HPD continues to investigate incident that closed streets Wednesday

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Hays Post

Officials at the Hays Police Department continue their investigation of what appears to be a hoax of a disturbance involving firearms in the 2500 block of Pine.

The call forced police responding to the incident to close portions of streets near Pine beginning at approximately 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and lasting about an hour.

According to Lt. Brandon Wright, police still are investigating what he called a “false report.”

“We do not know where the call originated from at this time, and the investigation is still active,” he said.

No additional details were available Thursday morning.


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17 Comments for “HPD continues to investigate incident that closed streets Wednesday”

  1. A_citizen_patriot

    Hey HPD, its not illegal to have a gun in publice.

    • for once i agree

    • Sure, if they have a CC permit and it’s holstered. If someone is walking around with a gun in their hand, then I would assume that is not legal. However, this story gives absolutely no information, so we all we can do is guess at the details of this “story”.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        A gun that is in plain view and in a holster is perfectly legal.

        • Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. I think you’re being overly defensive here. I said nothing derogatory about guns or their owners. I only pointed out that this story gave no facts, and that if someone was walking around with a gun in their hand, then that would be grounds for the police to be involved. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax.

        • It also depends on the city ordinance. Not all cities allow people to carry guns on them even in plain view with out a CC permit.
          I am not sure what Hays has in place for this ordinance.

  2. Publice? Idiot

  3. Good Job, Don “Straf” Scheibler. Way to get down there and figure that out so quickly its people like you that keep this town safe.

    • That’s a pretty scary thought..I don’t think any of us will sleep better tonight knowing Douche Scheibler is “keeping us safe”

  4. I’m guessing there are quite a few men carrying guns around in Hays.

  5. ok hays post. why not run an updated story today and lay the facts out. what was going on here? i lived in this block and last night the cops had everybody stay in their house. but then after awhile they all left. initial story we got was some guy with a gun broke into a house and was holding two people hostage?????? pretty scary stuff. would be helpful if the police dept. would inform the media to inform the rest of us what is going on.

  6. Ks is an open carry state and state and cities can no no longer have local ordinances that prohibit open carry of a firearm.

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