Black History Month at Nicodemus national site

nicodemus robert brodgen jr

Nicodemus native Robert Brogden, Jr.

Nicodemus native Robert Brogden, Jr.

Nicodemus National Historic Site

NICODEMUS– On Saturday, February 22, Nicodemus National Historic Site will hold their third program for Black History Month, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Township Hall/visitor center. It will be a come and go conversation with Robert Brogden, Jr.

Brogden is a successful entrepreneur who is a descendant from Nicodemus. and owns an auto dealership in Olathe.   Brogden will talk about life  growing up in Nicodemus, striking out on his own, going to work, and starting his own business.

More information is available by calling NPS Park Ranger Phyllis Howard, (785)-839-4233.

nicodemus 5 historical buildings

Nicodemus National Historic Site

The town of Nicodemus is symbolic of the pioneer spirit of African Americans. They dared to leave the only region they had been familiar with to seek personal freedom and the opportunity to develop their talents and capabilities.

Nicodemus NHS represents the western expansion and settlement of the Great Plains, and includes five buildings: The First Baptist Church, St. Francis Hotel, Nicodemus School District Number One, African Episcopal Church, and Township Hall.



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