Pay raise for WaKeeney employees

wakeeney city logoBy BECKY KISER
Hays Post

WaKeeney city employees and the city administrator will see an increase in their paychecks.

During the January 7 city council meeting, a cost-of-living wage scheduled was approved by council members for all full-time employees effective this month.

Following an executive session, council members also approved a $2.00 per hour wage adjustment for City Administrator Hardy Howard.

The full meeting minutes are below.

The Governing Body of the City of WaKeeney, Kansas met in a regular session at City Hall 408 Russell Ave at 7:00 PM with the Mayor presiding and the following members present:
Mayor Kenneth Roy and Council Members Mary Jo Clevenger, Irene Dirks, Troy Leiker, Lynelle Shubert, and Allen Weigel
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written, printed and distributed.
GUESTS: Nicole Hendrix, Crystal Day, Charlie Knoll, and Janelle Miller
CITY ADMINISTRATOR: Hardy Howard presented to the Governing Body a cost-of-living wage schedule for all full-time employees effective with the January 2014 payroll. After a discussion and review of the proposal, Troy Leiker motioned to approve the schedule as presented. Irene Dirks seconded. Motion carried.
The City Administrator then presented a list of budget fund transfers of year-end 2013. After a review of the year-end financials, Mary Jo Clevenger motioned to approve the budgeted transfers for 2013. Lynelle Shubert seconded. Motion carried.
Static water levels for the city’s water wells were reviewed, levels were noted to be down in most wells as compared to one year ago. City staff believes our water source remains stable even in face of the ongoing drought but that caution should be exercised if water levels continue to decline.
At this time an ordinance making appropriation for the payment of claims for the month of December 2013 was read, whereupon, Lynelle Shubert motioned to approve claims in the amount of $183,359.41 Irene Dirks seconded. Motion carried. Warrants #9675, #9732, #9736, #9738, #9739, and #9742 were reviewed prior to approval.
MAYOR: Kenney Roy reminded the City Council of the upcoming LKM City Hall Day in Topeka on February 5, 2014.
Council Member Shubert discussed with the other members of the Governing Body repealing Article I of Chapter 8 of the City Code dealing with sidewalks within the city. A motion was made by Lynelle Shubert to have this section of the code repealed due to its lack of enforcement. Irene Dirks seconded. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Troy Leiker to adjourn into executive session for a period of 20 minutes for the discussion of non-elected personnel. Mary Jo Clevenger seconded. Motion carried. Those remaining in the executive session included Mayor Roy and the City Council.
The meeting reconvened within the allowed time period, whereupon Troy Leiker motioned to approve a $2.00 per hour wage adjustment for the City Administrator. Allen Weigel seconded. Motion carried.
No further business appearing, the meeting was adjourned.