Salina residents ask for flouride-free water

Salina Post

SALINA — Residents showed up in droves at Monday’s Salina City Commission meeting to protest fluoride in the city water supply.

Those participating provided information alleging fluoridation of the water causes diabetes, heart disease and also effects the nervous system.

A study was mentioned giving information that fluoride could take up to 20 years before the effects are seen in the body.

Participants asked the Salina city commissioners to immediately withdraw fluoride from the water supply.

One person asked the commissioners outright if they are for or against fluoride. When Commissioner Aaron Householter was asked directly, he stated regarding the anti-fluoride debate, “Everything you discuss today is a tenth of the truth, all the info presented could be found on a Google search. … If we submerge ourselves in water, we might drown.”

Officially, commissioners Householter, Jon Blanchard, Barb Shirley and Randall Hardy agreed they are in favor of fluoridation. Kaye Crawford said she will withhold her decision at this time.

  • nyscof

    Fluoridation Opposition is Scientific,
    Respectable & Growing

    Over 4,600 professionals (including 365 dentists and 566 MD’s) urge that fluoridation be stopped because science shows fluoridation is ineffective and harmful. See statement:

    Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Dr. Arvid Carlsson, says, “Fluoridation is against all principles of modern pharmacology. It’s really obsolete.”

    Most dentists are trained to use politics and not science to promote fluoridation, according to Armfield and Melbye in the Journal of the American Dental Association .

    Other studies show how dentists don’t keep current on new fluoride science, e.g, this study by Yoder and

    • Actual Researcher

      Your last link discredits your argument using dentists and medical professionals as valid experts. You can’t state “Dentists agree” and follow it up with “Dentists don’t know.”

    • Chris

      On the contrary, science has shown it to be very effective. Countries that have implemented fluoridation have seen a marked decrease in tooth decay. You cite Arvid Carlsson and commit a logical fallacy by trying to Appeal to Authority. Carlsson’s work was on neurotransmitters and their relation to Parkinsons. Quite a long ways off of fluoridation.

      Here’s some actual SCIENCE for you to peruse.

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recommendations for using fluoride to prevent and control dental caries in the United States

      McDonagh M, Whiting P, Bradley M et al. A systematic review of public water fluoridation

      Griffin SO, Regnier E, Griffin PM, Huntley V. Effectiveness of fluoride in preventing caries in adults

    • Chris

      Oh yeah!! Because that sounds like a site that would
      NEVER misconstrue the real scientific evidence. And everything you read
      on the internet is true.
      How about you go to google SCHOLAR and
      search for Fluoride and Tooth Decay. This search engine looks at actual scientific, peer-reviewed articles, rather than the drivel produced from the likes of Dr Mercola.

    • half

      WoW so you have conned 4.6 k out of the whole world to sign up, now they are mind blowing numbers, And the question is still there what about the other 3.7k on that list?? ,if they are not dentists or MD,s are they fringe medicine or quacks, And if that is the case what do they know about oral health. The penny has dropped, you guys just jumped into bed with Mercola ,the snake oil salesman, that will be where the rest of those highly informed people will come from. So that says a lot for your credibility. Best you go hug a tree and drink your thistle tea ,and leave the real science to people who actually read peer reviewed papers and not garbage from an activist site

    • half

      well nyscof it nice to see you intelligent supporters joining the debate, Is this the best you lot can come up with. Boy it says a lot for the quality of your supporters, bring them on,They must be from Mercolas camp they are bedfellows of yours

      • nyscof

        Former New Zealand fluoridationist, John Colquhoun, explains why he no longer supports fluoridation

