Kansas lawmakers weighing gay-marriage bill

TOPEKA (AP) — In an uncertain legal climate for states banning gay marriage, Kansas lawmakers are considering a proposal designed to protect individuals, groups and businesses refusing for religious reasons to recognize same-sex unions or to provide benefits to gay couples.

State Rep. and Shawnee Republican Charles Macheers says the bill is designed to protect religious freedom. Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is receptive to the idea, though he hasn’t yet studied the proposal enough to offer a formal endorsement.

But critics say the measure promotes discrimination against gays and lesbians but is so broadly written that it could affect any gay or straight couple with a less-than-traditional union.

The Kansas House’s Federal and State Affairs Committee scheduled a Tuesday morning hearing on the measure.


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74 Comments for “Kansas lawmakers weighing gay-marriage bill”

  1. marriage is between one man and one woman. God created it and us folks in Kansas follow it.

    • Jesus preached love

      They are not asking the church for recognition. Gay marriage in no way effects straight people anyways, they should have no problem with this. Some people are just too insecure in their own sexuality that they think it might be contagious.

    • I could never be a christian, I just am not filled with enough hate.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        You sound full of hate for christians. Christians dont hate gays, we just dont condone the act of homosexuality. Feeling love for some one of the same gender is not a sin. Its acting upon that feeling that is.

        • Then why do gays feel so hated by Christians? Are they just confusing what you say and do is actually love?

        • So, you can feel love, but if you act on it you are a sinner? That makes it sound like God is just teasing people. It also makes it sound like it is okay to hate, as long as you don’t act on it.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Im not going to keep going back and forth with you on this since it obvious that you and I differ. But the point of this bill is to allow people who think gay marriage is wrong, to not be forced to recognize it. Just as a business can refuse service to any one.

    • Which God? Your God? He “created” marriage?

      Maybe life would be better for everyone if all of “us folks” treated each other with respect and love (as Jesus taught), instead of using a book written over 2000 years ago as a justification for discrimination and hate.

      • sodom and gomorrah. read about it sometime in that 2000 year old book you hate. God wasn’t too pleased with it either.

        • When did I ever say I hate the bible? Also, for any example you trot out from that book, I can use another to oppose your argument. You can’t cherry pick parts that fit your argument and chose to ignore those that don’t.

          • Where are the parts of the Bible that say your kind of lifestyle is wholesome? Please answer; we are waiting.

          • Come one moderators, time to delete another imposter comment.

          • I was raised Catholic, but I decided a long time ago that I don’t need a book to tell me if my life is good or bad. However, I volunteer, donate to charity, and feel everyone is created equally and deserves equal rights. You know, the things Jesus talked about. I don’t remember any instance of the New Testament ( the part Christians supposedly follow) that I’ve read where Jesus said you should judge and persecute those that are different than you. Maybe I skimmed over the books that talked about that.

    • Marriage is between one white man and one white woman!

      Oh crap..I went back in time a few decades.

      This is how stupid you sound.

  2. Civil rights for all, or none.

  3. Discrimination under the guise of religious freedom is still discrimination.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      You discriminate against people that want to carry a firearm for protection.

      • Hi ho! Hi ho! Down the illogical statement trail we go!

        Another non-sequitur because you haven’t anything better!

        Your arguments are flawed, just like your gawd.

        Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!

        • A_citizen_patriot

          Chris thanks for joining the party. We didnt have enough hatefull people yet.

          • I thank you, kind sir.


            Put the Chris back in CHRIStmas!

          • Black homosexuals are the most hateful.
            Sorry Christopher I played the race card before you got a chance to

          • A_citizen_patriot

            wow that was a very racist thing to say.

          • Yeah well it’s the picture Chris paints of anyone who disagrees with him so might as well wear it since he’s ALWAYS right

          • Ah! I’m glad you’ve finally come to the astute realization of my correctness on a vast range of topics. However, my deck of cards usually does not include the ‘race’ card, and I would tend not to want to play it anyways.

            And I’m not much of an artist, so I wouldn’t want to paint pictures of anyone!

