Bo Black named new Hays High football coach

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The search for a head football coach at Hays High school is over. The school announced this morning they have hired former Great Bend head coach Bo Black to lead the Indians starting in 2014. 

Hays narrowed their list down to six candidates over the past six weeks and held interviews over two days last week.

Black accepted the position Friday and informed his Great Bend players of his decision this morning.

Black spent 13 years at Great Bend with a record of 82-47.  He led the Panthers to a 5A State runner-up finish in 2006 finishing 11-2.  The Panthers won eight Western Athletic Conference titles, including six in-a-row and led Great Bend to eight playoff appearances.

Before coaching the Panthers, Black was an assistant coach at Lancaster High School in Texas for five years. Black is a graduate of Emporia State where he played football for the Hornets.

Against Hays, Black went 9-4, winning in the first nine meetings. His teams only finished lower than second on the WAC once which was this past season. 

Black is scheduled to meet with the Hays High players today.

Black and his wife Stefanie have two children, Hannah 12 and Ty 11. 

Black takes over Ryan Cornelsen from who spent five years as the Hays High head coach before accepting the same position at Hutchinson in early January. 

Below is an interview with the Hays High Indian head coach Bo Black…

  • Confused

    On January 21, 2014, Hays Post, published an article indicating USD 489 was $200.000 short AFTER spending some $300,000 of the contingency fund all due to budget errors over the years. Fast forward a month and now they are hiring a coach/teacher who got paid $83,616.04 in 2013 with USD 428. Also throw in the fact that Black’s wife got paid $51,000 as a PE teacher last year. How is USD 489 planning on paying for this?

    • Ec

      Well, Maska is retiring at HMS, so Bo’s wife could take his job and pay. And Bo will be paid what Cornelson was paid. Maybe a few thousand dollars difference, but pretty simple…

      • Concerned

        Is Maska retiring from HHS BBall coach too? Would be best for the program!!!

        • Sports Fan

          Observers are seeing the true Maska and what a poor coach he is. People make up excuses for him not winning a single game. You need to experience him and his handling of his players first hand
          and then you would agree he needs to get out.

      • Fred

        His wife won’t get the HMS job, I would almost be 100% certain. And Confused not to be disrespectfull but come on, people that are anti sports are beating a dead horse here, let’s move on. I know your just asking about the money but they are not going to cut football or hire a person with no coaching background and the money is already budgeted for that salary, I’m not disagreeing or agreeing with you position just stating the obvious.

        • Confused

          oh i am not anti-sport in any fashion. I just don’t see the need to pay a person a ton of money, when they have a coaching staff already in place (minus Cornelsen). while i understand the price difference between Black and Cornelson may not be significant, i do not see the need in paying someone that much money, when the school district is in such a budget crisis.

          • Curious 2 know

            So what’s your solution then? What should our district pay a teacher/head football coach/head track coach (boys & girls)/summer weights instructor?

          • my answer

            3 dollars. and a math and science teacher $84,000.

  • Ec

    Does the person who writes these articles have any journalism experience? GRAMMATICAL ERRORS APLENTY.

  • worthless

    Hail, Hail! All Hail and subject thee to the altar of HHS football. Give this program what they want. It is important to the elite boys chosen to play this sport along with not arguing with these football parents that tell the rest of us to stick it if we do not go along with the stupid money spent on this program. hail, hail.

    • HHS Alum

      What stupid money are you speaking of exactly? Why so anti football? Our district spends less than most every 4,5 or 6A school in the state when it comes to football…that is a true fact. This program does not take away from educating our students, so don’t try that argument. Seriously, why such a negative comment?

      • worthless

        because we spend so much money on a sport that benefits only boys. and only a select number of boys. i would rather take money spent on this stupid sport and spend it on education. but we can’t discuss that because people like you have a cow when someone even mentions anything negative about this sport. that’s why i am negative about it. because so much energy and money is spent in this country on football. a sport only a few are allowed to play.

        • Get Real

          So you single out football because only boys can play it? Well, technically anyone (boy or girl) can play, but since you’re drawing such deep lines of distinction, why stop with football?? What about wrestling and volleyball, are they stupid also since they are predominantly one gender dominated? Your argument is based upon illogical fallacies and you are obviously the angry one in this football discussion. Technically, our district spends approx 4k per year on this program plus transportation. More kids are out for this sport than any other sport. Yes, there are coaching stipends but all sports pay something for coaching. So if your previous statement is the best you got for being so negative, then I wash my hands of you. I feel sorry that you are so emotionally charged over a new hire teacher and coach.

          • worthless

            agree to dis-agree and yes i will wash my hand of you also.

          • Big D

            I’m sorry you only have one hand.