        My world study tour took me to
        North America, Britain, Europe, Asia, and Australia [4]. In the United States I
        discussed fluoridation with Ernest Newbrun in San Francisco, Brian Burt in Ann
        Arbor, dental scientists and officials like John Small in Bethesda near
        Washington, DC, and others at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. I then
        proceeded to Britain, where I met Michael Lennon, John Beale, Andrew Rugg-Gunn,
        and Neil Jenkins, as well as many other scientists and public health officials
        in Britain and Europe. Although I visited only profluoridation research centers
        and scientists, I came across the same situation which concerned my superiors in
        New Zealand. Tooth decay was declining without water fluoridation. Again I was
        assured, however, that more extensive and thorough surveys would show that
        fluoridation was the most effective and efficient way to reduce tooth decay.
        Such large-scale surveys, on very large numbers of children, were nearing
        completion in the United States, and the authorities conducting them promised to
        send me the results….So I returned from my study tour reinforced in my
        pro-fluoridation beliefs by these reassurances from fluoridationists around the

        [Colquhoun looked at the decay rates of] virtually the entire
        child population of Auckland. To my surprise, they showed that fewer fillings
        had been required in the nonfluoridated part of my district than in the
        fluoridated part. When I obtained the same statistics from the districts to the
        north and south of mine — that is, from “Greater Auckland”, which contains a
        quarter of New Zealand’s population — the picture was the same: tooth decay had
        declined, but there was virtually no difference in tooth decay rates between the
        fluoridated and non fluoridated places. In fact, teeth were slightly better in
        the nonfluoridated areas. I wondered why I had not been sent the statistics for
        the rest of New Zealand. When I requested them, they were sent to me with a
        warning that they were not to be made public. Those for 1981 showed that in most
        Health Districts the percentage of 12- and 13-year-old children who were free of
        tooth decay — that is, had perfect teeth — was greater in the nonfluoridated
        part of the district. Eventually the information was published [4].

        Over the next few years these
        treatment statistics, collected for all children, showed that, when similar
        fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas were compared, child dental health
        continued to be slightly better in the nonfluoridated areas [5,6]. My
        professional colleagues, still strongly defensive of fluoridation, now claimed
        that treatment statistics did not provide a valid measure of child dental
        health, thus reversing their previous acceptance of such a measure when it had
        appeared to support fluoridation.

        In 1980 the Virginia Department of Health asked toxicologist Brian Dementi to review the available
        literature relating to the health effects of fluoride. In the conclusion of his 41 page report he said “With regard to fluoridation, this writer is of the opinion that the
        evidence of adverse health effects is of such magnitude and human beings so varied in their individual constitution, state of health at any moment, eating and drinking habits, etc., that it is inappropriate to say that fluoridation is
        a totally healthful and safe practice for all.
        Widespread exposure to fluoride coupled with an inadequate data base substantiating it to be safe is a cause of great concern. The public consumes
        fluoride from drinking water, tooth paste, mouth washes, etc. with little or no advice as to how much fluoride is enough or too much. The evidence as cited
        herein indicates some adverse health or metabolic effects right at or very close to the 1 ppm level, with no margin of safety respecting such effects established
        of the nature generally sought for toxic substances. It is possible that many individuals out of the large number consuming fluoridated water are suffering in
        varying degrees health detriment attributable to this recognized toxic

        • half

          Oh No! Nyscof has gone to the bottom of the activist barrel again and dragged up the corpse of J Colquhoun. Now this is the guy who did all those studies in Auckland NZ in the 50,s. He did research about dental decay in so called fluoride and non fluoride areas The trouble was he just looked at dental records these were written by different dental nurses at different locations
          He did not take into account where they lived and to add to this the pupils had to have written permission from the family to participate, So some of the pupils that went to the school in the fluoridated area lived in the non fluoridated area and vise versa And this was not even taken into account, plus the different socio economic differences were not even looked at.
          So this is trolleyed out in all sorts of places as valid science. Paul has him quoted in his book as quality research, Now that tells you the quality of any arguments by the anti fluoride movement if they have to trolley out a pack of misquotes like this

          • TruthHurts

            This guy is a paid shill. Look at his history. Easy to see. Probably Sslott’s alter ego

  • James Reeves

    “I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs.

    Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a

    long range basis. Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable.”

    – Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, Past President of the American Medical Association.

    • Sslott

      Dr. Gordon Heyd was President of the AMA in 1936. This quote from seven decades ago is typical of that which antifluoridationists consider to be the “science” which supports their position.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      • Scientist

        And your state scientists have come up with amazing research that says marijuana causes people to become violent rapist who never regain sanity, that masturbation causes hair to grow on your palms, and “safe” meth created by government certified labs is good for children as young as 8. Great “research.”

