Kansas lawmakers seek to sever state from health act

Rep. Brett Hildabrand

Rep. Brett Hildabrand

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Some conservative Kansas lawmakers are pushing to let the state join a compact seeking independence from the Affordable Care Act.

Rep. Brett Hildabrand introduced the measure in the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs last week to make Kansas a member of the Health Care Compact.

The Wichita Eagle  reports eight states, including Missouri and Oklahoma, already have approved joining the compact, which seeks independence from the federal health care law.

The Shawnee Republican says he got the idea from an email conversation with Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, a Shawnee Republican, and Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Congress must give permission for the states to suspend federal health care laws. Hildrabrand thinks that could happen if Republicans regain control of the U.S. Senate in November.

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  • A_citizen_patriot

    As much as I hate the ACA, im not sure this is the best idea.

    • Chief59

      It only hurts those who can least afford it.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        The ACA is hurting a lot of people. It was poorly put together and not constitutional to begin with.

        • SMDH

          Incorrect. A conservative majority Supreme Court has upheld PPACA with rare exception. Yet Congress has tried 50 times!(unsuccessfully) to overturn it. Reprehensible.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Please read their decision. They upheld that the individual mandate is constitutional as long as its considered a tax. They case was not about the entier law.

        • Chief59

          Poorly put together, yes. Hurting a lot of people, no. I continually see examples of people supposedly hurt by the ACA, but every time those examples come under scrutiny, it comes out that the story is bs. People complaining about rates going up, when in reality rates go up all the time. They just have a scapegoat now. People complaining that they were dropped from their plan, same thing. The President was wrong, wrong, wrong when he said you could keep your plan, but the law is working quite well now. When people actually USE the exchanges, rates are very reasonable. It’s ALWAYS people who go directly through an insurance company complaining of rate shock. That has not been the case at all when signing up on the exchanges. People can hate the law if they want, but the honest truth is that it is helping a very large number of people, and people just want to complain about something they don’t like, even when those complaints are not grounded in reality.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            No, the rates are not reasonable. If I signed my family up right now my rates would increase 300 dollars. That is the case chief, the rates are higher for some people. You can discount that all you want but it is happening.

          • Chief59

            Is that using the exchanges? Also, is it for better coverage than you currently have? I noticed that the majority of the plans on the Kansas exchange were Blue Cross Blue Shield, which while a good provider, is not known as the most inexpensive option. I was still able to sign my wife up for great insurance for $204 per month, and we received no subsidies on that.

            Also, I want you to know I’m not discounting it. Some people will have higher rates than they do now. I won’t deny that. The majority, however, are coming out ahead.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Yes that is using the exchanges, and yes I believe its for better coverage. But I cant afford that much more for insurance.

          • Chief59

            I can understand that. You still have your previous insurance though, correct?

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Yes, only because it was grandfathered in.

  • My Thoughts

    I agree with wholeheartedly with Chief59. This idea would create a lot of grief. Imagine working with contrarian states on this matter. We would end up with the same thing, only worse.
    I have helped people sign up on Obamacare and they found it to be quick, cheap with no pre existing conditions. I think there is a lot of bad advice going around which will hurt people. The facts indicate Obamacare is not as bad as many are claiming. Don’t listen to hearsay. Investigate the facts for yourself.

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