          • worthless

            as of a matter of fact i do have only one hand. explosion in the oil field claimed the other one. thanks Big D. appreciate your concern.

          • knockin

            yes all sports pay stipends but not like football. you don’t see volleyball and tennis coaches pulling down this type of money. let’s put things in perspective. football has a lot of money spent on it compared to other sports.

          • worthless is a dbag

            yes but is also the sport that generates the most money! do you pay ceo of a big company more or a small company? Bo Black will be more than a football and track coach. he will teach classes to. as to this worthless person, you are very simple minded. a few number of boys dont waste our time. football has the most kids out for it

          • Parent

            Track has higher coaching stipends then football. Do you even know what you are saying? Football also has a much larger participation than volleyball or tennis. However, I hope our other coaches are competitively compensated for their time and abilities as they are equally important! Football has the least amount of money spent per student participant. Are you just making stuff up for the sake of making stuff up?

        • observer

          I will promise worthless right now Hays spends LESS on FB than most 3A and 2A programs in the area. I know this as a fact because of knowing what your budgets are. Your admin does a fantastic job of keeping all sports afloat and any extras are fund-raised by the coaches, parents or boosters. Hail, hail to fund-raising! Great job Hays!

  • New Era

    I wish Coach Black and his staff all the best. This community is segregated on sports and I’m sure many negative comments will be shared on this page and beyond. Would like to see Hays support all Hays students and programs…wouldn’t that be nice!?!?

    • browner

      new era. support? for kids? in this community? forget it. understand you are living in a community that is within the boundaries of a state called Kansas. nothing is positive in the community and state. these ultra conservative, Christian loving folks will bash you any chance they get. i’m moving out of this state next month for a better job. good luck to ya.

      • worthless jump off a bridge

        well safe to say someone is bitter. but yeah this worthless person needs to get laid….. but cant because they are in fact worthless and spent to much time in the band room and not the football field

        • HHS Alum

          I definitely don’t agree with browner, but why do you insult that person by using a band insult? That’s uncalled for and takes away from the discussion.

          • Observer

            Coach black made over $83,000+ at Gt. Bend and will probably make close to that at Hays. Coach C only made $74,000. All of you who complained Coach C made too much can now start on a new mission. You wanted this great coach to leave to save money and you got your wish, only the district will be paying MORE money to the next coach… funny! Hays does not deserve either one!

          • sports fan

            i was not one of them that wanted coach c to leave. matter of fact i would have voted him $100,000 a year to stay. that is the type of impact he had on students. worth every penny.

          • observer

            Could not agree more with sports fan! Hays was never deserving of Coach C and actually the admin was very fortunate to ever hire him. Now, because of Coach C he has brought attention to the Hays FB and Track position and now it is a good job. The only way Hays attracted a Coach the caliber of Coach Black is because Hays is a good job now and has a new weight facility! Both coaches are worth more than double any other staff members salary to the school & community but only a handful of people really understand that concept!! My point is that the folks who may mean well and comment on this section negatively towards these coaches and sports in general have absolutely NO CLUE how valuable these people are and NEVER WILL because they don’t want to hear that kind of talk!!

    • Academic parent

      Yeah, if they’re funded and treated equally, which is not the case in my opinion.

      • Kids First

        I don’t follow….? All programs are funded somewhat by the district and via private fund raisers. Most, if not all, of our extracurricular programs are dependent upon private fund raising. What do you mean treated equally?

  • hmmm

    I wish Mr.Black the best. As most of you know I think it is ridiculous that we pay teachers/coaches this much. But I will be the first to say if I was qualified and was offered this to coach and teach I would accept. I am as big of sports fan as there is in Hays America, but I also feel our teachers should be compensated better than they are. As far as some of the comments on here about this town basically living through the football team I would agree. It would be nice to hear about some of the other success stories on Hays Post. Hays High School has arguably the best wrestler in the state of Kansas as well as one of the best in the nation. But we hear very minimal on wrestling in this town.

    • To the point

      No doubt football is more colorful and controversial than others so of course the Post will give it attention. Basketball is getting great attention, track won 4 straight state titles, and the HDN reports on most area sports. You are correct about wrestling, it always seems to be overlooked and Weigel is exceptional at the sport. Deterding and Scott are having great seasons on the mat as well. I don’t disagree that some teachers should be paid more but where do you take the additional 250k from in order to up their salaries? According to the state website, Hays is in the top 20 regarding teacher salaries…not too shabby. I really wish that this doesn’t become an academic vs. athletics deliberation. Several parts make up the educational experience and all serve a purpose.

      • Guest

        I’m sorry, who reads HDN?

    • Wrestling Fan

      It’s ironic I see this because I was just telling someone earlier today that as far as wrestling goes, Hays just doesn’t seem to recognize what it has in Weigel. I’ve been around the sport for well over 30 years and he is one of those “once in a lifetime” wrestlers who we may very well see on the big stage in a few years.