    • half

      And what are these serious effects,,if it was as bad as you say after 60 odd years they would have found it and it would be banned by now

  • Sslott

    Given that there are 175,000 dentists and 850,000 MDs in the United States alone, nyscofs figures of 365 dentists and 566 MDs, worldwide, clearly demonstrates the nearly non-existence of opposition to water fluoridation by respected healthcare professionals.

    “” is nothing more than a biased, antifluoridationist website which certainly has no credibility as a source of accurate and reliable information on the public health initiative of water fluoridation. Instead of allowing themselves to be deceptively steered to the filtered and edited “information” located on such dubious websites, readers would be far better served by obtaining accurate information from respected sources such as the EPA, the CDC, the National Sanitary Foundation, the ADA, and the World Health Organization. Each has a wealth of accurate information on fluoridation on their websites, readily available to anyone.

    Aarvid Carlsson is certainly due his opinion, but his opposition is grounded in his personal contention that fluoride at the optimal level is “medication”. It is not, as has been repeatedly affirmed in US courts each and every time this argument has been attempted. The overwhelming consensus of respected science and healthcare is in full support of fluoridation.

    Nyscof’s conflicting attempts to use the opinions of 365 dentists, worldwide, to support her ideological objection to fluoridation, while on the other hand attempting to discredit all dentists, due to nearly universal support by dentists for fluoridation, is an excellent example of confirmation bias and requires no further comment.

    Steven D. Slott, DDS

    • Shill killa

      Steven Slopp, paid shill for the fluoride companies. Keep talkin, bruh. Nice that you want to poison a community’s water supply. The tyrants that come with “help” are the worst of all, except I think you are just collecting your shill check, not actually trying to help.

      • Sslott

        Shill killa

        Thank you. I am always glad to see posts such as yours. They demonstrate far more effectively than I could describe, the intelligence level of the majority of antifluoridationists.

        Steven D. Slott, DDS

        • Shill Killa

          Ohhh a tyrant calling the opposition dumb. Just like Hitler with the Jews! Why should some underling decide what they want when brilliant folks like you can tell them? I’m glad you made it into dentistry, where people can choose to avoid your practice, instead of something like a cop or politician where you would have actual authority.

        • Tyrant Slott

          “Our country tis of the! Sweet land of tyranny! Of fluoride you shall drink! Land where the shills get paid! Land where liberty is a moron state . . .”

          Ya already know

      • half

        When you look at the quality of the recent posts, it just shows what you are dealing with in the anti fluoride movement. there is no facts or peer reveiwed papers to back up there claims . There is no intellegent life here, So why waste your time talking to them. Anyone looking at these posts for guidence in their decision on fluoride will make their mind up real quick

  • Sslott

    Interesting is the comment in the article that “A study was mentioned giving information that fluoride could take up to 20 years before the effects are seen in the body.” Humans have been ingesting fluoride in their water since the beginning of time. Tens of millions of people all over the world have been ingesting fluoridated water for the past 68 years.

    Where are these “effects” of fluoride that are supposed to show up after 20 years? There has been no proof of adverse effects of water fluoridation in the entire 68 year history of this public health initiative.

    Steven D. Slott, DDS

  • Chief59

    These people claiming flouride will cause adverse effects are probably the same nuts who don’t vaccinate their kids.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      If flouride dosnt have side affects then why are you not suspose to swallow toothpaste?

      • Chief59

        According to the following article, swallowing a LARGE amount of toothpaste can have side effects. Most people take aspirin or tylenol for aches and pain. You shouldn’t take a whole bottle of that either. Swallowing a small amount of toothpaste is almost harmless.

        Considering that there is a dentist posting on this article, he might be a better person to ask.

        • Derp

          Yes, because people won’t drink thousands times more water each day than the gram of toothpaste used in the morning. So much liberal stupidity on hays post; that’s all they allow

          • Chief59

            Yeah, because math and science are “liberal” concepts.

