Rare car draws national attention for Kansas man

JC Post

JUNCTION CITY — A car owned by D.E. Lacer of Junction City has drawn the attention of the national television show “Chasing Classic Cars.”

1955 Mantarey

1955 Mantarey

The show’s host, Wayne Carini, visited Lacer’s auto warehouse Tuesday.

Lacer said the 1955 Mantarey “was one of one built.”

Carini said he was contacted by Lacer with some pictures of the automobiles he owns.

“We’re just here to see them. One in particular is this Mantaray, which is a fabulous fiberglass car that was made back in the ’50s,” Carini said, noting it looks like a concept car. “Looks like a Buick LeSabre … made back in the 50′s, but it was made by a couple of aeronautical engineers out in California.”

Lacer operates Del Motors in Junction City.

He said  ”Chasing Classic Cars” is his favorite television show.

“I knew the Mantarey was a rare car. My mom’s had that thing in the family for as long as I can remember,” he said. “It’s kind of an honor to my mother, my dad, to show off some of their cars.”

Video of many of the cars owned by Lacer and stored at his warehouse will be in the show. Carini said you can expect to see it in the show this fall.