Auto shop owners prepare proposal as compromise

news_portable-storage-containerBy KARI BLURTON
Hays Post

A group of auto repair business owners are asking Hays city commissioners for modifications to the city’s inoperable vehicle ordinance and storage container regulations.

A two-page proposal presented by Best Radiator owner Scott Simpson titled, “The City of Hays: Where Business and Government Can Come Together,” was handed to city commissioners at Thursday’s meeting during the audience comments.

Commissioners did not discuss the proposal.

In an interview after the meeting,  Simpson told Hays Post the ordinances are a “hindrance” for business owners like himself whose job it is to work on inoperable vehicles and who frequently use storage containers for overflow inventory and shop equipment. He said the proposal is a way to find “some middle ground.”

“We are just trying to get (the ordinances) lightened up so (the commissioners) stop wasting their time, and we stop wasting our  time, and cut out the animosity and points of conflict,” he said.

The issue was first brought to commissioners last month after Chris Miller, owner of Auto Tech, 600-602 Vine, received an vehicle abatement notice in December.

City commissioners have stated they were not in favor of vehicle abatement exemptions but are planning to put the issue of  transportation containers on an an agenda in April.

  • why not

    yes sir. just as long as you guys get what you want. you know. get those nasty city inspectors and commissioners off you guys backs. personally i don’t think the ordinance concerning either of these issues need to be changed. but since walmart uses these cargo containers year round the commissioners will change that ordinance. don’t want to upset walmart and the auto guys.

  • Uncle Thomas

    The commission is spineless… they will cave in. Vehicles should be repaired in so many days and gone. Not this setting around junk! As for the storage containers…what an eyesore.
    I vote we have KDHE and the EPA do a joint inspection of all these sites. Oil on the ground, anti-freeze on the ground, batteries setting out,…If you want a salvage yard move out in the county.
    every time I have my vehicle serviced there is a miscellaneous shop charge and an environmental fee and a tire fee…clean up your act shop owners!

    • nose job

      you got that right. my auto guy has a cargo container. i asked him one time what he stores in there and with a smirk he looked at me and said, “stuff that if i set outside the city gets on my case.”

      • Under Their Thumb

        Sounds to me like he’s trying to comply with the rules, and even that’s not good enough for you. So now we add more rules to make that solution against the rules. Where will it end?

        • What?

          This law has been around for decades, nothing’s been added. If the law is unappealing, they are free to move into the county where the law may be more to their liking. Ignorance is no excuse. Code enforcement in Hays is NOTHING compared to some other cities.

          • Under Their Thumb

            So there has been a bad law going unenforced for decades. That makes it ok now? And if you think it’s any better in the county, you should read that bunch of nanny state bs. Some people want to be led around by the nose and told what to do, some not so much. Bottom line is that this whole discussion wouldn’t be happening if the politicians would just mind their own business, and concentrate on things that the government should be doing.

  • Under Their Thumb

    Are you all actually saying that you _want_ more government and nanny state regulations in every aspect of your lives? Are you saying that the local politicians know better than the lowly peon just trying to make a living? That everyone should bow down and obey, without challenging something that they see as an injustice? That the whims of these big fish in this small pond should be enforced under the penalty of law? Sad.
    You know that when this all blows over, and it will, that they will come up with something else to justify their jobs. Maybe next time it will be something that impacts you. I have already been negatively impacted by the do-gooders in local government. And yes, I am bitter. They stick their noses where government has no business, and this is another example. I vote, and urge others to be informed voters as well. (Hint: that takes more than looking to see if there is an (R) or a (D) behind their name) These over-reaching politicians need to be stopped.
    I suppose when businesses raise their prices to offset the cost of their compliance to these busy bodies you’ll be fine with that too.
    We constantly hear that they are promoting a “business friendly” atmosphere to lure more business to the area. I hope the businesses they are talking to are reading this and realize they are being duped. There are other communities that would be more than happy to welcome them without all the interference.

    • other shoe

      the only business friendly atmosphere this area knows is “no property taxes”. Let the old established businesses with local ties pay more taxes so we can have a “business friendly” atmosphere. What a bunch of rubes the commissioners are.

    • Clean up your junk

      No. We are saying we don’t want to look at your junk. Clean it up and government will not bother you. Just because you are a business owner, doesn’t mean you should be exempt from the rules. I can’t have a junkyard at my house, and you shouldn’t have one at your business. Stop whining and just follow the rules like everyone else.

      • Under Their Thumb

        Firstly, I am not a business owner, it’s not my “junk” in question, so you’re barking up the wrong tree there.
        Secondly, there are ordinances regarding nuisance properties, and that’s not what we’re talking about either. Nor are we talking about junkyards. Really, you should try to keep up.
        These hard working businessmen are not whining, or asking to be exempted from the rules, they feel that the rules are onerous, and they are trying to get them changed to better reflect reality so that they _can_ comply with the rules without undue hardship. They have enough to worry about without having the “Pretty Police” harassing them.
        Do you really think that every ordinance a politician dreams up should be followed to the letter without question? Are you saying that the aesthetics of a property (not nuisance properties) is something that government has a place in deciding? I have heard of nightmare homeowner’s associations dictating every detail of the neighborhood, and that’s the direction we’re heading. Only in this case it’s being done under the rule of law by elected officials who need a refresher course on what government is supposed to be for.
        A previous poster said that the commission is spineless. That may be true, but I think anyone who doesn’t occasionally question authority is spineless.

        • Hoarders

          I think the main point here is they don’t want something to get out of hand. If you allow a repair business to store a disabled vehicle outside for a year, then what stops the next place from storing two? If someone can store two outside for a year, then how about four outside for two years? Same with the shipping containers. If you allow one, what stops two, three, four, etc?

  • Theytookourjobs

    I hope we get some decent commissioners voted in the next time. We need some new minds working for the good instead of the petty.

    • Hays needs jobs!

      The commissioners are on their way to the People’s Republic of China. Our sister city Xengzingho has many factories that build China’s J-14 fighter jets, & the Dongfeng41 multi-warhead inter-continental missiles. Possibly Hays can help supply parts to these factories?

      • subway

        guess i missed that news story. which commissioners are heading for China? when is this trip?

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