          • RealtyWeMustGoThere

            Look at global warming.. According to you highly geniuses, the north pole should have been melted by now. How’s that “science” working out for you?

          • Chief59

            95%+ of scientists share a consensus on global climate change. When was there ever a consensus that the North Pole was going to melt by now?

          • LibertyinUrAze

            Your Liberal Hero ALGORE said it many times over the past decade. Stop acting like he didn’t. Weren’t the polar bears suppose to be all dead by now? How’s that working out for you? #liberalsalwaysfailatreality

          • Chief59

            Al Gore exaggerated a lot, all while flying around in his private, fuel guzzling jet. He is not who I look for when I need information on climate change, as he is far from an expert. The only good thing he did was bring a little more attention to it.

      • Sslott

        Chief59 is correct. Toothpaste contains 1200-1500 times the fluoride concentration of fluoridated water. That is the reason not to swallow toothpaste.

        Steven D. Slott, DDS

        • A_citizen_patriot

          I have never had tooth problems in my life, and I dont drink fluoridated water. So maby it isnt all its cracked up to be.

          • Chief59

            I have never had tooth problems and I do drink fluoridated water. You and I are too small of a sample size to say it does, or does not, work though.

          • Sslott

            Well, that settles it, then! Citizen Patriot doesn’t drink fluoridated water and doesn’t have tooth problems. That’s certainly enough scientific evidence to satisfy any antifluoridationist! Maybe he can go live in James Reeve’s new country……

            Steven D. Slott, DDS

          • James Reeves

            Have everyone noticed that no medical specialists are commenting?

            When did dentists become qualified to prescribe or promote a drug that effects my entire body? They are not trained in and are not authorities in the body organs, bones, brains, glands, etc., damaged by fluoride.

          • half

            So what qualifies an activist to comment, Oh I forgot your activist site is joined with Mercola. google it. So you are well qualified if you want to find out about chemtrails and poison from vaccines and the govt hiding the moon landings as they were all staged in area 51

          • James Reeves

            You seem to be losing it. Don’t go crazy on us and involve yourself in so many others issues.

          • Sslott

            James Reeves/jwillie

            It is difficult to understand how a person with a degree in civil engineering could be so ignorant of basic facts of healthcare, and even moreso why he would continue to display that ignorance in public settings.

            So, yet once again…..dentists “became qualified” in dental school to prescribe the full range of medications, drugs, minerals, and nutrients which “effects [your] entire body.” Based on our education in pharmacology, biochemistry, toxicology, physiology, histology, and anatomy, along with having passed rigorous national and state credentialing exams….both state and federal governments authorize dentists to prescribe medications which “effects [your] entire body”.

            Interestingly enough, your mentor, Paul Connett, whom you inexplicably describe as the “premier international authority on fluoride” is NOT authorized, or permitted by anyone to prescribe medications. The reason? Because he does not have the mandated level of education or knowledge, required by state and federal regulatory bodies, to understand or qualify him to prescribe ANY medications which “effects [your] entire body.

            Steven D. Slott, DDS

          • Chris

            And here comes citizen patriot with the SCIENTIFIC quote of the day, with a sample size of ….. 1! Do you think about these things before you type them?

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Your really to dense to see my point?

          • Chris

            You’re*, too*

            You made no valid point. You haven’t drank fluoridated water, and have had no periodontal problems. So, you make the illogical leap that since you haven’t had tooth problems, then fluoridation isn’t “all it’s cracked up to be.”

            Anecdotal arguments are not valid scientifically.

    • half

      Funny you should say that,,FANN has just hooked up with Mercola ,A real snake oil salesman, so that tells you what camp they are in. the old story rings true The apple does not fall far from the tree

  • James Reeves

    The forced-fluoridation experiment is medical malpractice on an industrial scale. Fluoridation chemicals are the only medications which are delivered via public water supplies, and appear to be the only such medications in history. Medicating public water supplies with any chemical violates the ethical principle of informed consent, is entirely indiscriminate, results in the random dosing of residents since the fluoride dose received from water and other sources is uncontrolled, and is environmentally irresponsible because the vast majority of tap water is not ingested, so the environmental load is vastly greater than it needs to be. Medicating public water supplies means that politicians are subjecting everyone to treatment which no doctor can legally impose on anyone, and is surely the most ham-fisted method of drug delivery ever devised.

