Ellis County plans for 2015 budget

buckeye wind commissioners sign

Ellis County Commissioners Barb Wasinger, Chairman Dean Haselhorst and Swede Holmgren

Hays Post

The Ellis County Commission will meet in a special session at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday for a 2015 budget planning meeting.

Agenda items include discussion of the new EMS/Rural Fire building.  After all bids for the project came in higher than the budget, commissioners are now considering changing the structure to a metal building rather than concrete, which would be less expensive.

Commissioners will also give their input on budget priorities for next year, talk about funding and timing of the 230th Avenue/Feedlot Road improvement project, and discuss employee meal reimbursements.

The meeting will be held in basement of the Administrative Center, 718 Main.




  • Under Their Thumb

    Ah screw it. Just raise taxes some more and do whatever you damn well please. A half cent here, a half cent there, a little more property tax, no one will notice. That’s how things work in Ellis County isn’t it?