Meeting will focus on visit to Chinese Sister City

The public is invited to attend an informational meeting at 6 p.m. Jan. 15 at Hays City Hall to learn about a possible Trade Mission/Sister Cities Delegation to China.

sister city china map

Hays and Xinzheng, China, are Sister Cities. Each city has sent delegations in the past to reaffirm their special relationship, but it has been several years since the last visit. The Sister Cities relationship evolved because Xinzheng is home to Sias International University, which has a long and fruitful partnership with Fort Hays State University.

Hays City Commissioner Eber Phelps suggested the trip should be expanded as a trade mission. Xinzheng, with a population approaching 600,000, is located in Henan Province, a major wheat-growing and aircraft-manufacturing region in China. Henan Province and the state of Kansas are Sister States.

In addition to the city of Hays, representatives of Ellis County, the Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development and the Hays Sister Cities Committee have expressed interest in participating in the visit. Local and area businesses are also encouraged to consider participating in the trip.

Many details still need to finalized, and the Jan. 15 meeting at City Hall will help with that process. Tentatively, the trip will last about 10 days, leaving on or about April 6. The possible itinerary may include one day in Beijing; three days in Xinzheng; one or more days in other cities, possibly Xian or Shanghai; and tours of businesses based on interests of the Hays delegation.

A preliminary estimate of the cost is $3,300, which includes airfare, travel in China, hotel rooms (double occupancy), most meals, and tickets for events and sites such as the Great Wall. A U.S. passport is required. Applications will be due at Hays City Hall by Jan. 31. The application should be a short statement of interest and commitment of availability. A $1,000 deposit will be required from those selected by Feb. 14, with the balance due on Feb. 28.

  • baxter

    Of course the $3300 (each) will be picked up by the taxpayers for hays and ellis county officials. enjoy the Great Wall and send us the bill!

    • Chris

      Ya, geez! It’s not like the partnership has brought in thousands of dollars to the Hays community by bringing in international students. How dare they try and go over there and try to make the partnership even stronger to try and bring in more money to the city.

      Who woulda thunk that it takes spending some money to make more money.

      • Mao

        Can u tell us how much money u thunk u made since the commissioners last trip to China or think you’ll make off this trip verses your taxes spent? Kind of a coincidence the commission voted two new members to Sister City Advisory board last week….one a former reporter of HDN who covered Commission meetings for years…nice payback!

        • thompson


        • Chris

          If you read the article, the individuals are paying their own way.

          Reading–wayyyy overrated!

          • josie

            if its an official trip then the taxpayers should pick up the tab for its officials.

          • Chris

            I wouldnt disagree with that at all

          • Mao

            Only if it’s one way

        • Amber

          Do you have any idea how many international students we have from China at the University? It is largely the reason that, while so many other schools face federal cuts, Fort Hays continues to grow and offer lower tuition. And growth at FHSU equals overall growth to the city.

          • Mao

            Are u aware of the human rights violations of China? that most of those students are related to communist party officials? that FHSU tuition has gone up every year of the seventeen years I lived here? and will face federal cuts also? that China deliberately breaks & cheats on commerce & trade laws? even to the point of using lead in their products, using dog & cat fur to line your clothing Hope you take the trip with commissioners…one way!

          • rodman

            there’s a little communist in all of us.

          • Mao

            Personally, I’d like to see more Kansas & American students attending FHSU. Is the Yen worth more than the dollar now? I know the U.S. owes China billions. Do you really think we’re coming out ahead training our top competitors. Maybe FHSU isn’t as cheap as you think!

    • alexander

      As per the article:

      “A $1,000 deposit will be required from those selected by Feb. 14, with the balance due on Feb. 28.”

      • Chief59

        Yep, typical Hays knee-jerk reaction. Who would have thought reading the article would have actually provided the facts?