    • half

      well its the old conspiracy theory. wonder how long it would take you , run out of facts again have we

      • James Reeves

        People everywhere are learning the truth that fluoridation is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health, so only 5% of the world and only 3% of Europe fluoridate their drinking water. Last July Israel banned it. To see why, Google “Fluoride dangers” and read a few of the 800,000 articles.

        • half

          oh boy the old liar is in town Isreal has not banned it

          As far as Israel, In May of 2013, the newly elected Israeli
          Minister of Health, a long time avowed antifluoridationist, issued and signed a
          regulation which put a one year expiration date on the current regulation which
          has authorized fluoridation in that country since 1974. When all was said and
          done, the result of her action will be that, in the absence of issuance of new
          authorization for fluoridation, it will cease in August of 2014. The only one
          citing major health concerns for her actions was the long time avowed
          antifluoridationist, the newly elected Minister of Health, herself. As this was
          such an egregious action by this Minister, assumedly, the Israeli medical/
          healthcare community will obtain new authorization for fluoridation prior to
          the expiration of the current one.

          See dont belive a word from this guy ,he is a known activist who has trouble with the truth, he cant tell any

          • James Reeves

            Half seems to be half -you know what.
            Google “Israel and fluoride ban” and read the truth yourself.

          • Sslott

            James Reeves/jwillie6

            James, your constant lies and total lack of integrity never cease to amaze, but are typical of antifluoridationists. So, let’s take a look at the actual facts. First, as you well know, Googling “Israel and fluoride ban” leads to nothing but a list of misinformational “articles” located in antifluoridationist blogs, websites, and dubious publications. Second, here is the actual ruling from the Israeli Supreme Court. It states exactly what “Half” has stated:

            “We have noted before us the State’s obligation to stop the fluorination of drinking water
            within one year. Due to the cancellation of the Original Regulations and the fact that Regulation
            20 of the New Regulations shall expire within a year, and since neither the Petitioners nor the
            Respondents have indicated another source of authorization for water fluorination, the Petition
            has been exhausted and is to be stricken. Incidentally, it should be noted that apparently, the way by which the New Regulations were phrased is not optimal as far as the clarity of the law is concerned – once the Respondents have decided to stop the water fluorination, it would have been better to set the rule of non-fluorination as a primary arrangement, and the continuation of the fluorination as a temporary transitory provision, instead of the manner by which it had been done.

            Conclusion: the Petition is stricken. Under the circumstances, and due to the essence of
            the dispute in this Petition, which concerned a question of policy, and as the decision to change
            the policy was made prior to discussing the petition, the Respondents shall bear the Petitioners’
            costs at a total of 5,000 NIS. ”

            ———-Rendered today, 12 Av 5773 (July 29, 2013)
            At the Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice
            High Court Case Number 8173/12

            Keep posting your lies, James, and they will continue to be exposed as such.

            Steven D. Slott, DDS

          • gotchauhgain

            Google “Mossad” and “child killers” and you have a liberal tyrants wet dream.

  • Sslott

    I really enjoy playing in your knocked out children’s mouths! Thank you parents of small children in hays for helping me live in this wonderful fantasy! I nearly explode every visit!

    Thanks again!
    Your overly friendly neighborhood dentist

    • Sslott

      Moderators, please note this comment above by someone fraudulently posting on your site under my screen name of “Sslott”. This is yet one more example of the dishonesty and lack of integrity of antifluoridationists.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      • Sslott

        A paid tyrannical shill talking about integrity. Lmao tell some more people what to do, tyrant

      • Jerry

        …and anti-Dentites.

      • Matlock

        Probably a case for slander, identity theft, maybe more. Easy to track down the impostor via his IP address.

        • Sslott

          Out of jurisdiction. Sorry, bruh

          • FYI

            Wire fraud knows no boundaries.

