KSBDC offers online business plan tool

Hays Post

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The Kansas Small Business Development Center has created an online tool to help small businesses create a business plan. The center released a soft launch of the tool early in January, but it now is promoting the tool to the public.

Ron Newman, one of several regional directors for the KSBDC, told Hays Post the reason the tool was created was because of the need.

“We want to reach more people and provide them assistance,” Newman said. “We want to help people in business and those who are interested assistance by helping them create a stronger foundation, develop ideas and create a format.”

Newman, whose office is headquartered at Fort Hays State University, noted one of the unique segments of the tool is the brainstorming segment.

“There isn’t a business plan product out there that has a brainstorming segment,” Newman said. “This one has a (brainstorming) segment that allows you to capture your thoughts before you even begin writing your business plan.”

Other features of the business plan tool include 26 professional videos and a direct link to the KSBDC office for questions or comments via email.

“Our goal is just to put (the tool) out there and assist them in getting stronger.” Newman said. “Some may come to us for assistance and become stronger because of it, some may go directly to a bank and some may go to other resources. Some may never come to anybody. They may just use (the tool), develop it as and aid, and  go out and start.”

The tool is free to use and can be accessed here.