Sund no longer in the running for N.D. job

Ellis County Administrator Greg Sund

Ellis County Administrator Greg Sund

Ellis County Administrator Greg Sund has been eliminated from consideration for the city manager position in Minot, N.D., the Minot Daily News reported Friday.

Sund, who has served as Ellis County’s first administrator since 2010, also is a finalist for the city manager position in Hood River, Ore., a community of approximately 7,000.

He was scheduled to address the community as part of a public hearing this week. Sund has been unavailable for comment.

  • other shoe

    Well, crap. We are going to be stuck with him. Other locations are obviously smarter than we were.

  • observer

    hope he finds something else, he’s proven to me he doesn’t want to be here

  • Hire Greg Please!

    PLEASE! RECONSIDER! Greg is SO awesome! He is the perfect man to lead Minot into prosperity!

  • Guest 12

    Hope he finds a job. He put the screws to Hays now he can work on an other city but maybe the other cities are a lot smarter then Hays. We don’t need no administrator never had one all these years.

  • Guest 1

    Greg’s done a good job for Ellis Co. He understands budgeting and project management well. Glad he’s staying (for now).

    • toby

      I did not think he had any relatives here…. guess I was mistaken

    • other shoe

      If he understood budgeting and project management, the architect would have been schooled on sloppy estimating for the building projects and he would have been able to handle finding enough cuts to satisfy the commissioners. He did neither. As far as managing anything, the people under him still take the circus on the road when hauling material for a project. We all wait to be loaded then the elephants go down the road head to tail. All he understands is how to make taxpayer money, his money.

  • Can we?

    Do we have to keep him employed while he is out trying to land another job? If The City wanted to, could The City pursue someone else? Maybe this is something that is done, meaning city employees trying to find another job in another community. It certainly does not go down well in the ‘real’ world.


    Minot dodged a bullet….he has cost the taxpayers a whole lot of money! His position was sold to us as a way to streamline the County and save us money thru efficiencies…….that has not even come close to happening! He has failed!