about the extended island in the kitchen. That is one of my favorite parts. When you pull yourself up from a trailer park, you enjoy the nice things in life.

          • ChiefCryRealHard

            And two of the sliding doors are double, so it is really like 7. You should see the view out of my bedroom window. Would make you cowards cry with jealousy.

          • Chief59

            I’m glad you are so happy with this supposed life you have built for yourself. You will still die one day like the rest of us. Most people want to be remembered for the type of person they were. You’ll apparently be remembered as a jerk with nice things, who thought others were beneath him. Good for you.

          • OuchChief59

            You should see the skylight in my master bathroom/shower/walk-in closet… dang and the sky light and 15 ft windows lighting up the entrance spiral staircase. Like for real, I couldn’t even believe it when I moved in.
            Just a few years ago I was living in a trailer park, the embodiment of one of the poor, hopeless people you want to use other people’s money to help even though you won’t associate with or give your own money to.
            Now, well, I already told you, didn’t I? But I probably forgot about how the whole backside of my house is glass doors, with deck, and a great view of the mountains, didn’t I?

          • Chief59

            “I probably forgot about how the whole backside of my house is glass doors”

            Glass house, and here you are always casting stones….

          • Chief59

            “I probably forgot about how the whole backside of my house is glass doors”

            Glass house, and here you are always casting stones….

      • Spend Wisely

        I agree the State does have some issues and needs to make sure the money to Kansas schools is a Priority!!! But, no matter where the money comes from, USD 489 needs to learn how to Budget the money!!! I’m sorry how embarrassing is it that you implement something, 7th grade sports and you don’t budget for it!!!! You would have thought that when they were discussing adding the sport they might have discussed how the heck they were going to pay for it before it went to vote.

        • Hays

          That’s because sports are #1 here! We……..must………have…….sports!!! USD489 can always drop band or cut out a math class. Who needs that? We need more sports! I vote we also add 6th grade sports. I know funding is tight, but can’t we maybe increase class size to cut costs? Maybe go 30 kids a class instead of 22? I’m thinking we could also completely eliminate the teacher supply budget and put that money into a high end middle school weight room. New uniforms of course too, and they’ll also need a nice event bus to get to the games. My point is it is always sports, then academics. That’s why other countries are passing us up in knowledge. Unless Dennis Rodman is your hero.

          • LadyJane

            Until I had children that participated in school organized sports, I would’ve agreed with you. However, when my oldest entered 7th grade, I encouraged going out for a fall sport. He may not be the biggest, strongest, or best, but over the years, I have seen a huge change in him. He is much more disciplined in his grades and homework, more socially outgoing, and extremely physically fit and healthy. It is just my opinion, but I think involvement in school sports provides a great foundation to be a physically fit adult.
            The old saying applies… don’t knock it til you try it.

          • Hays

            I think you’re missing my point. I’m saying, when faced with making cuts in education or cuts in sports, it always seems education is where that cut is made. There will be people on here that will say our sports are underfunded as is, or that coaches aren’t paid enough, etc. I just never see sports coming in second. We need to push education a LOT more or we’ll just be a union of wanna be jocks. When you’re 45 and trying to hold a job to pay the bills and feed your family, are you going to rely on your college degree or the fact you were a bench warmer for the 7th grade school team?

          • LadyJane

            We’re talking about raising a child to become a well rounded adult, not simply create a jock. Of course we need to educate them, I never said we didn’t. As a parent, I have chosen to also encourage my children to turn off the TV, not eat crap, and go outside and be active. I believe teaching the active lifestyle early on will ensure that my children will live to see 45. The alternative is to be a union of morbidly obese. How would that be better?
            Either way, this conversation has gotten ridiculous. I’ll raise my kids my way, you raise them to your own standards. That’s the joy of living in a free country.
            Dear BOE, please cut some sports funding or we’ll never hear the end of it. Thanks.

          • Lady Jane

            Until others money was being spent for me, I hated it! But now I love being dependent on government’s theft of people who actually work to pay for myself!!! I’m not a hypocrite!!!

          • LadyJane

            Maturity, anyone? I hope you didn’t hurt your fingers with all those exclamation marks.
            Further more, it infuriates me that you indicate I am dependent on government assistance. Not even close to the case, and don’t pretend to know me – or be me. I pay my share of taxes the same as you. Are you implying that I am not allowed to send my children to school to participate in all school activities without guilt, shame, and a personal payment to each and every person in this town? God bless your soul, sweetheart.