          • FYI

            The US isn’t the only country in the world and VPNs are free. #derpsauce #liberalsaredumb #tyrantsgonnathreat

          • Where?

            Oh look! Im in Romania!

          • Where?

            Ope, nope, I am in Seattle now!

          • Where?

            Ope, nope now I am in the Netherlands :S

          • Where?

            Thought I would visit the Midwest for awhile for this post :/

          • Heh

            You are delusional if you believe you can’t be traced. So, post to your heart’s content.

          • Where?

            You are delusional if you think your US tyrant buddies have jurisdiction over the entire planet 😉 Silly liberals think free people will stay in their tyrannical state to pay their own tyrants smh get a clue, statist tyrants.

            Greetings, once again, from Central America! :s

        • Matlock

          “Call the NSA, boys! We got a free one on our hands!”

      • A_citizen_patriot

        And your a shining example of integrity aren’t you?

  • Liberty is the answer

    It isn’t about safety, it’s about liberty. Dentist Slopp is just a tyrant. I’m not sure why he isn’t into politics instead. If he wasn’t a tyrant, he would educate people about fluoride and offer it as a supplement at his business. Instead, Mr. Slopp sees it as an opportunity to tyrannize the public.

    Checkmate, foo.

    • Sslott

      Liberty is the answer/shill kill/Matlock and whatever other names you choose to hide behind……

      I suppose it does take a minimal amount of intelligence to comprehend that what I have been doing in these comments IS to “educate the public about fluoride”. It’s thus entirely understandable that this does not sink in with you.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      • Sslott’s Worst Nightmare

        No, your intent is to blab on and pretend you are smarter than everyone else, a dumb tyrannical liberal trait, while telling them to take their medicine or else. Not sure how you can even remotely try to say that your motivations on this thread haven’t been to tell the lowly commoners what they should be doing with their lives. That is exactly what you have been saying. If you believed in liberty, you would allow others to make their own decision and sell the product to those who want to willingly consume it. Instead, your tyrannical nature has shown through for what it is in these posts. That is where your heart lies. Do try to deny it, fool.

        Greetings from Southampton

        • Chief59

          So everyone that disagrees with you is a dumb, liberal, tyrant? Uh, okay. How about some actual research into water fluoridation…

          I’m assuming you will read neither of those, claiming they are “liberal lies”, but the evidence for water fluoridation is right there. Earlier someone mentioned that most of Europe does not use fluoridation. Ever wonder why the state of their teeth is not that great?
          Also, people in this country cannot get, or cannot afford equal healthcare. Do you think a poor family can afford regular trips to the dentist? By fluoridating water, these people can have preventive care without having to go to the dentist that they can’t afford.

          You claim that people who think they are smarter than you do so because it is a “liberal trait”. After reading your trolling, nonsensical posts, I think it’s just that everyone is ACTUALLY smarter than you. Try to have a discussion without being a worthless troll and try to actually ADD to the discussion instead of bringing it down with this BS. Hopefully the moderator will soon eliminate your ridiculous posts, but being that it is Hays Post, I highly doubt that happens. Good day.

          • liberalsgonnatyrant

            Oh yes, tell me how your “research” takes away the birth right of liberty some more, tyrant. They have better teeth here because welfare allows the lazy of the population to live like the middle class in Western Europe and the upper class in Eastern Europe. These concepts would be hard to understand to a never-traveled, all-knowing, tyrannical liberal, such as yourself.

            Greetings from Chicago again!!! :0

          • Chief59

            The fact that you think people on welfare are living the highlife shows how truly ignorant you are of facts. Also, since when does welfare take care of dental visits?

          • RealtyWeMustGoThere

            Since when do you know anyone on welfare personally? I know several. Liberals always talking about concepts instead of realty. It seems like the poor have been getting poorer under your “liberal” statist policies.

          • RealtyWeMustGoThere

            Oh ya, have you ever even been outside the US to see some of the conditions you are comparing? I highly doubt it. Just reading articles from liberal “news” sites written by other liberals who have also never seen anything they are writing about first hand.

