Russell will issue special water-use permits beginning Wednesday

RUSSELL — The city of Russell will be issuing special water-use permits on a limited basis on Wednesday.

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Permits are available from the city clerk’s office for $25. Permits only will be issued for one day and are only valid from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. No more than two permits will be issued per address in each 30-day period. The permit authorizes the use of water only at the address listed on the permit and only for the following purposes:

• Outdoor watering of private and public grounds and vehicles at that location;

• Outdoor watering for filling or refilling residential above- and below-ground swimming pools;

• Washing of the exterior of any building or structure for maintenance purposes; and

• Washing of the parking lot on a commercial or industrial property for maintenance purposes.

The permit must posted in a conspicuous place while the activity permitted above is ongoing.

For more information, contact the city clerk’s office at (785) 483-6311

  • johnson

    water is scarce for everybody but if you got the money for a permit you can waste it on your personal pool and vehicles.

  • Go figure

    That way the City of Russell can make extra money while they ponder where the water will come from. Give them effluent water for washing drives and sidewalks.

  • Reality

    $25 for a permit to wash the car… cheaper to drive to Hays to do it. Or Salina.

  • primer

    this tells me that russell doesn’t think they have a water issue. in other words folks the water is there but you need a $25 permit to use it.

  • Backhoe

    Why not be like Ellis and ban all outside watering Period!!!! Hays and Russell better pull their heads out of the sand. Low flow fixtures is not a solution!! Pay attention to the real estate sales and locals looking at jobs and properties east of here. A great migration has already started.

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