Spearville school asked to remove cross

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 12.49.30 PMDODGE CITY, Kan. (AP) — A group wants a western Kansas school to remove a cross from the top of its building.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State says the cross on Spearville Elementary School violates the First Amendment. The group wrote Superintendent Daryl Stegman and Principal Marvin Hartzler in November in response to a complaint from a resident.

The USD 381 Board of Education reached an informal consensus Monday that it wouldn’t take any action on the cross until a lawsuit is filed.

The  group requested a reply from the school district within 30 days and sent another letter Jan. 9. The school district has chosen not to respond to the group.

Spearville, a town of about 775 residents, is northeast of Dodge City.


  • Chris

    Separation of church and state. Seems pretty cut and dried to me.

    • Guest

      Yes, to protect the Church from the state. Destroying our heritage is a whole separate matter.

      • Chris

        ‘our’ heritage? Who encompasses ‘our?’

  • 1 Peter 4:12-14

    “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you
    to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But
    rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also
    rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted for
    the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of
    God rests upon you.”

    • demeaner

      say what.

    • Chris

      “Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, IS A JEALOUS GOD”

      — Exodus 34:14

      Unconditional love, WITH Conditions!

      I can play the bible quoting game, too. Want me to find the hundreds of contradictions in the bible?

      • Just an Observation

        Chris, why do you hate God? For someone that claims he doesn’t exist you sure spend a lot of time seeking him out.

        • Chris

          I hate god as much as i hate unicorns, which equates to non existent hate. What I do hate is when religion is used to hold back science, a means of oppressing other humans, and as an indoctrination tool on youth.

          • Chief59

            Couldn’t have said it better myself, Chris.

            To quote Mahatma Gadhi:

            “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

            “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians – you are not like him.”

          • Dee Bagley

            To Quote Mahatma Gadhi:

            “I do not consider Hitler to be as bad as he is depicted. He is showing an ability that is amazing and seems to be gaining his victories without much bloodshed.”

            Not sure why were quoting Gadhi, but ok

          • Dee Bagley

            Here is one that would have fit better all together on both sides of this argument.

            Mahatma Gadhi:
            Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”

          • Dee Bagley

            “What I do hate is when religion is used to hold back science, a means of oppressing other humans, and as an indoctrination tool on youth”

            Which is clearly what this cross on top of a Spearville Elementary School with a BOOMING population of 800 people is doing. Majority of the athesists I know are the most obnoxious people I have ever encountered in my life. Chris, you are no diffrent. Should the cross be up there? No. Should all the butt-hurt athesiests go out of their way to make sure it comes down? No. I’m pretty sure a town of 800 people is already indoctrinated as is

          • Chief59

            As an atheist myself, I get very annoyed by when other atheists pounce on every chance to announce that they don’t believe in God. Great, good for them, but is that really any different than actually having a religion? If you don’t believe in something, then there is no need to announce it and make a big deal of it. In fact, I would venture a guess that the majority of my friends and family don’t even know my lack of belief, as I’ve never even brought it up.

            However, when those who do believe in a higher power act as though they are being heavily persecuted, when in reality they, more often than not, are the persecutors, I will weigh in with my opinion on beliefs. I believe that is the same thing that Chris is doing. It’s simply calling out the hypocrisy.

          • Chris

            How many students have looked at that cross and not questioned it at all because it has been pounded into their brains since infancy?

            This allows for questioning. Little johnny can begin to wonder why there is such a big fuss about the cross. Little johnny then might be able to think for himself a little bit more. If little johnny decides to be religious, so be it, but at least it was on his own accord.

            Now, you may call this being ‘butt-hurt,’ but I would call it enforcing the law. Lots of people talk about the principles that this country was founded on, but fail to realize separation of church and state was one of those principles.

          • Dee Bagley

            Since this is all about the kids, I’m curious do you know how many kids go to this school? Have you ever heard/gave one thought to this school before today? I’m guessing very few even notice this cross at all. And before today, your crusade against Church/state separation didn’t include this school on your list. So how bad can it be?

            If you really believe this cross has that much of an effect on anyone then you’re already a damn fool. And since I don’t think you’re a fool, it leaves you just being an obnoxious atheist.

            Did you have this indoctrination poured into your brain since infancy? If so, it seems you have learned how to question and reason just fine in spite of that and leaves you just being an obnoxious atheist.

          • Chris

            So, because I do not know of every place in the US that violates the church/state separation law, than I am an obnoxious atheist?

            The question shouldn’t be does it or doesn’t it have an effect on someone, it should be ‘does this violate federal and state laws?’ If that is obnoxious, then please make a shirt, I’ll gladly wear it. You cannot quanitfy whether or not it has an impact, and to blatantly say that it would have no effect is foolish.

            I was indoctrinated. It took a heck of a lot of education for me to break out of that indoctrination. The majority of people would not have the same type and level of education that I have had in order to make a logical decision. I would never want someone to live in ignorance. Maybe that is the educator in me. Maybe it’s the scientist in me.

  • herding_turtles

    I would be curious to know the history of the building. Can’t we leave our buildings historically intact? It’s not like the school just went & put a cross up there to get people riled up. What is it hurting anyone? It is a symbol on a building, nothing more. Most people probably don’t even notice it. And I think I would be a little more concerned about what my child is being taught on the inside of that building.

  • jackson

    but if it was the star of david or a muslim symbol should we take it down? the cross has not come down so far because nobody objected. now somebody objects and uses separation of church and state. and the school district knows they don’t have the money to fight a court battle they will lose. the cross will come down.

    • herding_turtles

      I wish they would fight it. I’m tired of this “politically correct” BS. I would have no problem with my children attending a public school in a building with a star of david on it. Do you know why? Because if the education they are receiving is the exact same as they would get down the street in a crappy trailer the school bought, that is the important thing. If you, as an individual, find a building that has been standing in a community for that long so offensive then it should be on you to leave. In no way does the exterior of a building effect what is taught inside of it!

      • jackson

        then i guess you’re a pretty liberal christian. because most christians say leave stuff like this alone but if the public building had other non-christian symbols attached to it they would be like fighting hens to get rid of it. that’s why we have seperation of church and state. thank you founding fathers.

        • herding_turtles

          I understand not putting those type of symbols on new construction. I just don’t see the justification of defacing old buildings. Yes, this specific cross is on top the building and could be just lopped off. But what if it were a relief of some sort, just get out the grinder and get rid of it? It’s not like Spearville has another option for their elementary school. It’s possible that it’s original purpose was a religious based school or even convent or something, who knows. It’s JUST A BUILDING. People need to get over it.

          • Chris

            It’s just a flag! People need to get over it. Let the confederate flag fly!

            Oh, no, not cool now?

          • herding_turtles

            If it were a stone flag on a building in the south that had been there for hundreds of years and no one has had a problem with it until now, yes.

          • Chris

            Alright, so the requirements must be: a) its made of stone
            b) its on a building c) it’s really old.

  • Deport Political Correctors

    The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are headed for destruction.

  • Chief59