          • Chief59

            I have been outside the country, in fact. I have seen second world conditions first hand.

          • libsMAKEitSOOOeasy

            Really? I have been through conditions so impoverished that you wouldn’t even be able to comprehend. Think of men, women, and children rummaging through a garbage dump for the chance to find a ruined tire to try to make shoes out of while living in a shack inside the dump. Think a place where the people who actually have money place leftovers in plastic bags before putting them in the trash so that one of the unfortunate may find a good meal. Haha liberals think they are the all seeing eye of Sauron, but are just as foolish and tyrannical as he was. 2nd world lmao you don’t know anything.

            If you actually have “seen second world conditions first hand,” then you would know that the “studies” comparing US tooth decay to that of Eastern European countries is complete foolery and propaganda. You checked yourself that time, ChiefDumbLib

          • Chief59

            Wow. Just wow. Maybe it’s time to quit trying to blame everything on the liberal bogeyman.

          • OwnedAlibAgain

            Except it is the same liberal coporate shills that cause this poverty to begin with. All liberal “social” programs are distributed according to the following: “70% given to government connected corporation for its own “expenditures” (about 10-20% returned to the politician), 20% to government “scientist” who always create favorable results, and then the 10% crumb to the masses to “help.” Get real.

          • Chief59

            I’m not even going to continue debating you. You have brought no facts or valid argument to the table. You have only used this forum to spout nonsense and hate. It’s pretty windy outside today, so be sure to hold your tin foil hat down, lest it blow away. Have a nice day.


            Uh oh! The liberal says “hate” next comes “you are just a racist” can’t talk about the poor anymore, since I have helped people so poor that you wouldn’t even see them as human. That’s the “Liberal Love” I have come to know and expect. Keep telling people what to do, I am sure they won’t revolt some day! lmao


            You still haven’t told me the people you know personally who are on welfare. Don’t actually know anyone, huh? Because all you do is hit MSNBC/Screwball Matthews talking points. I know that you are an old person with no life, so please just kill yourself.

          • Chief59

            Do you go around asking people if they receive benefits? I am under thirty five, and my large circle of friends are all married and have jobs with livable wages, so not a lot of opportunities there. My surviving grandparents both still work, even though they are over 65, and both receive benefits. The vast majority of “welfare” recipients are either retired, or are military veterans. You are going to try and fault me due to the fact I don’t know a lot of people in those demographics?

            I also do not watch MSNBC, as it is the same type of programming as Fox “News”, except on the opposite political spectrum. I don’t need talking points, as I am able to think on my own and come up with my own educated opinion. You however, don’t even have talking points. You only spew vitriol.

          • LibertyKillsTyrants

            lmao the “CDC” you mean the largest manufacturer of chemical weapons of mass destruction on the planet? Oh, but that wouldn’t be the US! That would be those nasty Syrians! Never mind what happened in Fallujah, citizen!

        • half

          this was a reasonable discussion between intelligent people about a world wide mineral. Then someone opened the door and let the idiots in, So If anyone is looking at this site with an idea of getting some reasonable information about fluoride, Some of us can give you heaps and the others speak for themselves, That is what the mentality of the anti fluoride movement is

          • yupIknow

            #PaidShill Check its history

      • Nigztmires

        Oh, but if you think I am hiding, you can come to me. I know you won’t though. Cowards like you don’t last long here.

        • Chief59

          Hays Post moderators, how is this guy still allowed to post? Berating other posters and name calling go against your rules of conduct. Not to mention imitating other posters. Hays Post true colors come out yet again.

          • wow

            Your libby buddy wants to talk like I am hiding; I’m just tell him to come to me. What’s the matter, Chief? Are you not a very brave Chief?

          • Chief59

            This coming from the anonymous guy behind a keyboard. Okay tough guy.

          • ChiefKilla

            Next time I am in the country and around Hays, I will give you a personal visit. Does that make you happy? You think NSA is the only ones who can trace IPs? LMAO

            PS: You told me I couldn’t hide! What happened to that?!?! Do you still ride the short bus?

