Big First Tea Party will host Milton Wolf on Feb. 11

The Big First Tea Party will host Dr. Milton Wolf, a radiologist who is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts. Sen. Roberts, who is a Marine who has an excellent conservative voting record for the people of Kansas almost equal to Congressman Tim Huelskamp, is being challenged by Dr Wolf, who has no record to defend.

Milton Wolf

Milton Wolf

Wolf is telling people he is more conservative than Sen. Roberts. Many candidates tell potential voters how they will change Washington, but once the party bosses and the lobbyists tell them how to vote they fall in line. This has been true for all but a few as a newly elected politician has to learn the ropes especially one who has no political experience. Possible the rarest thing in Washington is a “backbone.” The Big First Tea Party has given any candidate who is running for any important political office the opportunity to be heard.

Even Huelskamp, the man with a proven record of having a conservative “backbone,” will have a primary challenge by several people. The difference between Huelskamp and Wolf is that Huelskamp had many years experience in the Kansas Legislature and that experience has served him well. He knew the legislative process and had years of experience with party bosses and lobbyists. Newly elected candidates want to compromise. Normally to compromise the candidate has to compromise his conservative principles.

For example, a candidate just announced that he would challenge Huelskamp by the name of Mr. LaPolice. LaPolice says he is a conservative but knocks Huelskamp for not compromising. When the bill to be voted on is so outrageously liberal and the other side will not compromise, the true conservative with a “backbone” votes no. Mr. LaPolice said he supports the farm bill that is not really a farm bill but a welfare bill that will cost almost $1 trillion — of which, $800 billion goes for welfare.

Could it be that some people want to be elected to the U.S. Congress because after serving several years in Congress they receive $175,000 pension a year for life?

I doubt we could find two more patriotic men as Roberts and Huelskamp working for Kansas.

Come join us on Tuesday, February 11th, at 6:30 PM, at Thirsty’s, 2704 Vine, Hays. Come and ask questions of Dr. Wolf. See for yourself if he is a candidate who is all “rhetoric or if he has a backbone”

Roger Ewing, Hays

  • Chris Tawney

    Let’s see – Radiologist vs Marine (Thank you Sen. Roberts for that service without question). Both have at their heart and experiences a life of service, both have pledged an oath. Milton Wolf requests the opportunity to pledge a 2nd Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States as well as maintain the allegiance to his Hippocratic Oath to “first do no harm”.

    The following statement by Roger Ewing is exactly why Milton Wolf is the candidate to support…”Many candidates tell potential voters how they will change Washington,
    but once the party bosses and the lobbyists tell them how to vote they
    fall in line.”…30+ years in Washington and on the eve of each election cycle that candidate comes home to proclaim all the things that he hopes you will remember in the voting booth and then back to DC hoping that you will go on about your life as he casts votes that he hopes you won’t remember in the voting booth.

    I agree that Rep. Huelskamp, as Mr. Ewing states, is “the man with a proven record of having a conservative “backbone”. But in a townhall conference call…Sen. Roberts stated “there is only one representative working in KS” disappointingly he did not name our strongly principled and conservative representative who has stood by everything he promised during his campaign. In fact, there was not one representative or senator from the state of KS that stood with the only principled “employee” representing the people of KS. Sen. Roberts vocally supported his position for Kathleen Sebelius that it is the right thing to do because she was from KS…Rep. Huelskamp is from KS and has stood for the values and principles that won him the election. Rep. Huelskamp did not loose his way, as Mr. Ewing pointed out in his statement, “newly elected candidates want to compromise. Normally to compromise the candidate has to compromise his conservative principles”.

    Milton Wolf has not swayed from his principled position since I first met him in 2009 long before his decision to become a candidate. Milton Wolf will stand by his values and principles and will remain grounded in KS. In the August Primary…Look for candidates who are steeled in Constitutional Principles and understand the true meaning of service as “citizen” legislators…Milton Wolf and Tim Huelskamp are two such candidates.

    Chris Tawney, Manhattan, KS

  • Chief59

    I hate teabaggers so much! They are always trying to have businesses and not get molested by the TSA! What is their problem! I hope the NSA gets all their secrets and ruins their businesses with the help of the IRS! That will show those dirty capitalist pigs!!!!!

  • DeepWheat

    Pat Roberts is far from the worst offender in Congress, either the House or the Senate. And he certainly has performed better-than-average by “old-school” standards of bringing home the Federal pork, first to his District and later to his State over the 40+ years of his service to Kansas in Washington DC.

    To wit, Boeing would likely not have the long-contested Tanker contract from the Dept of Defense were it not for Sen. Roberts’ tenacious persistence fighting off the heavily-subsidized Airbus consortium (and Kansas workers will still have significant parts of that program via sub-contractors despite Boeing’s recent departure from their home in Wichita for over 70 years).

    The NBAF [National Bio & Agro-Defense Facility] program, whose labs at Plum Island NY were long overdue for upgrade or replacement, was certainly going to be built somewhere, so bringing it home to Kansas made at least as much sense as letting all those billions of construction & operating dollars go to any of the other competing states…

    But those and other things that Pat Roberts did for Kansas are all “Old School” 20th-Century politicking, and we are now in the middle of the 2nd decade of the 21st Century, facing new challenges and new threats.

    Moreover, for all the positive things that Senator Roberts has ever accomplished, they are heavily outweighed by the fact that he voted not once but TWICE to confirm Kathleen Sebelius to her current post as Sec’y of Health & Human Services, where she has done far more damage to the fabric of our culture, our economy and our Constitution itself than anyone less than the President who nominated her. The only other Republican to share that dubious distinction is Susan Collins of Maine, hardly a rock-ribbed conservative…

    Pat Roberts is a 20th-century politician whose time has come and gone. It is now long past time for him to “take the gold watch” and retire, where he can enjoy his solid-gold pension & healthcare benefits along with the accolades of his colleagues. It is time to let a solid conservative step up to fight for our legacy and our posterity with the likes of Ted Cruz and others who clearly recognize the dangers that we must now confront, before the hour is too late.


    As you can tell by the article above, “Big First Tea Party will host Milton Wolf on Feb. 11″, Roger Ewing is stating his OWN opinion and NOT that of The Big First Tea Party. As a matter of fact Roger Ewing on March 1, 2014 left The Big First Tea Party. The above article was nothing but a piece of propaganda meant to promote Senator Pat Roberts, while attacking and smearing Dr. Milton Wolf. Mr. Ewing displayed the same type of “attack and smear” antics at the meeting where Dr. Milton Wolf was supposed to be our guest. For future reference, let it be known that Roger Ewing does NOT speak for, NOR IS PART OF The Big First Tea Party any longer. The Big First Tea Party will continue to provide informative and educational meetings and featured guest speakers in the future. We invite all those interested to join and attend. 2014 is an important election year. Let’s work to make the changes necessary by putting the people in place to return the country BACK to its Founding Principles!