          • To state my thoughts simply, I do not hold out much hope for the future.

            The comments sections here (and everywhere, for that matter) seem to be large, overdrawn arguments between 6th graders. Everyone is either extremely defensive or full of mind-numbing, excessive, out of line sarcasm. Is maturity a lost trait in society? Respectful debate?

          • It is a comments section. It is, for the most part,anonymous. You are rarely going to find a whole lot of deep thought in a comments section. We don’t come to the comments section trying to change the mind of individuals, as their mind is made up quite often before they get past the headline of the article. The comments section is full of stupidity, sarcasm, satire, intellectual jousting, and “How To Lose 15 pounds in 5 days!” spam.

            Looking to the comments section as a barometer for the future is not very wise. If you would wish to gauge the outlook for the future, I would suggest looking at education, civil rights, technological advancement, scientific literacy.


            “large overdrawn arguments between 6th graders”

            I would surmise that your statement could describe quite a few things in our local, state, and national level politics.

        • Boy, we should all aspire to be you some day! To mock others by using words from your “word of the day” calendar is not as impressive as you may think.

          non sequitur*

          God Bless…

          • Word of the day calendars? Nah, I glean most of my vocabulary from being educated. If I wanted to impress someone, I’d give them two tickets to the gun show. *flexes*

            As for my proclivity to infuse sarcasm into my posts, I follow *my* golden rule : Everyone has a right to their opinions, but you better be able to logically defend it in a rational way.

            God Bless? How did you know I sneezed?!

          • Oh, I see, so you acting like Dopey is not only infusing sarcasm, but logically defending your opinion in a rational manner? Or stating “your gawd” instead of “your God” is also logically defending your opinion? I see a lot of sarcasm and very little logic there, Chris.

            I looked into tickets to your gun show. Unfortunately it was all sold out. Guess you’re just as popular as you envision yourself to be. *sarcasm*

            Don’t be so theophobic, Chris…God still loves you. And just in case you sneeze again, Gesundheit!

          • Hahaha..I like your humor. I wasn’t being opinionated at all–mostly facetious.

            My popularity reached its peak when I lost the homecoming crown to that jerk Billy Smith!

            I can get you a VIP pass to the gun show. Eh?

      • Except I have never argued that people should not be allowed to carry, only that I thought it was without need and could be more dangerous. There is a difference.

  4. I got married to my life partner in Maryland !!! :P

    • If posting under my name is all you’ve got, then you are a sad, sad person. Hays Post, please delete the above comment.

      • Why do you hate people who like people with the same parts?

        • Keep trying to make me look bad all you want, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been posting here long enough that most regular readers know I’m not the bigot you try to make me out to be.

  5. Just love it when we write bigitry in to law. Bunch of rednecks in this state. I give a rats a** about your religion. Marriage should not be a government issue at all. And yes to whoever wrote it earlier: Christians are haters… Not loving, kind, warm people.
    You all and myself have the right to love who we want be be protected by law because if it; yes you “cristians” want to deny that right to others…. That’s real loving right there.
    So I guess those that support this also support citizens united, ya know corporations are people and contribute any and whatever they want to candidates without foreclosure.

    This law is a dumb idea and full of bigotry and hate for others not like you in my opinion.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      So you must not care much about the 1st amendment.

      • Neither do you then unless you support the same type of protections for people who oppose straight marriage.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          I didnt know that the 1st amendment talks about homosexuality.

          • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

            Isn’t this exactly what you are asking for?
            A law to be passed out of respect for a religious establishment?

            You are all for religious rights. As long as that religion is Christianity and as long as that right is the ability to discriminate against gays.

            You can’t twist the 1st amendment to support your views without sanctioning the same for people of other religions/belief systems.

            Again, call me to support this when it is coupled with idea that, likewise, there should be legal protections for gay business owners who want to discriminate against Christians on religious grounds.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            They are not passing a law regarding a specific religon.

          • Not one specific religion. Any specific religious persuasion that demands discriminating against gays.

            The bill does not similarly allow the same for religions that oppose straight marriage.

