Hobby Lobby makes it official: Hays store will open this year

Long-rumored, it is finally confirmed Hobby Lobby will open a Hays location this year.

According to Vincent Parker of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., the arts-and-crafts/home decor store is expected to open mid-year in the former Walmart at 3300 Vine.

hobby lobby

The 52,420-square-foot facility will be the 13th in Kansas and among the nearly 600 Hobby Lobby stories nationwide owned by the Green family.

“We feel that we can bring a very unique shopping experience to the area. We are looking forward to becoming part of the community,” Parker told Hays Post.

The store will employ between 30 and 50 local employees ranging from cashiers and stockers to custom picture framers and floral designers. Pay for full-time employees is expected to start at $14, with part-time employees beginning at $9.50 hourly. A call for applicants is usually made between three and four weeks of a store’s opening.

“The constant element throughout our 44 years of growth has been our loyal customers and our outstanding employees,” said Parker, Hobby Lobby’s director of training and customer service. “The foundation of our business has been and will continue to be strong values based on biblical principles, including integrity, service to others and giving back to those in need. We thank everyone who has contributed to our success during the past four decades and look forward to many more years of growth and service.”

Store managers and co-managers generally are trained at other Hobby Lobby locations and “come with the store,” Parker noted.

“Each new Hobby Lobby location enables us to become an integral part of the community by contributing to increased foot traffic, generating sales tax, and adding new jobs, while sharing in the growth of both the state and the city,” John Schumacher, assistant vice president of advertising, said in a press release Thursday.

Hays Post will have additional details on the development as they become available. For more on Hobby Lobby, click HERE.

  • hays fan


    • Sasnak

      So happy they are finally coming here. Every time you go to the one in Salina you see several people from Hays. Now we need SAM’S ,Office Max , Red Lobster and Olive Garden. We won’t have to drive to Salina!

      • Judy

        The problem with that is that those businesses located to Salina because so many people from Hays are willing to drive to Salina. Hay’s population would need to grow quite a bit to compete with the demographics of Salina County and Salinas prime location.

        • Judy

          *Saline County.

        • Sarah

          I dont agree with this. Hays is probably the biggest town in Ellis co. so many people in the county will probably visit any new business in Hays especially if they’re already coming here for groceries.

  • Glad to read good news!

    YES!!!! And look at that payscale! Awesome!

  • Hays Resident

    hahaha goodbye paycheck!! so excited for this!

  • Guie LeDeuche

    So……. Where’s it going exactly? Guessing the old Wal-Mart building?

    • me

      read and you shall learn

      • Guie LeDeuche

        Ah! And now I feel like an idiot. Danke schoen, kind stranger.

  • Chief59

    A 52,000 square foot Hobby Lobby in Hays? That seems awfully big.

    • Joe

      Even if they don’t fill the entire space available it’s better than having it set empty. I supposed they could have filled many of the Mall’s many vacancies if they were looking for less space. Perhaps they got a great deal on the lease.

      • Sarah

        i thought they were using the spot between hastings and the hardware store for middle school wrestling practice?

        • Guie LeDeuche

          “were” is the key word there.

      • Chief59

        True, I was just concerned about a store that size being supported enough to keep the doors open.

        • GetDaCommie

          Don’t worry, Chief59. I am sure they are paying taxes.

          • Chief59

            Uh….good for them? WTF does that have to do with me wondering if a hobby store can have enough customers to handle a massive building like that. Quit being a douche by trying to fill the void in your life by being Mr.Internet Smartass.

          • Cheif59IsOnWIC

            Ya, you are worried that they won’t be able to pay the extra taxes that you support wholeheartedly. Get a job, socialist loser.

          • Chief59

            I don’t understand how you’ve been chasing me around all this time, yet are still too stupid to spell my name right. I before E, except after C. You must not have made it past the second grade, or you’d know that. Also, sad that you think WIC is an insult. Yeah, putting down poor kids and single moms, you’re a cool dude.

          • Cheif59CriesAllNightBecuseOfMe

            Ooooo Chief59 graduates with a BA in liberal studies from FHSU and thinks he is educated! GO CHEIF GO GO CHEIF GO!!! TELL THEM ABOUT THE HOPE CHANGE AND BELIEVE!!!!!

            It was so cold yesterday, Chief59 had his hands in his own pockets.

    • Spaced Out

      They need that much space so they don’t have to put storage containers outside like Walmart.