            Chief59: “Windows taste good!”

      • Oops


        All of your 1,000+ posts are on different fluoride articles from around the country. You try to say that you are not a paid shill, but that is obviously what you are. Don’t worry, because I will be there all the times to come in the future.

        • alexander

          A dentist from North Carolina chiming in on Hays Post?


      • oooooooooooo

        PS: Nice family you got in those pictures from Myrtle Beach SC 😉

  • passin_threw

    In other news….chicken little has announced the sky is fallin…RUN!!!!!!!!

  • Liberty Wins Again

    Once again, Liberty destroys liberal tyrants. Let the silly, foolish children choke on their own vomit.

  • alexander

    For those demanding more than common sense, may I invite you to download and read the 32-page Harvard study: “Developmental Flouride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” at:

    “Findings from our meta-analyses of 27 studies published over 22 years
    suggest an inverse association between high fluoride exposure and
    children’s intelligence … The results suggest that fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development at exposures much below those that can cause toxicity in adults …”

    “In conclusion, our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment.”

    • half

      n its review of fluoride, the NRC (2006) noted that the safety and the
      risks of fluoride at concentrations of 2–4 mg/L were incompletely
      documented. Our comprehensive review substantially extends the scope of
      research available for evaluation and analysis. Although the studies were generally of insufficient quality,

      • Gotcha

        Another paid shill. Only posts on fluoride news sites. Doesn’t matter the location. Kill yourself

      • nyscof

        The 2006 National Research Council fuoride report states, ““It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to
        interfere with the functions of the brain.”

        • half

          From page 2 of the Executive Summary for the 2006 NRC Report reference on
          what exactly the 12-member panel of the committee DID NOT review:

          “Addressing questions of artificial fluoridation, economics, risk-benefit
          assessment and water-treatment technology was not part of the committee’s

          There were 3 avowed opponents to fluoridation on the 12 member panel of the
          2006 NRC Study. The three anti’s goal was to get the MCLG for fluoride reduced
          to 0. They did not succeed.

          The report came out in March 2006 that concluded at 4 ppm or above there
          were only 3 concerns:

          1) 10% of kids would get severe dental fluorosis (drops to 0 % at 2 ppm).

          Drinking water at a fluoride concentration of 4 ppm or above over a lifetime:

          2) Increased risk of skeletal fluorosis

          3) Increased risk for bone fractures.

          The 3 opponents signed off on the final document, but they continue to do
          the anti-fluoride circuit claiming that fluoridation at optimal levels causes
          all kinds of “ugly things”.

          • Yup

            How did people survive for thousands of years without your employer’s industrial waste? Lmao shills…

        • Dam

          Why don’t you just start letting people know that Steve Slopp and others are only paid shills for PEW?

      • Yupbeiotch

        This guy is a paid shill. Check his history. Not hard to see

        • half

          So where am I from?? what do I do?? where do I work?? Put your money where your mouth is, or run back and hide behind Nyscofs skirts

          • Yup

            Lol bet. I know that’s u Steven Slott, well-documented fluoride shill

          • half

            looks like you have a bad dose of verbal diarrhea, who is this Slott? I am not him, you just said you guys know all about me

          • Derp killa

            Yup, you get paid by PEW every week or once a month?

          • half

            that would be nice ,Anyway i,m off to have morning coffee with my mates, its a sunday thing Bye

          • GotCha

            PEW PEW getting called out and running! Shill

          • half

            No way. the clue is in the post, if you are not too thick to work it out what part of morning and sunday ,do you not understand

          • TryMe

            If you are too dumb to realize that I don’t care where you live, that’s your problem. You come where I live, and ill leave you dead in the streets, the perfect place for all shills

  • Yup

    The real “half” and Sslott:

    “Johnson, along with Steve Slott and Linda Rosa and others, are part of a Rapid REsponse Team set up by a former fluoridation PR guy who worked for PEW when they failed to get fluoridation passed in Wichita KS and Portland OR using his strategy. The PR guy is gone; but the Rapid Response Team is a vestige that hasn’t gone away, as you can see in these comments.”