Maintaining leadership skills the goal of new club

Hays Post

Alumni from Leadership Hays classes are inviting other graduates to build upon the foundation of what they learned from the popular course by joining the Hays Area Konza Club.

Konza steering committee member Kris Fair said the new club plans to meet once a month.

“Our goal is to continue to learn the principles — or at least maintain — the principles you learn in Leadership Hays so you can go out in the real world and apply the lessons and be a better leader and teammate, ” Fair said.

Konza Club of Hays met for the first time last week.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 11, and each get-together will focus on a different topic. Meetings might feature a movie that involves leadership skills or a speaker.

“As long at the content relates to leadership in some way,” Fair said. “We will discuss and maybe someone will have a good idea that can help them in a challenge they are facing at that time.”

Amanda Rohleder, also on the steering committee, said Konza Club will help Leadership Hays alumni maintain the skills they learned in the course such  as energizing others and passing on leadership skills to others.

“You take the (Leadership Hays) course for a couple of months and then you don’t have a constant refresher,” she said. “Konza will help those of us who want a reminder and want to practice those skills as well as develop others. … It’s an opportunity to build on.”

Rohleder said alums from all Leadership Hays courses are invited to attend.

For more information, visit Hays Area Konza Club’s Facebook page.