State plan for induced seismicity to be developed

TOPEKA – Today, Gov. Sam Brownback named a state task force to study and develop a State Action Plan for Induced Seismicity related to oil and gas activities in Kansas. Induced seismicity refers to minor earthquakes resulting from human activity.

“This is a matter of public safety,” Brownback said in a news release. “Recent seismic activity in south-central Kansas has raised concerns that fluid injection might be related. I have asked the task force to study the issue and report back with a State Action Plan.”

The task force members include:

Rex Buchanan, Interim Director, Kansas Geological Survey

Kim Christiansen, Executive Director, Kansas Corporation Commission

Mike Tate, Chief, Bureau of Water, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

“There is data that point to a possible correlation between fluid injection and seismic activity,” Buchanan said. “We need to assess that data, get more information through seismic monitoring, and understand why the area has experienced increased seismic activity recently.”

Oil and gas is a cornerstone industry in Kansas generating nearly $4.3 billion each year, and employing 118,000 Kansans each day.

The task force will hold a meeting with invited industry and stakeholders on April 16 at the Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex, Wichita State University, 5015 E. 29th Street N., in Wichita, Kansas. For more information,  contact the Kansas Corporation Commission at (785) 271-3140.