City crews prepping for snow

Hays Post

With the National Weather Service calling for snow for much of the state, Hays city crews are already prepping city streets.

Hays Public Works Director ID Creech said after a conference call with the Dodge City National Weather Service office, his department is anticipating between 2 and 5 inches of snow in the next two days.

Most of the snow is expected to move in after midnight Monday and last through noon Tuesday.

Creech said crews were out Monday putting brine on the city’s street to pretreat the roads, and they anticipate the temperatures will help melt any snow the builds up on the roadways. Creech said they have plenty of brine right now, and crews are making the salt water mixture as they go along.

Creech did warn motorists to be cautious when driving the next couple of days especially when the temperature drops below freezing because that will cause the roadways and especially the intersections to become slick. Crews will be able to clear most of the roadways so people can get around town, and Creech said, “We’ll have the guys ready to go if we need them.”