Water weighs heavy as Ellis County considers budget priorities

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Ellis County commissioners laid out their budget priorities for 2015 at a special meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Among the items the commissioners identified were economic development and zoning in an effort to expand business opportunities in the county, and public safety.

Public safety also was discussed, focusing on Interstate 70 traffic.

“With Hays PD and our Ellis County Sheriff’s Department, I think we are very fortunate to live in Ellis County. I think they do a good job,” said Commissioner Dean Haselhorst.

All three commissioners agreed that how paid time off in certain departments is handled will be a major issue this year.

The commissioners also agreed water was one of the biggest issues facing Ellis County in the future.

“We can talk lots and lots of things as a body, but the No. 1 influence on what we are going to do in Ellis County is water,” Commissioner Swede Holmgren said. “We need to be creative about saving water but also improved use and distribution of water.”

Commissioner Barbara Wasinger said it would be a good idea for the county to take some of the ideas the city of Hays and offer certain incentives for replacing showerheads and toilets with more water-efficient appliances.

Holmgren added the commission do not want the water situation to deter people from moving to and building businesses in the community.

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  • Guest 12

    I think everybody has big dreams and wishes about big business coming to Hays. The way this town is building homes sure doesn’t look like Hays has a water shortage.

  • A_citizen_patriot

    I cant speak about Hays PD. But I can tell you that the sherriff department hardly earns their paycheck. They couldnt care less about any crime committed outside city limits.

    • Disagree

      I completely disagree with A_citizen_patriot. Two different times over the past 5 years, we have had something stolen at our business and the Ellis Co. Sheriff’s Department was of tremendous help to us.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        Glad to hear that. I have had several items stolen and had a hunter shoot at me. I never heard another word about the property, and the deputy told me that really the only illegal thing the hunter did was shoot from the road.

  • helper

    “Holmgren added the commission do not want the water situation to deter people from moving to and building businesses in the community.”

    trust me. it will. get your head out of the sand and face reality. if the winter is any indication of lack of moisture we’re all in for a doozy of a year.

  • ellis-ite

    “We can talk lots and lots of things as a body, but the No. 1 influence on what we are going to do in Ellis County is water,” Commissioner Swede Holmgren said. “We need to be creative about saving water but also improved use and distribution of water.” (COPIED AND PASTED FROM ORIGINAL ARTICLE)

    Want to “conserve” water??????????? How about keeping the HAP (Hays Aquatic Park) closed? I can just imagine how much water they go through in the course of one week, let alone the WHOLE summer. Make the parents pay a sitter instead of an annual swim pass??????????? The lifeguards would get JOBS babysitting. ALSO, here’s another on for thought. Why DON’T we close ALL the car washes in town??????????? A little dirt on a vehicle never HURT anyone, as far as I know.
    Come on people, USE YOUR BRAINS. I know it may hurt a little, but that is the POWER of thought.
    Let’s see just how many “thumbs up” I can get for these suggestions.

    • mamba

      not nuts about your idea about the pool. gives kids and families a place to go in the summer. but i agree with your other ideas. another one i have is no lawn watering. do you want green grass or take a shower. also, unless its effluent water being used, no watering golf courses.

      • ellis-ite

        How many parents go to the pool??? They pay the memberships for the kids because it’s a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER than paying a sitter.

        • jamie

          why you against letting the kids go to the pool and enjoy themselves? you sound like a crusty old guy that never had a moment of fun in your life. you had a miserable life so everybody else has to have one. is that it? as far as i’m concerned the pool is open for fun!!!!

          • ellis-ite

            Actually, I a not even a “guy”, I am a female AND I have young children. I just don’t understand why the city allows parents to use the pool as a sitter. I know several of the life guards there and I wouldn’t trust them with my children any father than I could throw them. I don’t want my children around alcohol and drugs. AND YES, there is drinking and drugs being done while the lifeguards are ON DUTY. Not all those “water” bottles contain only water.

          • jamie

            i stand corrected. instead of a guy that has a miserable life you are a woman that has a miserable life. same response from me. pool stays open for fun. if you don’t like it keep yourself and your kids inside your house with the shades drawn all day. quit being so mean and paranoid. if you’ve got the goods on the lifeguards by all means turn them over to the authority. if not, quit blowin steam.

          • ellis-ite

            Why don’t you be a REAL PARENT and pay a REAL sitter?

          • jamie

            i would if i had kids. pull the shades up and try to enjoy your day.

          • ellis-ite

            If you don’t have kids, why are you so concerned if the pool is closed?

          • alexander

            As an adult with no children I enjoy going to the pool. Your argument that the pool is only used by children in lieu of a babysitter is extremely fallacious.

          • ellis-ite

            Like watching the little girls, in their swimsuits, huh???

          • alexander

            Mods: Please bane hammer this NICE LADY.

          • alexander

            The implication being that you prefer to watch them OUT of their swimsuits? huh???

          • ellis-ite

            I, nor my children, utilize that pool because of all the diseases the people like you that do swim there have.

          • alexander

            I clearly have a developmental disability like mental retardation. Why else would I engage in a dialogue with the likes of you?
            I wouldn’t worry if I were you though, because if this is the sort of intellectualism you impart on your children, I doubt you would even notice if the contagion that is my mental deficiencies were passed on to them.

          • ellis-ite

            Does that give you a legal recourse, to hide behind, so you can sit and watch them?

          • alexander

            Clearly you are too dim to realize that swimming and sitting are counterproductive activities.

    • other shoe

      Did anyone bring any popcorn? this is getting to be good drama. LOL

  • Chief59

    The county should just ban the use of water in any building that is not owned by the government! Only government workers deserve the use of water. All you dirty capitalist should die off anyways. You are just leaches to the glorious government!

  • Taxed out

    The new convention center & downtown pavilion will be big suckers of water…and our wallets!

  • Disappointed Voter

    There is more to Ellis County than just Hays, its to bad Swede has forgotten that! I had high hopes for that guy but so far he has been such a huge disappointment.

  • other shoe

    Looks like the show “As the Hays Taxpayer Churns” got deleted from these comments. And I had just got the popcorn made.