Kan. House panel shortens, adopts climate measure

Rep. Craig McPherson

Rep. Craig McPherson

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas House committee has approved a resolution protesting President Barack Obama’s plan on climate change after stripping out language suggesting the science behind it is flawed.

The Energy and Environment Committee’s voice vote Tuesday sends the measure to the House for debate.

The nonbinding resolution says the plan released by the president last year would harm the economy and asks Congress to block it. Obama’s plan includes tougher pollution standards for power plants and higher vehicle fuel efficiency standards.

The resolution initially contained more than a page of language questioning the scientific consensus that human activity contributes to climate change. Environmentalists labeled it a denial resolution.

Overland Park Republican Craig McPherson pushed to shorten the measure and said the committee wanted to highlight the economic harm of Obama’s plan.


  • Yahooserious

    Omg these are our leaders people!! Please god help us. They don’t believe in climate change. Omfg kansas needs help.

  • Chief59

    Way to go Kansas. Stick your heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening with the climate. All in the name of politics. How pathetic.

    • Yahooserious
      • Chief59

        Very valid point, although I believe some of this guys actually believe what they are saying. Sadly, I don’t see it getting any better for Kansas. With the gerrymandered districts and the fact that new crop looking to run in the fall seem to be even farther to the right, the cuckoo train is full steam ahead here in our state.

        • TruthBeTold

          Why don’t you leave. No one will miss you.

          • CookieSlap

            Maybe we should leave the state chief59? Leave this loonni bin to the loonies. They can succeed from the U.S. And rename the state name to the country name of kansistan and they can implement their own “catholic” form of sharia law where women, minorities the poor and gay can be stoned and beheaded for being different.

          • Chief59

            There it is…the tried and true, “love it, or leave it” response from people who want to stay in the dark ages, as opposed to making things better. Sure, I could go to California, or New York, or some other place that more widely accepts facts, new ideas, and the cultures of others, but Kansas is my home.

            The biggest problem I have with my home state is people like you who can’t accept the ideas and beliefs of others.

            Maybe you should run for office in Kansas. You’d fit right in with those neanderthals.

    • Chief59DerpsAllDay

      Funny how the “data” always needs to be “revised” before being opened to study.

    • shhhhh don’t think
      • Chief59

        Speaking of not thinking, you posted an article bashing Obamacare that actually shows part of the reason behind very small hospitals closing. Medicaid not being expanded in certain states has hurt those states. If said states had expanded Medicaid, then they would not be experiencing lack of funds from uninsured patients.

        • Yahooserious

          That’s exactly right. Wait till rural hospitals in KS close. The state will blame obamacare when in reality it’s their refusal to except the affordable care act that caused it.

  • Not a rocket scientist

    If the climatologists are wrong, nothing happens. If the people who deny climate change are wrong, and we do nothing, we’re all f****d!

    • Chief59

      That’s exactly what these people don’t see. Even if there is only a ten percent change 97% of scientists are right, why wouldn’t we take SOME kind of action? Instead, they say “f#*k it, I won’t be around in fifty years, plus I get this hefty check from the oil companies”.

  • Chris Golledge

    Gosh, I suppose a 20% reduction in wheat yields per degree C is nothing to worry about. Nevermind that we are looking at about 2 C of warming even if we starting converting our energy infrastructure today.