Ag association announces grant funding available to farmers

The Kansas Ag Research and Technology Association announced late last month they will be making up to $11,000 available for research funding in 2014. The announcement was made during the 17th annual Kansas Agricultural Technologies Conference in Salina, in front of more than 140 producers, vendors and students who attended the growing event.


Between now and Feb. 10, KARTA members (and prospective members) are encouraged to submit funding applications for on-farm research.

“The main purpose of our organization’s winter conference is to keep producers and lifelong learners up-to-date with the latest technological advances in the agriculture industry so they can learn to make their operations more profitable,” said KARTA Treasurer Roger Brining. “However, a second benefit of the conference is generating funding for on-farm research grants that give our members a chance to be a part of the learning and teaching process.”

Research grants are available in several amounts. KARTA members who submit new research project receive a grant in the amount of $500 per person. Members who submit applications for continuing projects from previous years receive $400 per person. Group studies are also encouraged, and grants are available at $300 per group member involved with the research project.

“Grant funding is designed to encourage producers to answer the questions they might have on their own farms,” said KARTA Research Coordinator Tyler Rider. “The first time you take on a research project it can be challenging, but it gets easier the more you practice. We can help new researchers get started tracking their results, and can try to walk them through the process to make it as simple as possible.”

For more information, visit KARTA’s next event will be a workshop in Great Bend centered around small unmanned aircraft vehicles.