Docking: Income-tax changes dangerous for Kansas

JC Post

JUNCTION CITY — Jill Docking, candidate for lieutenant governor, candidate Democrat said her concern for Kansas is the “experiment” implemented by Gov. Sam Brownback that drastically changed the tax structure in Kansas.

Jill Docking

Jill Docking

During a Junction City visit Saturday, she said Kansas had a three-legged stool form of balanced tax structure — property, income and sales taxes, but the governor has pushed the reduction of income taxes.

“We have a three-legged stool that has traditionally, over the last 80 years, been a very balanced tax structure that has allowed us to be fair to Kansas, in addition to fund things that we all think are so important like educating our children and roads and quality of life in the state of Kansas,” Docking said.

Docking added she fears the current experiment, which she said has essentially eliminated one source of funding, will be dangerous to the state over the next decade.

Docking is the running mate for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis.

  • Christopher

    “essentially eliminated one source of funding”, Which source of funding is being eliminated, I am still paying property taxes, I am still paying sales tax and I had to pay into the state this year for income tax so ya……..I am not really sure what she is talking about?????

  • Eliminated

    Awesome! Does this mean I don’t have to pay my state taxes?