      • Shhhhh

        Your right that’s why if he gets a decent football offer he won’t continue to wrestle….

        • hays fan

          You should talk to Preston before you speak for him.

  • planet

    isn’t it interesting you mention hhs football and the powder keg is lit for comments. must have struck a major nerve somewhere along the line. why is that?

  • passin_threw

    I really don’t understand the animosity towards athletics. You don’t see supporters of athletics wanting to cut programs that contribute nothing at all financially like say forensics or the electric car races. No, those parents are supporting the other programs as well. School isn’t all about learning from a book, it also is about learning social skills, discipline and responsibility. All things that will help our children become the men and women that will carry the torch for future generations. Perhaps, if the detractors would have had the ambition or talent to participate they would understand that.

    • coz

      passin_threw. why are you lumping individuals that have a different opinion than yours, the “detractors”, as some how having no ambition or talent to participate? its a free country. everyone is entitled to an opinion. even if it does not agree with yours.

      • passin_threw

        First off, I wasn’t lumping anyone. I was only talking about the people who state their opinion as being one that thinks the football program is a negative and they refuse to look at the positive impact it can have on the children, school and community. Don’t think I said it wasn’t ok for people to have opinions other than mine. Did I?
        Thanks for being a negative nancy and helping me state my case.

    • Potato_Masher

      I agree. I am a supporter of anything that gets kids away from the TV and outside and active. Football is an expensive sport both for the school and also for the individual family. There is also a large portion of the student body involved in the sport (I think there are like 60 people on the team.) I do feel that when cuts happen, athletics should not always be the last to feel the impact, but Hays High seems to do a decent job of having all activities funded as best they can, from the outside looking in at least.

  • FYI

    Just a few points to respond to. I am a sports fan and teacher. The pay for these positions is negotiated by BOTH the BOE and teachers union. This is an agreement between teachers and the community representatives (BOE). The coach will get around $45000-$50000 for teaching. Just like any other teacher with his education and experience. He also will receive a stipend for FB, for track and pay for summer weights, after school weights during the winter, and zero hour. Why the extra weights times? So kids who want to get better can lift and still take all the classes they want during the school day. Much better with educated coaches than going to gyms and pay much more. So add it up and consider the hours the coach spends; you are getting a bargain compared to the general public.
    I don’t know if we are replacing any teachers, or if any are retiring this year. (I am sure some will). To bash a quality man like Coach Maska shows ignorance. Four or five years ago He was BEGGED by some parents to take the job. When he had talented players he won a ton of games. This year the talent is down (despite what some parents think). Now you want to run him out. Has he been positive with the girls in the papers despite a frustrating year? YES! Remember, you wanted Coach Keltner out two years ago when he was 5-14 or so. This year, undefeated and now he is a good coach with the SAME KIDS, just more experienced. ( Oh, I am sure some of you “fans in the stands” will still bash him)

  • In the Know

    Too bad we had to look outside the district when we had a talented coach (Walters) right here that the kids respect. They would work hard for him. He put time and effort into the program, and even did zero hour for NO pay!

    • Walters supporter

      Hopefully Walters will stay on as an assistant. The boys definitely respect and work hard for him. If he doesn’t it will be a huge loss to the program.

  • what the heck

    Very glad HHS hired an outstanding football coach. My boys have been gone from HHS for a long time, but what they learned from playing sports at HHS has helped make them what they are today.
    Both are very successful in their careers. Unless you or your child were involved in sports I’m sure you don’t understand. They learn to be team players, work hard, be on time, work overtime, etc. Gee, what do employers want in an employee – I think that pretty much covers it. Also, if they have the talent, they get college paid for!

  • the solution

    Lets get the folks over at the Ellis thrift Shop to donate some money to pay the coach. They just gave money to the Ellis High School for new sound equipment so I think this is perfect. Or maybe we could call the thrift Shop here in Hays and see what they could do

  • Uncle Thomas

    Congrats Coach Black and family! Welcome to the city of Hace, America here in Ellis Cowndy!
    I vote the new Coach make $100k/year as football is #1! I vote we turf the practice field and build a new indoor stadium! I vote we scrap the old weight room and build one worthy of a real football program. If everyone in the cowndy coughed up a few bucks it would be paid for in short order. Then we would have something to be proud of. I vote everyone donate $1000 to the new program and each teacher cough up $100 per month to contribute to something we can all be proud of…hail to the gods of football!

  • justsaying

    Uncle Thomas:
    I hope that you are really a lot smarter than you sound or type!?

  • wondering

    does anyone know what the football coach, before Cornelsen, made for salary?

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