  • U.S. falls short

    If (this is just a made up senario) we only had 1 million dollars in our budget and the cost to educate our students was 1 million and the cost to have sports was 1 million, what would be cut? All I hear over and over is cut teachers pay, cut out extra administrators, cut the teachers supply budget, cut para’s, etc. I never hear anything about cutting a sports budget or having a small fee to play sports. Why is this not being discussed? Isn’t taking care of education (math, science, reading, etc.) more important? When this child is 30 years old, what will do him the most justice…..knowing how to dribble a basketball or knowing how to add and read?

    • US falls short….and fat

      When the child is 30 years old, and not physically active, they will of course still be using addition and reading skills. They will add up their weight gain that they read on their scale.

      • CALLitLIKEiSEEit

        Others should pay for people being fat. right… #libtard

  • MOSTteachersSUCKatTHEIRjobs

    Shows you how sad our country is when not even “educators” can work a budget. This used to be taught in home economics.

  • Tired of the whining

    What happened to becoming a teacher because you love the kids? All I hear is we are underpaid and the football coach isn’t (side note; the pay to coach football is $5000 divide that by the min. 700 extra hours it takes that equals $7.14 an hour) . Most of the coaches come to my business and ask for a sponsorship because USD 489 has one of the lowest budgets for sports and they need the extra help. I have only had one teacher ever come and ask me to sponsor their classroom, I did and continue to. If the teachers really cared about the kids and not their pockets then they would be out trying to get sponsors for their classrooms. USD 489 out of money is nothing new and not a surprise to anybody, so why not go ask for the help? I know, because it is about your pockets and not the kids, if it was about the kids then more teachers would be looking outside the box and not sitting waiting for a hand out. Times have changed and now the teachers need to change and go earn their keep the same way the coaches have for years.

    • Reality Check

      First of all teachers generally have to go through the administration to ask for support from the community. With the extremely high numbers of people that are slamming teachers incessantly, it’s really no wonder that most teachers don’t like to beg for money from businesses or individuals and would just as soon pull the money from their own pocket, to the extent that they can afford it. Just for informational purposes, as a 1st year teacher, our family is paying in the neighborhood of $700 a month on school loans. It’s a major help that there is a program to “work off” government loans, but the costs of obtaining a higher degree, paying to work for a semester(student teaching) and keeping a family going through all that is not inexpensive.

      • Tired of whining

        I’m sorry, I should clarify. Teachers that are just starting out are not the ones I complain about (they have low salaries and student loans, the same way most people fresh out of college do), it’s the $45,000 + a year teachers that still complain that bother me. I know and you new when you chose the teaching profession that pay is not why you teach, it is for the love of teaching. You could also take a few years and get your feet planted before you obtain your higher education. I would assume you are obtaining a higher education so that you will make more money not because it will make you a better teacher.

        • Reality Check

          The higher education was actually obtained for a multitude of reasons; so there would be the opportunity to apply at higher education levels, because there were only about half a dozen jobs in that field at the time of graduation and competition was fierce, we were advised by many that staying in school for the Master’s was actually easier than trying to go back, and the particular degree would actually extend the opportunities outside education should a job not be found in that field. However, as I said above, education is woefully underfunded. Our taxes are actually at a historical low when adjusted for inflation and if you have children, which most teachers do, 45k really isn’t a lavish amount. Most professional people that have to do continuing education and work similar hours make considerably more. Teaching is a calling, yes, but it’s not like the priesthood where you take a vow of poverty. Teachers should be well paid, as they are caring for the most precious resource we have and they try their hardest to make sure kids have the tools to succeed. Huge classes, low pay and apathetic parents virtually guarantee that a LOT of kids won’t learn what they need, through

          • teacherscryalot

            Hahaha the only reason you believe children are “the most precious resource” is because their future production is being stolen to pay your salary and you still want more. Classic example of the “me” generation. Too bad you have to change test results and lower standards to make it look like you are doing a barely acceptable job.
            Please make the world better and off yourself.

          • Play nice

            Wow. You are a real winner.

          • poorkid

            Awww… tell the truth about you taxfeeders and the crying comes out. I stand by all my statements.

