Hays woman down $2,000 after falling victim to scam

scamalterBy KARI BLURTON
Hays Post

After a Hays woman lost approximately $2,000 this week due to a phone scam, the Hays Police Department once again is warning residents to be wary.

According to Lt. Ron Rounkles, the victim fell for the what he called a “typical scam.” She was asked to deposit a check and send some of the money to someone who needed help — then keep part of the money for herself. In this instance, the woman did as directed and later was contacted by her bank when the check bounced.

Rounkles also said yet another Hays resident reported the “Publishers Clearing House Scam,” in which someone calls and and tells the intended victims they have won cash and a car but must first send money to register the car.

A half-dozen people have reported the “Publishers Clearing House Scam” to recent weeks.  Fortunately, Rounkles said, most people do not fall for the scams, but when they do, it is almost always impossible for  police to follow up as the scams usually originate overseas — far from the jurisdiction of Hays police.


  • Confused

    That makes no sense… She deposited a check?

    • Reality

      Ya, the way it works is they send you a check (say, for $2,000) with some BS reason why they can’t use their bank…. and ask you to wire them $1,500 of it, letting you “keep” the other $500 for your trouble. Problem is, the check they send you is bogus, and you (and/or your bank) are out the money you wired away (and of course, your $500 ‘windfall’).

      • Confused

        Haha, sounds very sensible.

    • stone_cold_steve_austin

      I send you a check for $5000 and have you send me $3000 and say you can keep the extra $2000. The original check bounces so you are out $3000 and the check I wrote you was from a bogus account.

  • junniper

    this can happen so easily especially with our elderly. my elderly mother was constantly getting phone calls and junk in the mail. thank God another signature, besides hers, was required when it came to her check writing. i’d like to find the bums that done this to this lady.

  • Guest 12

    There is no one going to give you any money just out of the clear blue sky. As far as phone calls I don’t listen to them I hang up on them.

  • RuNnEr

    This has been going on for many years. Why are people STUPID enough to keep falling for it???

  • Just Me

    I just got this call 5 mins ago..Fortunately I know a scam when I hear it…