            This bill provides for a particular religious establishment at the exclusion of others.

            Religious rights for all or none.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            What religon opposes straight marriage?

          • I oppose straight marriage on religious grounds.

            I believe that straight marriage is an abomination.

            You are saying you don’t support my religious rights unless I adhere to a particular dogmatic organization.

            Well, I practice the Germanic Paganism of my forefathers, however I don’t demand the ability to make human sacrifices as my ancestors did.

            Because it’s stupid and circumvents the individual liberty of others.

            I don’t ‘condone’ your religion, but you expect legislation to force me to, while crying that, likewise, other are forcing you to condone things you dont want to.

            For all or none.

            Trample my rights and I’ll make a desolation of yours..

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Ok…. if there was a religon that said straight marriage was a abomination and this law protected then as well then fine by me. If a business or business owner dosnt like the way I live me life then I dont want to give them my business.

      • So you must not understand the 1st amendment.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          I understand it just fine.

          • Please enlighten us on how the first amendment plays a role in the post you responded to.

            I did not see any government entity trouncing religious freedom or throwing someone in jail for something they said.

            So, do tell, how does the 1st amendment apply to what Bigots&haters said?

          • A_citizen_patriot

            My point with the 1st amendment was this. If a particular religon dosnt condone something they have the right to do so. But now we are saying that gay rights trump my beliefs.

          • Nobody is asking for your moral sanction.

      • So anything not explicitly listed in the constitution or bill of rights means we don’t have that right? Interesing. What about the equal protection clause in the 14th amendment? Oh yeah. All u gun toting rednecks can’t find anyone to read past the 2nd amendment for ya. Sorry. Grow up people. Gay people are like everyone else, and this whole “love the sinner, hate the sin”. Hahahaha. That’s bigotry/hatred/fear wrapped into a pretty little quote that’s suppose to emphasize compassion. None of u haters have any idea what compassion is and u sure as heck won’t find it in a Catholic Church and definitely won’t find it in the KS legislature.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          Got to love when people lecture you saying that your being hatefull, but then all they spew is hate.

          • There’s a difference when your speaking the truth. Your opinion won’t matter in 30 Years anyway… As the old bigots die off us gen X, gen Y and mallenials will set all your flawed ideas of equality straight.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            LOL I am a gen y.

          • Maybe it’s my “liberal bias”, but you come across as someone in your sixties. Nothing personal meant by that, just the way I’ve taken your posts. I am a millennial also, and most everyone I know has opposing views to yours, and they are all mostly religious conservatives. Again, I’m not taking a dig at you, so I hope you don’t take it that way. Although we’ve gone head-to-head enough times that you know that’s not my style.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            No, im in my late 20′s. Its just the opposite for me. Most of my friends have opposing views to most everyone on here. I think its cause people are more likely to be friends with people who are like minded.

          • I agree, we migrate towards people who think like us. I would gladly take more friends who thought more like myself, but I live in Hays, Kansas, where I’m not exactly in the majority.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            I am fine being friends with people who disagree with me. As long as they are polite about it.

          • Polite, disagree, and politics probably don’t appear together in many sentences. =)

            However, we can all regale in the fact that we live in a pretty decent country, all things considered.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            That we do, and anything we do will upset some one. But all things considered its a better country then any other.

          • Yep, that’s why I can handle being friends with so many deeply conservative people. I just don’t tell them that they are wrong :)

  6. Don’t really have an opinion on this, do what you want. But it would be nice if anyone could spell something correctly these days. Arguments don’t seem too powerful if you can’t use the correct form of “your.”

    • oh i am sorry hmm, please enlighten me on which you’re i was supposed to use. i didnt learn much in high school because i was a football star and I had all the nerds do my homework so i could keep my B average and stay on the playing field

  7. your god might be gay, and until he ( or she) comes to earth and says different, then i will believe that your god is gay, homosexual, bi-sexual, lesbian, and straight, if he (or she) created us in his or (or her) own image than he (or she) must have those wants, needs, feelings , but if you want to believe what was written in a book then I have some Steven king novels that you can worship

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