Potential watering ban discussed at city meeting


Hays Post

Mayor Kent Steward warned of a possible ban on watering this summer at Thursday’s Hays City Commission meeting.

“Based on some of the comments I hear from people, I don’t think the public generally understands what a terrible situation we are in in terms of water,” Steward said.

Steward said “we are in our fourth year of a drought,” and if there is not any moisture this winter and spring the city would be facing a “total ban” on outdoor watering.

Steward said a ban would be the “last thing anyone would want” but to plan accordingly just in case and “pray for rain.”

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  • ellis-ite

    Keep Hays Aquatic park closed and close car washes in town.

    • Ridiculous

      The people who wanted it aren’t supporting it, and the rest of us pay for it to operate in the red!

  • jasmine

    quit warning kent. start doing in now. quit hoping its gonna rain. start conservation now. and apply the water rules to “everybody” including car washes, lawns, gardens, golf courses etc. tell people the only way they can water outside is if it comes out of a rain barrel. no hauling water into town to water your lawn or garden either. rain barrels only. make it happen now. if ellis, victoria and russell are suffering what makes you think hays has some magical source for water. smokey river is dry ken. cedar bluff can’t help anymore. you and other commissioners and city administration have know our dire water situations for many years but you still have your heads in the sand thinking it won’t happen. its here ken. right now. start doing something.

  • now

    the time to start banning outdoor use of water is NOW! do it until it rains – and protect the supply of water we have – NOW! kent – do it NOW!

  • bones

    except for people that live up on Thunderbird , and by the golf courses, and the people that live on Barclay , just to name a few

    • A_citizen_patriot

      I could understand the golf course being allowed to water just enough to prevent the grass from dying. Having to replace it all would be a large financial loss. Aside from that, the residents and other business’s of hays ( Commerce ) should have thought about this happening before planting such water needy grass.

      • bonzo

        but if you open it up for the golf course your opening the door for another outfit to petition to water. the answer is no! whatever rules you apply you apply it to all. no outside watering means no outside watering! period! do it NOW Kent!

        • A_citizen_patriot

          So ban home depot from watering their plants?

          • bonzo

            that’s right. no outside watering means just that. no outside watering! only exception maybe is if it comes from a rain barrel.

      • another bank

        don’t forget the BANK OF HAYS as a huge water user to keep their grass green! what’s worse, they built this bank not too long ago – and if we would have had some regulations in place then – we would not be complaining about COMMERCE and BANK OF HAYS as water wasters. these businesses could do the right thing and put in another kind of landscaping that required no water use. i guess we’ll see. the time to ban outdoor water usage is now – before we are out of water.

      • callindemoutz

        Golf course uses reclaimed water, you moron

        • A_citizen_patriot

          Wow the level of maturity in your post is amazing. Second, water is water. They could use it to water the grass or allow it to recharge the wells.

          • passin_threw

            And how do you suggest they get the reclaimed water to the well field are to recharge them? And if it was feasible can you imagine the outcry from people being forced to use that water when they won’t understand the natural filtration process it would go thru

          • A_citizen_patriot

            I’m sure people are smart enough to know that when their dog takes a leak in the back yard that it doesn’t just go “poof” and its gone. To my knowledge the golf course doesn’t have storage lagoons, so they have to get the water from somewhere. If they stopped watering then the water would be free to absorb back into the ground.

          • passin_threw

            Well they do have a storage pond. I’m assuming you know where the water supply from hays originates from and is nowhere near the golf course

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Yes I do, but any water that you allow to seep back into the ground is going to get back into the water supply.

          • passin_threw

            Water movement in the soil has a tendency to move downward. You’re talking about it moving 12 miles laterally. I did a little simple math and it would take 83.9 times more effluent water in 1 day than they use in an entire year at the golf course to reach the schoenchen field and again even if that was possible you would have the other problem of perception of drinking waste water.

