TMP students will ‘March for Life’

march for life

The annual March for Life Rally is from noon-1pm January 22, 2014, on the National Mall.

Hays Post

They’ll leave at noon today from Hays on a 24-hour bus drive straight through to Washington.

Traveling on a bus from the Salina diocese, 35 Thomas More Prep-Marian High School students and their religious education teacher, Judy Schuler, will travel cross-country to participate in Wednesday’s national March for Life.

TMP Development Director Jeff Brull said it’s a “crazy week for these kids and definitely worthwhile.  They’ll bring home a lot of great memories.”

While in Washington for the annual rally, the Hays group also will participate in a group Mass and tour several historic sites.

Schuler is the TMP freshman and junior religion teacher. Brull said she started the annual trip in 2007 with seven students.

Those who participate must do some fundraising. According to Brull, a lot of the money comes from Monarch Madness raffle tickets sold by the students during sporting events.

The students are scheduled to be back in Hays on Friday.

The March for Life is an annual rally protesting abortion.  It’s held in Washington on or near the Jan. 22, 1973, anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision legalizing abortion in the case Roe v. Wade.

  • jesus

    What if its a gay baby?

  • pro-choice

    the US doesn’t give a crap about the citizens that are already born, I don’t know why there’s such a push to make people give birth to even more unwanted people. Oh yeah, cuz GOD is there to take care of all the poor people…

  • Prolife

    Keep all of those travelling to Washington, DC in your prayers; it’s so uplifting to see so many young people attending the March for Life protest. It gives hope to all of us that the battle against murdering unborn children will be won. Godspeed to you all!.
    PS. Please include both “jesus” and “pro-choice” in your prayers, too.

    • Chris

      Don’t forget about praying for Chris too! My deity of choice is Adonis, but Zeus works too.

      What I find uplifting is when young people think for themselves rather than regurgitate the indoctrination that has been force-fed to them since they were born.