Kan. Senate taking up death penalty appeal changes

Kansas Senate Chamber

Kansas Senate Chamber

Topeka (AP) — The Kansas Senate is considering a bill shortening the time for inmates convicted of capital murder to appeal their death sentences to the state Supreme Court.

The measure on Wednesday’s debate calendar would specify time limits for filing documents in such appeals and for the Supreme Court to hear arguments on them.

The changes were sought by proponents of capital punishment concerned about the pace at which death penalty appeals reach the high court — in some cases, more than a decade.

Kansas enacted capital punishment in 1994 but has yet to carry out an execution. Nine men are under death sentences in state prisons.


  • Chief59

    What if, as soon as the death sentence is handed down, they have thirty days to appeal? From there, an appeal must be heard in court within another six months. If the sentence is upheld, the execution takes place within twelve months of the original sentence being handed down.