      • Guest

        Walmart only does that during the holiday season due to the large amount of site to store and layaway that happens during that time. And they only place the storage containers in the back of the store where almost no one will see.

        • Spaced Out

          Go look. There were 5 or 6 out back less than a week ago. Unless you’re counting President’s day, the holidays were some time ago.

          • Bill

            You go look. They are gone!

        • Baloney

          Last summer there were probably half dozen of them on the south side.

          • Guest

            Last summer they were doing renovations and had them everywhere because there wwasnt enough room for them all in the back.

          • baloney

            So you agree that your original claim of ‘only in the back/only during the holidays’ was complete BS.

    • Guie LeDeuche

      A large portion of that will be the dedicated to Brawndo, for the plants.

    • DudeNeverStops

      Do you think that they will make too much money for your liking, Chief59? Did you actually build it instead of them?

      • Chief59

        More talking points that have nothing to do with the conversation at hand? You really can’t think for yourself, can you?

    • Stuellen

      Not really. It’s actually around 3,000 smaller than the average sized store. This means that it will be slightly smaller than the Garden City and Salina locations, and quite a bit smaller than the Dodge City Location.

      • Chief59

        The article claims, 52,000. Maybe they are talking about the entire building, which also houses Hastings and Westlake? The middle section of that building is larger than the other two businesses currently there though.

  • Paula Snider


  • earthguy

    The only problem with is it well put our local party store in hays our of business

  • mel

    Thats going to suck with the closing of Andronics them all loosing their jobs here soon.

  • mel

    well with Andronics closing they could of used that building

    • hmm

      Adronics is closing?

      • just a citizen

        no its not!! Where do you ppl get your information…oh yea you just make it up for the drama factor!!!

  • Chief69

    Fantastic. This is true progress. A large business with American values and a true moral compass. Their stand on not paying for certain procedures to which they have religious objection is admirable and I will support that progress any day. This is our time, for such a time as this.

    • How’s that again?

      Because having 93% of their goods made in China, home of 336 million abortions over the last 40 years, is clearly an American value.

  • Guest

    Just what Hays needs a place to spend money. To bad that unless you want to work retail or the oil field there is not a place to make any. I am glad we have businesses coming in but the old NEW building has been closed for almost 2 years and there seems to be no chance of anything new coming in.

    • Other Guest

      Indeed, there are no employers here. No hospital, university, school district, utilities, manufacturers, or oil- and ag- supporting businesses. No restaurants, hotels or small businesses either.

      • guest2

        Have you looked at job postings in Hays? If you can work in the oil field , be a nurse, or work retail you are set but there generally is nothing else.

        • Other Guest

          Yes, I have. That’s how I found my job. You just need to out some effort into your search, beyond hayshasjobs.com or the classifieds. The jobs are out there. Visit the sites of the employers above and you will find them.

  • guest

    it is about time….thank you WALMART CRAFT DEPARTMENT SUCKS!

  • Happy

    Now if we can work on that Swiss Cheese of a Mall we have and add Target or Kohls we will be good to go!!! Very excited to see Hobby Lobby coming to town!!!

    • asdf

      Hays is getting that good weed now that it is legal in CO, huh?

    • Judy

      Go complain to the mall manager. The developer owns the identical mall in North Platte, Nebraska and it’s in better shape and has stores.Oh, people also actually shop there.

      • Judy

        Oh, and they also own the mall in Kearney I’ve heard so many people in NWK prise.

  • Resident

    Working with kids in Youth Group it is a struggle to find a lot of good craft ideas for Church, and many times I have had to stock up out of town at a Hobby Lobby, this is great for those types of crafts as well as a lot of 4-H applications for youth.

  • RUnner

    Based on the wages they are claiming to pay, just how long do you think they will make it in Hace, America??? They won’t last long…

    • guest1

      I guess I don’t get it…how will a store that pays it’s employees a very good wage not last long here?

  • Erin

    This is great news! Hays could really use a store like this! People need to be excited about new things in this town…too many fast food places…a new Mexican restaurant every month…and Walmart quality is going down faster than the Titanic! It will be nice to see that building occupied again!

  • poppyseed

    Why and when is Adronics closing? I had not heard the news.

  • Guest

    I’m excited and all but I don’t think people should be that excited about the pay rate. Part time workers are often only scheduled to work 4-12 hours a week. Full time only gets about 33 hours a week and no insurance. =/

  • Rocket Science

    Liked this comment so much I had to share it again.

    Because having 93% of their goods made in China, home of 336 million abortions over the last 40 years, is clearly an American value.