          • passin_threw

            My point is that every time water shortage is an issue people point at the effluent water used at the fort and socce complex to be their focal point of defense. If you people don’t want them watering then stop flushing your toilet every time you use the bathroom. Use ur bath water multiple times and dump ur dish water in your flower beds. You are the problem not the people who use WASTE WATER

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Then why is the city regulating private water wells? Their water shouldnt effect the hays wells that are that far away.

          • Achoo son of a Sneeze

            Actually we get around 40% of our water from the Big Creek alluvium and around 60% from the Smoky. So any water allowed to seep back into the ground in Hays may help recharge Big Creek.

        • bones

          name calling, a huge sign if intelligence

    • bosco

      in the case of water wells, i’ve been told folks that live in these areas already have their private wells dry or spitting air. anybody know if that’s true?

      • passin_threw

        My water well is not dry or spitting air. Ur sources are wrong

      • concerned

        there are several wells in my area of town that are dry or spitting air. The folks that were using them just let their lawns die last summer. We didn’t use our well, haven’t for several years now, it might be dry too. Our lawn is dead, considering xeriscaping but don’t have the money cuz we’re taxed to death by Hays…

  • Responsible Farmer

    Ending the irrigation of corn fields would be a step in the right direction

    • A_citizen_patriot

      Yeah good luck with that one.

    • Liz

      Agreed. Farmers need to grow crops that will survive in the weather in that area of the state. Out here, grow dryland milo, not irrigated corn.

  • Rocket Science

    Everyone of you need to watch “Last call at the oasis.” Drinking water for the entire earth is quickly becoming an issue and become a much larger issue throughout the lifetime of many of you. This is not just a Kansas problem. The earth may be covered in water but you cant drink salt water.

    • reality

      yes, because water magically disappears after you drink it! I have no clue where it goes!!! I mean, I drink water and pee comes out! I can’t believe all the water isn’t pee yet!

  • joehanson

    so if they ban the outside watering there goes incoming water revenue for the city. now what? oh i know. add another 1/2 cent sales tax. but of course we have a hays convention center to build also. and in the nearby future? a 100 million dollar school bond issue. we don’t make enough income in this area to support all of this folks. our government will chock us down to where we barely can breathe.

  • Uncle Thomas

    To ban water is not popular for “wannabe politicians”! If they are serious about the area they would have banned water several years ago. A complete outdoor ban should last three to four years minimum when the drought is over.

    • Joe

      “Currently, the City collects a 2.25% sales tax on retail sales. Of the
      2.25%, 1.25% is used to fund City services in the General Fund; .5%
      collected is dedicated to water exploration.” This quote was taken from
      the 2012 annual report which you can view hear

      According to the reports this .5% tax for water exploration has been accessed since July of 1992!!!! As Uncle Thomas referred to them our “wannabe politicians” having been kicking this can down the road for years. Where has all this money gone??

  • Uncle Thomas

    Why didn’t the Mayor before Steward take serious action?

  • Not reliable!

    We don’t know if this was what actually said, Kari Blurton reported this story! She has a tendency to not tell the whole story.

  • Get over your grass already

    I cant believe how a few of you are arguing over this!! Shut up! You cant drink $$, saying theres water when there isnt wont get you elected or re-elected, complaining about the water “park” and not wanting it built has nothing to do with this. POINT OF MATTER IS: We’ve all wasted water at some point and it IS our planets most precious commodity. Without it, it doesnt matter how much $$ you have, you will die. Water is needed to survive! STOP WASTING IT regardless of where it comes from! Your grass WILL grow again once this horrible drought ends. Get over yourselves and stuff your excuses and $$ where the sun doesnt shine! I cant believe some of you need the city to tell you to conserve! Id tell you all to think about someone else besides yoursevles but clearly Hays doesnt want people raised that way.

    • reality hurts retards

      Where does water go after it is sprayed on a lawn? Does it disappear forever? How is there so much water on earth still, if after it is used, it disappears? I really need to know these things! Only 80% of the earth is water, and I am really afraid that it will run out!

  • Chief59

    I know in the past, assembled rain barrels have been available from a conservation office. Anyone remember this, or have information on it?