Remodel of Emprise Bank begins with demolition

1011 E. 27th Street

1011 E. 27th Street

Hays Post

Passing cars might have noticed the sounds of breaking glass and falling debris in the area of 27th and Vine Tuesday morning.

Demolition crews were on the scene tearing down Emprise Bank, 1011 E. 27th.

However, the bank won’t be gone long.

According to Emprise Bank market manager Wayne Woofter, a new bank branch will be built on the site from the ground up.

“We will completely demolish everything in there and build a brand-new building,” said Woofter.

Woofter said architects are still drawing up plans for the new building, but he knows the new building will look nothing like the old bank.

“It will be double the size, more modern and more efficient,” he said.

Woofter said officials hope the new bank will open by  the end of this year.

According to Woofter, once the 27th Street location is complete, the Emprise Bank at 1200 Main will close. Some employees will relocate to the 27th location, while others will work from the Emprise location at 2701 Hall.

  • Guest

    Am I the only one whose first thought is “what a waste”? I’ve banked in that building for years and it appeared to be in good condition. It was outdated but so what? Could they not have built onto it somehow to maintain the integrity of the original structure and still accomplish their goal? If they are making so much money off their customers that they can afford such waste, maybe it’s time to find a new bank. And no, Commerce won’t be an option for the same reason. What a shame.

    • Chief59

      Golden Plains Credit Union. When they needed more space years back, they simply added on. Plus, I get paid interest on my checking account balance. Cha-Ching.

    • Blind

      I get real tired “making so much money”whining. That’s a horrible reason to make a decision. I prefer hanging with those that make money as they must be doing something right. I’m sure it was cheaper and wiser to build new instead of wasting money on an old structure. You can’t always build up on old foundations. Jeez…..

      • Guest

        Let me know when you step down off your “holier and richer than thou” pedestal so we can have a real conversation. I prefer hanging with those who work hard and make an honest living for themselves because they must be doing something right.

  • Taxpayer

    I wish the demolisher’s would keep going west, all the way to Vine St.. This would save us taxpayers a lot of money. Of course, we would allow time for the economic gurus’ to vacate the CVB building.

  • Baba

    Good. The whole county is in dire need of more bank branches. Also, ballfields. And Catholic churches.