Senate candidate Milton Wolf campaigns in Hays (VIDEO)

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Republican senate candidate Dr. Milton Wolf, Kansas City, addresses the Big First Tea Party in Hays Tuesday night.

Hays Post

“Washington changes you.”

That’s the belief of Dr. Milton Wolf, a Kansas City radiologist who is challenging longtime U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan.

The 43-year-old Lyons native announced his campaign in October and proudly considers himself “very conservative.”

He was the guest speaker at Tuesday night’s monthly meeting of the Big First Tea Party in Hays.

Wolf is a second cousin to President Barack Obama and has never run for public office. It’s his vehement opposition to ObamaCare that led Wolf to enter the political arena.  He also believes Roberts is “not a true conservative” and considers Roberts’ 27 years in Washington “too long.”

The Republican Party itself is “not doing well,” contends Wolf, and “needs to be saved from itself.”

If elected, Wolf pledged he would serve “no more than two terms.”

An informal poll of audience members showed every attendee would vote for Dr. Milton Wolf if the Republican primary election were held today.

An informal poll of audience members showed the majority would vote for Dr. Milton Wolf if  the Republican primary election were held today.

The crowd of about 50 people applauded each of his position statements which “re-embrace the Constitution and the American idea individual liberty, limited government and free-market values.”

More information about Wolf is available on his website.

  • Chief59

    If he was really interested in his goals to, “re-embrace the Constitution and the American idea individual liberty, limited government and free-market values”, then I would listen.

    However, when you pull up his campaign website and the first two things you see are asking if you “want to drive Barack Obama crazy?”, and calling himself the “next Ted Cruz”, then I’m out. Sorry Milton, not a chance. It’s seems like the only goal in those statements is more partisan politics. I’ve had enough of that.

    • Ruth Legleiter

      I hope he is the next Ted Cruz, what a plus that would be for Kansas and America. If you did not attend the meeting last night you missed a great opportunity to see and hear him in person. I appreciate Senator Robert’s service but after 47 yrs in politics it is time to pass the torch, go home to Virginia and collect his generous pension.

      • Chief59

        What good has Ted Cruz done? Being instrumental in the government shutting down for weeks? His own party has even started to distance themselves from him. He is divisive, and that is not what this country needs right now. Look at what just happened this week with a spending bill. The House and Senate BOTH just passed a clean spending bill. Who is fighting this? You guessed it: Ted Cruz. People are so ignorant of actual issues, and instead only look at their own political colors that they don’t see the bad that candidates on both sides can be. Cruz brings nothing to the table other than the empty promises of “back to the Constitution, get our country back, individual freedoms, etc.”. Unfortunately, this Milton Wolf looks to be more of the same. Bringing policies and new ideas to the table is what we need. Running on a platform of “Barack Obama is bad” (not even his opponent), while already starting a smear campaign on Roberts is exactly the opposite of what we need right now. I say that as someone who thoroughly dislikes the service we have gotten out of Roberts. No thanks, Mr. Wolf. I’ve had my fill of tea after the last few years. Let’s try something new. Now if only a MODERATE candidate would run.

    • Potato_Masher

      “Very conservative” I don’t understand how this is gong to “save the party from itself.” The party is killing itself by refusing to evolve into the modern world. It is a new generation and it is just a matter of time before the republican party implodes on itself. “Family” has taken on a new definition in this day and age. Get with the times.

      • Chief59

        Exactly. Moving further to the right, while the rest of the country moves more towards the middle spells disaster for the GOP. Whatever, maybe if they crash and burn in the next election cycle we can get back to two parties that act like adults. I’m sick of nothing getting done in Washington because of extremism. Time to grow up.

        • Under Their Thumb

          I have to admit I know nothing about this guy other than what I have read here, but are you saying that to, “re-embrace the Constitution and the American idea individual liberty, limited government and free-market values.” would be a bad thing?

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