Home inspectors deregulated in Kansas

Kansas Assn of real estate inspectorsWichita (AP) — A Kansas law that regulated home inspectors has expired, raising concerns from home inspectors who helped write the law.

The law, which took effect in 2009, required Kansas home inspectors to follow certain practices and standards. But it had a provision that allowed it to expire five years after taking effect. The fifth year was 2013.

Gov. Sam Brownback vetoed a measure that would have allowed the law to continue, saying he didn’t see evidence that large numbers of Kansans were being ripped off by home inspectors.

Kerry Parham, president of the Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors, and Jeff Barnes, a Mulvane-based home inspector, helped write the law.

Parham said  the law kept incompetent or unethical inspectors out of the business, protecting the public.


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