With snow expected to pile up, residents asked to find alternate parking

With significant snowfall forecast for Hays, city officials are asking residents who live on snow routes to prepare by finding alternate places to park.

Although a traffic emergency has yet to be declared, the city manager has the authority to call for a winter-storm traffic emergency.

To be on the safe side, the city reminded residents, a general rule of thumb is: When snow begins to fall, move your vehicle.

For more information, call the Hays Police Department at (785) 625-1030 or the Public Works Department at (785) 628-7350.

Click HERE to see a list of city snow routes.

  • Al Gore


    • ZMan

      Thanks for inventing global warming, Al. That and the internet are two things we’ll be forever thankful to you for.

    • Grateful

      Good call Al, this warming is causing some alarming changes to our climate.

  • ZMan

    I must be missing something…I thought we were only going to get 4 inches this weekend. Will that be an emergency?