FHSU SGA president arrested

FHSU Student Government Association president Chris Roberts

FHSU Student Government Association president Chris Roberts. Photo by James Bell/Tiger Media Network

Tiger Media Network

The president of Fort Hays State University’s Student Government Association, Chris Roberts, was arrested early Sunday morning by Hays police.

According to Tiger Media Network, Roberts, 24, released a letter today on the FHSU SGA website informing the FHSU community of his arrest following an altercation at his home.

“I have faith in the legal process and believe the situation will be resolved justly. It is a shame the way the events of that day unfolded, and a great deal of consideration has been taken to ensure this matter is handled in the best way possible,” Roberts said.

According to the Feb. 18 Hays Police Department arrest log, Roberts was arrested at 4 a.m. Sunday in the 300 block of West 16th Street on suspicion of domestic battery. Another man, Curtis Arthur Nations, 22, was arrested in the same location at the same time on suspicion of drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“I sincerely apologize to both the FHSU community and the Hays community, and it is my intention to move forward quickly and carefully so we can all continue our important work,” Roberts said.

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  • gutcha

    why would anybody be surprised? FHSU student “government” has been and always will be trash.

  • toby

    got the makings of a real congressman

  • Guest

    Well its good to see the village idiots pass judgment on Mr. Roberts. Chris is an engaged SGA President who works hard for the FHSU student body. Give him a break and let the legal system do its thing.

    • yup

      He is an engaged SGA President who works hard to make all the students pay for greek and rodeo life and gets in fights at 4 am! Leave him alone! HOPE CHANGE BELIEVE

    • FHSU Confessions

      Engaged in smoking pot with Mr. Nations “allegedly”

  • Calvin Fan

    I miss the Calvin administration. No scandals there.

  • Victoria E. Tiger

    We need more than Chris Roberts’ good intentions. President Roberts continues to demonstrate poor decision making skills on a personal and professional level. Even though no charges
    have been filed in this case, he’s lost the respect of the Senate and the
    student body. His remaining in office is an embarrassment to the university,
    and he should either resign or the student government should impeach him. How
    can we tolerate our president being detained for domestic battery on a campus
    where the Women’s Leadership Project fights to protect women from this
    situation? He is in a position of influence and allowing him to remain in
    office sends the message that FHSU is fine with men treating women this way. He is diminishing the integrity of his office every day he remains in it. Even
    if he avoids conviction, he no longer has the respect of those he is supposed
    to lead. It is better that he steps aside with dignity, so that the Senate can
    begin to heal.

    • killyourselvesworthlessfucks

      Awww… are you to sociopath that lost the “election” to this sociopath? That is too bad. Maybe you are just not good enough. It is obvious that you are a coward, since you want to make highly personal statements without signing your name. How about you and christopher make the world a better place by going out in the country and putting some lead in your own heads?

    • FHSU student

      Completely agree! I mean domestic battery, seriously? And technically if you read his full letter attached to this article, he said “no charges are officially filed against me at this point in time,” meaning they could still be investigating and waiting to see the other person is even pressing charges…? His letter seemed very carefully worded. But even if no charges are filed later on, the student government at least should consider removing him from president position of their group. I imagine he’s facing lots of criticism, but he should have known his actions can have consequences. And as a student at FHSU, I wouldn’t want this guy representing our school after this.

  • Guest1

    I know the victims and what this guy and his buddies did to them. They were arrested on “suspicion” of assault/battery, after the bar got out Sat. night. Chris and his friends decided to follow my friend’s vehicle after the bar, then once they pulled over (which was dumb to stop on a random street and not the police station for suspicious activity), him and his friends jumped the guys I know. Chris and his friends were trying to find some guy who beat up their friend, but got the wrong guys. So instead of having the police deal with the guy who beat up their friend, this a**hole and his buddies decided to take matters into their own hands. He got like a group of 10 guys to join in vs. the THREE guys I know who were followed. They were beat up, one of the victims was sent to the ER with a broken jaw, one was hit in the face with rebar from one of the guys who did this. So NO to giving this guy a break. He deserves everything he has coming to him. He decided to take a coward’s way out and bring 10 or so of his friends to jump mine. I personally think he should get his title of “SGA President” taken away for doing this, especially when the three victims did NOTHING wrong, but just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.