Senator declares Kan. anti-gay marriage bill dead

Senator Jeff King

Senator Jeff King

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The chairman of the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee says the panel won’t consider a House-passed bill to protect people who refuse for religious reasons to provide goods and services to gay couples.

Sen. Jeff King said Tuesday the legislation is dead.

The bill bars government sanctions or anti-discrimination lawsuits against individuals, groups and businesses that cite religious beliefs in refusing to provide goods, services, accommodations or employment benefits to gay couples.

Supporters said the bill would protect Kansans from being forced to participate in gay weddings if the federal courts struck down the state’s ban on same-sex unions. The House passed it last week.

Senate leaders said the bill couldn’t pass their chamber amid criticism that it was discriminatory.

King said his panel still will have hearings on religious liberty issues.

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  • Yahooserious

    Cool. Looks like enough people spoke up about this. Good deal.

    Freedom: 1
    Religious right: 0

    • A_citizen_patriot

      Aww so to you being free means not having religous rights. Got it

      • Reality Check

        Religious rights do NOT mean that you have a right to force everyone else to bend to your will. Religious rights mean that you have the right to believe as you will in your heart and not be prosecuted for publicly having those beliefs. They don’t mean that you can trample all over everyone that doesn’t believe exactly as you do.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          So the gays can force others to bend to their will? Bad wording in your first sentence.

          • Reality Check

            You’re operating on a juvenile level. All anyone wants is the same rights as you. The right to live, shop, love and pursue life, liberty and happiness. Your religion cannot take precedence over theirs and deny them those rights. Allowing others freedom is not infringing on your rights. Not having religious rights would be if you were arrested attending church or trying to get married because you are not following the “approved” religion or lack thereof.

      • Yahooserious

        Dido from reality check’s statement, you can worship all you like. Until your red in the knees but the moment you endorse descrimination and trample others rights through your “religious beliefs” are not protected. Westboro baptist church is a good example. Or are you a member citizen patriot?

        • A_citizen_patriot

          I am by no means a member of that church. I know several gay people and they know my stance on the matter. I dont hate gays. I dont understand how people think that because some one dosnt agree with gay marriage they must hate gays.

          • Reality Check

            Because in that assumption, you are also positing that they are less of a citizen or person than you, for they do not deserve equality.

      • Yahooserious

        And what I meant by “religious right” is not “rights” but the ultra conservative Catholics who rule the state at the moment. The “religious right” as in right wing.

  • thatguy

    Haha watching libtards and conservatards talk about “rights” is funny

  • Chief59

    Soon they will let me marry my goat! I love her beard!!!