          • Drew

            Jesus. fucking. christ.
            You seriously just suggested that someone off themselves? You have to be one of the most immoral commenters on hayspost. This is just sad, I don’t know how you are able to talk about another human being like that. We are all the same, flesh and blood. Until you have been in the same experiences as the next individual you don’t have the right to judge. Please, consider others… this is another example of belittling others to make yourself feel elated.

          • Chief59

            Par for the course for this guy. Posts on nearly every article with the same old tactics. Either pretending to be another poster, or complaining about all of the supposed “taker” who should kill themselves. The person can’t be serious. I’ve met some pretty stupid people in my life, and few were near what this guys act like.

        • Taxpayer

          For the love of teaching?????? Really? Were you born under a rock? So maybe doctors should only get $9 per hour because they should do it for the ‘love of saving a life’? Maybe a lawyer should only make $20,000 a year for the ‘love of justice’? Maybe a bank president should get $9 an hour for the ‘love of finance’? People earn a 4+ year degree and apply for a professional job for money. They do it so they can have a house, feed a family, pay their bills. And if a teacher has a masters degree and has taught for 25 years in Hays and coaches and makes $45,000 then I’m fine with that.

  • passin_threw

    Some of the issues helping create the district’s budget problems include a decline in enrollment, failing to budget for the cost of seventh-grade sports and the fact the district budgeted a 1 percent raise for employees instead of the actual 1.85 percent that was given.
    Great job Greg, waddle and co. Now there is talk of cutting staff because of the BOE’s incompetence?

    • AARP View

      I realize you are not the brightest bulb so I will put things into simple terms. To blame any one faction of district operations is pretty ignorant. No doubt that the current BOE members approved this years budget and yes the budget was wrong. However, the recommendation came from Cain. Cain and Roth were responsible for providing accurate info to the BOE. Now Katt is telling us this goes back much further then this year. With that being said, several board members and administrators share in the responsibility, not just Greg, Waddell and co. as you stated. The BOE got rid of Roth and Cain and remedies are being implemented. That’s a start! Cuts are unfortunate but sometimes necessary, I just hope everything can get figured out so the right track is the only one being travelled!

      • passin_threw

        So since I’m so dim remind me again who was responsible for employing Cain and Roth? Silly me but I thought it was the BOE’s responsibility. Now you can state the obvious that they have both been forced out. But how many years did it take lil Greg to react to that?
        The biggest problem I see with the board is that the majority of them have their own little agenda when it comes to wanting to serve.

        • AARP View

          Do you not read? I clearly stated that the district failures are shared by many, not just a few (like you stated previously). Thank you for proving your lack of smarts. Now you claim personal agendas with no proof or supporting comments. Maybe one of them was the second shooter of Kennedy?? Maybe the board meetings are filmed at Area 51? If you’re going to claim something how about adding some facts to support your comments.

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  • comments are better than the s

    So many experts on here. I’m surprised none of these commenting folks have shown up to boe meetings to provide a solution, since so many have all the answers.

    • Guest

      Many of us have been to those meetings and weren’t allowed to speak. You can only shush your audience for so long before they start singing to another choir. Maybe you should have listened when you had the chance instead of being close-minded and considering yourselves “experts” above all others. Your expertise has gotten us into a heck of a mess financially, and you’ve made it clear you don’t know how to dig us out.

  • Publius

    Again, Hays Post has proven my point that anonymous posts only bring out the worst in people.

    • RealityBruh

      I feel the same way about anonymous voting. We should be able to see you public “employed” and welfare cowards vote time and time again to use the government to steal money from productive people to give to you.

      • Publius

        Case in point.

        • PubliusEATSpubes

          Called a spade. Case in point.

  • My Opinion

    Shortfall of 1.3 million one day, and so concerned!!!! Now they want to spend 100 million!!!!! Makes since to me!!!!, and to think these people are educating are children is down right scary!

    • Citizen

      The fact that you use “since” instead of “sense” and that your second “are” was used instead of “our” is scary to me! Are you really that dumb?
      What does the bond issue have to do with the educators/teachers? Your comment truly makes no SENSE!

      • Ym Noinipo

        I forget it takes all sorts of people to make the world go round, Including Disrespectful and Perfect ones! So thankful, I was raised better than that!