China trade trip informational meeting tonight (VIDEO)

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Hays and Xinzheng, in the Henan Province of China, are Sister Cities.

Hays and Xinzheng, China, are Sister Cities.  Each city has sent delegations in the past, and Hays Mayor Kent Steward is sending an official letter to the mayor of Xinzheng suggesting another visit by Hays residents.

The Sister Cities relationship evolved because Xinzheng is home to Sias International University, which has an educational partnership with Fort Hays State University.

The trip to China, tentatively scheduled to begin April 6 and last 10 days, would be expanded into a trade mission.  Xinzheng, although much bigger than Hays with 600,000 residents, is located in Henan Province, a major wheat-growing and aircraft-manufacturing region.  Henan Province and the state of Kansas are Sister States.

Although no city staff members are expected to participate, City Manager Toby Dougherty says Commissioner Henry Schwaller has expressed interest in traveling to Xinzheng:

china sias university sign

Sias International University in Xinzheng has an educational partnership with Fort Hays State University.

The Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development and the Hays Sister Cities Committee also have expressed interest in participating.

Community members are invited to apply to be delegates. An informational meeting about the trip will be held tonight at 6p.m. in Hays City Hall.

For more on the trip, click HERE.

  • jackie

    Wouldn’t it be an embarrassment to our sister city if none of our city officials showed up? the hays mayor is sending a letter but won’t go? i think at least the city manager, mayor and vice mayor should attend. make it official or drop the sister city thing all together.

    • Not going!

      Schwaller is going! Do you think he’s an embarrassment? China is on the list of nations that violate human rights.

      • pickard

        article states Schwaller is considering going. and no i don’t think he’s an embarrassment. and as far as human rights goes we make abortion legal in this country. so who’s violating human rights?

        • Still not going!

          your really going to compare the Republic of China vs. the United States on the human rights of women? & the LGBT community? Why don’t you buy a one way ticket to China if you don’t like living here.

        • Mao

          Now we know why Xinzheng picked Hays for the honor of being their sister city…because of people like you, comrade.